PokerStars School: Three ways to make this weekend better than last weekend

December 06, 2017

It’s midweek, or hump day, when results from last weekend begin to fade in favour of happier thoughts of what could be this weekend. There’s nothing like a new slate of tournament to erase the memory of the week before.

That makes midweek a good time to see where things could have been better, to work on a few problem areas and strengthen those parts of your game showing promise. PokerStars School is a great place to start.


So here are three things that might help with preparation for the weekend:

1. What is Game Theory Optimal, and how can you use it in your game?

2. How self-critcism plays a part in poker, and how not to let it get te better of you.

3. The latest instructional video for 6-Max cash games, this week how to deal with C-Bets. You can also catch up on the entire series in our video archive.

For everything else check out the PokerStars School homepage.

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