PokerStars School and OP-Poker team up for new Spin & Go course

January 31, 2019inNews

Ten minutes. Two opponents. The chance to win 10,000 times your buy-in.

There’s no denying the attractiveness of the Spin & Go format. The combination of speed and the opportunity to win a large amount of money in a very short time is unique in poker, where long cash game sessions and multi-table tournaments that can last for days have been the norm for decades. And then there’s the traffic that Spin & Go’s generate. So many people play them now that some players like Samuel Murer, who won €100,000 in a €10 Spin & Go just a few weeks ago, have even foresworn other forms of the game and taken up the Spin & Go as a full-time pursuit.

So, how can you go about getting your piece of this delicious poker pie? Enter PokerStars School and OP-Poker with their new ten-part Spin & Go strategy video series. The series covers everything you need to know to start winning in Spin & Go’s, from basic gameplay and pre-flop strategy to effective stack sizes, heads-up play, variance, push or fold considerations, and more. Throw in hand reviews and a complete $60 & $100 Spin & Go review and you’ll be prepared to play your best when you hit your own 10,000X multiplier.

Check out the first video of the Spin & Go course here. And for more courses on everything from calculating basic probability to advanced tournament strategy, check out the full menu of PokerStars School courses here.


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