SCOOP 2012: Fiskin1 binks Event #18-M PLO 6-max

May 13, 2012

SCOOP logo.gifOver one thousand thirsty PLO fanatics flocked to Event #18. Despite the blood-curdling suckouts associated with short-handed Omaha, strangers from all over the world embraced the high-risk, high-reward element of nonstop combat with their only weapon — four cards.

In the amusement park of poker games, PLO is the ultimate adventure ride. It’s not for squeamish folks, rather PLO is catered to hardcore adrenaline junkies. Short-handed PLO gives the you an intergalactic boost of euphoria on par with extreme sports like jumping out of airplanes or skiing off the jagged side of a mountain. And the best part of short-handed PLO is that you don’t even have to leave your own home to get that instant burst of adulation.

Event #18-M $109+R PLO (6-max) attracted 1,146 thrill seekers. They created a total prize pool worth $364,700, which included 1,584 re-buys and 917 add-ons. The top 144 places paid out prize money with $61,087.31 set aside for the champion.

Notable players who cashed included Team PokerStars Online Mickey “mement_mori” Petersen (132nd) and Team PokerStars Pro Martin Staszko (115th place).

With seven remaining, action was hand-for-hand with one table playing three-handed and the other playing four-handed. Ceewyl from Hungary bubbled off the final table in brutal fashion by getting Aces cracked. Ceewyl made a valiant stand with A♠A♦Q♥ against Päffchen’s A♥K♠10♠6♠. The board ran out J♦9♣2♦10♣6♦ and Päffchen caughting running cards to back-door two pair. Ceewyl ‘s Aces were snapped off, which meant a seventh-place exit.


Event #18-M PLO 6-max – Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: BQNNEN (2,395,544)
Seat 2: Fred-wpt (3,279,371)
Seat 3: Fiskin1 (2,131,624)
Seat 4: Päffchen (2,335,510)
Seat 5: Paolo69 (458,268)
Seat 6: Efan123 (2,174,683)

When the final table commenced, action was at Level 32 with 15K/30K blinds. Fred-wpt held the lead with almost 3.3 million. This particular final table had a little history: Paolo69 won a SCOOP event last year, Efan123 final tabled a PLO SCOOP event last year, and Fiskin1 advanced to his second SCOOP final table this year.

SO WHAT: Paolo69 eliminated in 6th place

Took almost thirty minutes before someone busted. Short-stacked Paolo69 had approximately a 500K in chips when he made his final stand.

Fred-wpt opened with a min-raise to 80,000, Paolo69 re-raised to 260,000, and Fred-wpt called. The flop was J♥8♦5♠. Paolo69 moved all-in for his last 246,536. Fred-wpt called with A♠Q♦5♦4♠. Paolo69 was ahead with A♥K♦K♠10♣. The 4♣ spiked on the turn, which improved Fred-wpt to two pair — fives and fours. The river was the 10♦, which did not help Paolo69 and his Kings were cracked. Fred-wpt won the pot and improved to 3.5 million. Paolo69 was knocked out and won $10,941 for a sixth-place finish.

BLUE IN GREEN: BQNNEN eliminated in 5th place

BQNNEN entered the fray with a raise to 100,000. Fred-wpt bumped it up to 350,000, and BQNNEN smooth called. The flop was 5♠4♥3♥. Fred-wpt fired out 750,000, BQNNEN bombed it all-in for 1,211,001, and Fred-wpt called. Fred-wpt was ahead with A♥Q♥9♠2♠ for a Wheel and a nut-flush re-draw. BQNNEN showed K♠8♣6♣3♠ for a higher straight draw. The turn was the 7♥, which gave BQNNEN a straight, but it also filled in Fred-wpt’s flush. The river was an innocuous 8♦ because BQNNEN was drawing dead. Fred-wpt won the pot and surged to over 5 million. QNNEN busted out in fifth place, collecting $15,645.63.

