Queenstown Snowfest: Teeing off on Day 1c

July 25, 2012

Queenstown is truly blessed. Here we are, surrounded by snow-capped mountains, in the middle of winter, yet we seem to get the most stunning sunshine every single day. In fact, in my two trips here, I’ve only seen it rain once. Melbourne would be very jealous.

Today is another gorgeous day, so a group of PokerStars qualifiers (and yours truly) decided to get together to try out a unique game known as Frisbee Golf.


Frisbee golf (or disc golf as it’s sometimes called) is another unique local pastime and one of Queenstown’s most popular free activities. It’s been actively played in the prestine Queenstown Gardens since the early eighties.

Similar to golf, players start from a designated tee area, and the object is to propel a frisbee towards a target (or “hole”) in as few throws as possible. While frisbee golf can theoretically use anything as a hole, proper courses will use an elevated metal basket. The beauty of the game is that anyone can play, you don’t need to pay green fees or hire clubs!

Just be careful when climbing up onto the boulder that’s used as the 3rd tee. Billy “The Croc” Argyros was spotted teetering on the edge and in danger of toppling into the lake – the natural habitat for a crocodile perhaps?

Loosely labelled the PokerStars World Championships of Frisbee Golf, it would be remiss of me not to provide a report of this spectacular international event.


Bryan Huang showing impeccable frisbee technique

The best of the best frisbee golfers in the world were in attendance with poker Hall of Famers, Team PokerStars Pros and plenty of the PokerStars qualifiers who had won packages online. No doubt scoring a PokerStars branded frisbee was one of the highlights of their trip!


Clearly an illegal throw by Danny McDonagh

Team PokerStars Online member Roy “GodLikeRoy” Bhasin showed some good form, especially off the tee where he seems to have perfected the double-fade tee shot – it teases to the right, swings to the left, and ends up straight down the middle. Hopefully Bhasin hasn’t strained his betting wrist as he’ll be in action in the poker room today.

It’s the third and final opportunity for players to take their seats in the Queenstown Snowfest Main Event. We’re expecting another near-capacity field today for Day 1c with our field likely to push a total of 150 – a record field for the Queenstown event.

But enough about poker. What happened in the frisbee golf?

In the end the top four frisbee golf players qualified for the final tomorrow where someone will win a PokerStars snowboard. But honestly, we have no idea who those players are. Probably whoever didn’t get their frisbee stuck in a tree. We’re guessing it’s probably someone who busted from the tournament early, so they have been sneaking in a few extra practice rounds in their downtime.

But it’s all about having fun right? (The words of someone who obviously didn’t win)



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