PokerStars Festival Manila: High Roller champion Peter Plater satellites to success

August 04, 2017

The inaugural PokerStars Festival Manila High Roller event has its first champion as Australia’s Peter Plater has lifted the trophy and scored himself PHP3,100,000 ($61,520). A man on a hot streak, Plater landed his biggest result in his local casino last week for A$9,000 only to hop a plane to Manila and satellite his way into the High Roller before taking it down.

PSF Manila HR Peter Plater.jpg

Plater overcame a field of 47 entries and took home the lion’s share of the PHP9,118,000 ($181,500) prize pool after two days of play. Entering the final table as a short stack and with just six places paying, Plater had a plan and executed it accordingly.

“Fold to the money,” Plater said.

Not only did he manage to do that successfully but he then went on to win. Let’s take a look at how the action unfolded.

It was Celine Lee’s elimination that saw players reach the money when the PokerStars sponsored player met a cruel fate with pocket queens against Plater’s sevens. A seven fell on the flop to see Plater take the lead and when he held through the turn and river Lee was left wondering what if.

PSF Manila HR Celina Lee.jpg

Celine Lee

Not long after Lee’s elimination Plater was at it again as he knocked out fellow satellite qualifier Timofey Asmolov. The latter got the last of his chips in with king seven suited but that was no match for Plater’s ace ten off suit.

Fifth place went to Jun Obara when a battle of the blinds went Satheshkumar Muthu’s way. Obara check-raise jammed with J♦8♠ on a board of 9♠8♦2♦10♦A♥ but was picked off by Muthu who had rivered two pair with A♣9♦.

Yo Seb Rhee hit the rail next after he ran queen ten off suit into Muthu’s pocket kings. The J♥2♣2♠8♥8♣ runout out refused to help Rhee and was sent to the cashier to collect PHP1,050,000.

PSF Manila HR Yo Seb Rhee.jpg

Yo Seb Rhee

Then there were three when Hermann Lee met his fate. Again Muthu was the catalyst for an exit as he woke up with pockets nines in the big blind and called off Lee who had shoved from the button holding king deuce off suit. A deuce on the flop gave Lee a glimmer of hope but the board ultimately bricked out to bring us to heads up play.

It was down to just Plater and Muthu and while the eventual runner up started strong, Plater chipped away at Muthu for over two hours. The final hand came when Plater caught a lucky break to finish Muthu off. Plater had J♣7♦ on a flop of 8♥7♠6♣ and he bet-called off when Muthu jammed with 9♠9♦. Overcoming the odds Plater ended up with a straight when the sick run out saw the 9♥ turn and 10♣ river signal the end of the tournament and victory for Plater.

Congratulations to Peter!

PokerStars Festival Manila High Roller Payouts

1st: Peter Plater (Australia) – PHP3,100,000 ($65,120)
2nd: Satheshkumar Muth (Singapore) – PHP2,140,000 ($42,475)
3rd: Hermann Lee (Singapore) – PHP1,368,000 ($27,152)
4th: Yo Seb Rhee (Japan) – PHP1,050,000 ($20,840)
5th: Jun Obara (Japan) – PHP820,000 ($16,673)
6th: Timofey Asmolov (Russia) – PHP640,000 ($12,703)


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