ALL BLUES: Päffchen eliminated in 4th place

Efan123 opened to 175,000 and Päffchen called to defend his big blind. The flop was 10♦5♥2♣. Päffchen checked, Efan123 bet 375,000, Päffchen shoved all-in for 1,440,040, and Efan123 called. Efan123 was ahead with K♥K♦Q♦9♠ against Päffchen’s A♣Q♥Q♣3♥, although Päffchen picked up a gutshow draw. The turn was the 8♠. Efan123’s pair of Kings still led, but he picked up an open-ended straight draw. The J♠ on the river filled in Efan123’s straight, and he won the pot. Päffchen’s queens were no good. He finished in fourth place and took home $23,705.50.

With three players left in the hunt for the SCOOP title (and a snazzy new watch), Efan123 seized the lead (albeit by a slim fraction) with over 5 million. Fred-wpt was not far behind with 5 million and Fiskin1 brought up the rear with 2.7 million.

FREDDIE FREELOADER: Fred-wpt eliminated in 3rd place

When the final six players took their seats at the final table, it appeared as though big-stacked Fred-wpt was the favorite to win based on the amount of chips he held. He certainly did not expect to bow out in third place, but then again, PLO is brutal and merciless.

Efan123 opened to 180,000 and Fred-wpt called. The flop was K♠J♣J♦. Efan123 fired out 360,000 and Fred-wpt called. The turn was the Q♦. Efan123 bet 1,080,000 and Fred-wpt responded by shoving all-in for his last 1,524,388. Efan123 snap-called with a boat — Kings full of Jacks — and holding A♠K♦K♥9♠. Fred-wpt showed A♦J♥10♥2♥ for a meager straight. A meaningless 5♦ fell on the river. Efan123 won the 4.1 million pot. Meanwhile, Fred-wpt, from the Netherlands, hit the road in third place with a $34,646.50 score.

HEADS-UP: Efan123 (Germany) vs. Fiskin1 (United Kingdom)
Seat 3: Fiskin1 (3,545,889)
Seat 6: Efan123 (9,229,111)

Efan123 was ahead by almost 3-1.

FLAMENCO SKETCHES: Efan123 eliminated in 2nd place; Fiskin1 wins SCOOP title

On the 16th hand of heads-up, Efan123 coughed up the lead.

Fiskin1 opened with a min-raise to 1,20,000 and Efan123 called. The flop was A♥K♦Q♣. Efan123 bet 240,000 and Fiskin1 called. The turn was the 7♠. Efan123 bet 720,000 and Fiskin1 called. The river was the 7♣. Efan123 fired out 2,160,000 and Fiskin1 shoved all-in for 2,465,889. Efan123 called with A♣K♥4♣6♥ for only two pair. Fiskin1 won the hand with Q♠Q♥10♦9♥ for a full boat. Fiskin1 seized the lead 7M to 5.6M.

On the 28th and final hand of heads-up… Fiskin1 tried to limp in, but Efan123 bumped it up to 180,000, so Fiskin1 called. The flop was K♥8♥5♣. Efan123 bet 360,000 and Fiskin1 called. When the 2♣ appeared on the turn, Efan123 fired out 1,080,000. Fiskin1 retaliated with a raise to 4,320,000. Efan123 shoved for his last 5,203,222, and Fiskin1 called. Fiskin1 showed K♣Q♦J♥2♠ for two pair. Efan123 only had a pair of deuces, but risked his entire tournament life on a nut flush draw with A♥10♣9♠2♥. The 7♦ on the river did not help Efan123. Fiskin1’s two pair held up and he won the pot. Efan123 busted out in second place and won $45,587.50 for a runner-up performance.

Fiskin1 made a deep run last night and advanced to a final table in Event #13-H NL Knockout, but fell short of a SCOOP title. Tonight, he shipped Event #18-M for his first SCOOP crown and also padded his bankroll with a $61,087.31 first-place prize. Congrats!

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Event #18-M PLO – Final Table Payouts and Results:
1. Fiskin1 (United Kingdom) – $61,087.31
2. Efan123 (Germany) – $45,587.50
3. Fred-wpt (Netherlands) – $34,646.50
4. Päffchen (Germany) – $23,705.50
5. BQNNEN (Denmark) – $15,645.63
6. Paolo69 (United Kingdom) – $10,941

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