PokerStars weekend review (12-17-12)

December 17, 2012

New school or old skool, it really doesn’t matter: class will always shine through. On the one hand you have Ramzi Jelassi, one of the leading proponents of aggressive Scandi poker, take down EPT Prague for €835,000. On the other you have Marcel Luske, the old Dutch master, come out on top of the Sunday Warm-Up, one of the largest tournaments of the Sunday majors.

As Luske points out himself, replying by Tweet to fellow Team Pro Bryan Huang, “sometimes the old system works 😉 Merry Christmas.” Poker is far from a solved game, people. Keep on unravelling the mystery.

– Swedish EPT regular Ramzi Jelassi took an EPT title (and €835,00) after 11 cashes and three 19th place finishes (and one 20th) scored since Season 2. Jelassi’s patience – and relentless aggression – finally paid off when he beat Greek PokerStars qualifier Sotirios Koutoupas heads-up for the title. Koutoupas’ €510,000 instantly leapt him into the number one spot of the Greek all-time money list!


EPT Prague winner Ramzi Jelassi

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– Team PokerStars Pro Marcel Luske last night (well, in the early hours of this morning) won the Sunday Warm-Up for $75,039.68 after a four-way chop, while PokerStars Team Online’s Mickey ‘mement_mori’ Petersen just missed out on the massive money with his sixth-place $23,842 score.


Luske proving the secret is in the player, not the system

– Perhaps inspired by his countryman’s runner-up performance at EPT Prague, we found ourselves with a Greek winner in the Sunday Million. KOLOKOS beat a field of 7,449 to register an enormous $223,474.92 payday.

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