PokerStars School “The League” August results

September 03, 2019inPoker

Congratulations to August’s PokerStars School league winners!

Dozens of PokerStars players will find their accounts a little richer tomorrow, thanks to their performances in the PokerStars School Initiation and Masters Leagues during the month of August.

A league of their own

If you’re not familiar with the League, it’s a monthly chance for PokerStars School players to test their skills against players from all around the world and battle for leaderboard prizes. Canadian players have their very own league where they play exclusively against their other Canadians.

The League runs in two divisions: the Master level, where the seasoned players battle it out, and the Initiation level, reserved for new players that have only joined the poker school within the last three months. This gives everyone an excellent opportunity to practice the game against players of similar ability and win some prizes along the way.

Masters League

The August Masters League champ was Bulgaria’s “gr3471,” who kept the lead at month’s end to hold off a fierce challenge from Norway’s “Steinardo79.”

August EN Masters League leaderboard

In the Canadian Masters League it was “BigDadMel” who ruled the roost. Both BigDadMel and gr3471 will find T$500 in their accounts on Wednesday, while Steinardo79 collects a healthy consolation prize of T$300.

August CA Masters League leaderboard

Initiation League

Initiation League honors for the month went to Austria’s “axeroi,” and “teastside17” topped the Canadian Initiation League leaderboard. Both of their accounts are now T$100 richer.

August EN Initiation League leaderboard

August CA Initiation League leaderboard

Congratulations to all four winners, as well as the other players who earned prizes by finishing in the top 20 for their League during August!


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