SCOOP 2012: Sauce123 sauces the heads of his opponents in Event #37-H ($21,000 NLHE Heads-Up)

May 20, 2012

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Just you and your opponent, no concern about a third or fourth player sneaking into the hand to cause you distress. No other players to worry about, you are able to study your opponent more, get a read on their tendencies, and play tricks on their head while trying to keep them from doing the same to you.

This is what draws players to heads-up games, a chance to take on that single player one round at a time on the way to a big payday and the SCOOP watch that goes to the eventual winner.


The 37th event of the 2012 Spring Championship of Online Poker brought the third and final heads-up event of the series. The high version featured a $21,000 buy-in event that drew in 28 entrants, meaning five rounds with four players getting a bye in the first round. Here is a look at the numbers for this event:

Entrants: 28
Prize Pool: $574,000
Guarantee: $150,000
Places Paid: 4

Day 1:

The 12 matches in round 1 saw the elimination of players like Dan “w00ki3z.” Cates and Justin “ZeeJustin” Bonomo while the only two Team PokerStars Pros Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier and Viktor “Isildur1” Blom moved on to the second round.

The second round was the end of the road for Grospellier who was the last player to get eliminated. The first to make their exit in the second round was Ignat “0Human0” Liviu followed by Event 20-M winner raidalot. While those players made their exit the Blom moved on to the quarterfinals along with fellow Event 3 final table member Sussie Smith. Joining those two in the quarterfinals were Ankush “pistons87” Mandavia and Ben “Sauce123” Sulsky.

Winning your quarterfinal match to move into the semifinals, or final four, meant you were guaranteed $86,100. Mandavia and Sulsky each punched their ticket into the next round where they will meet each other in the first match of the second day, joining them in the money were ragen70 and Also11. Just falling short of the money was Blom and Sussie Smith.

Semifinals: pistons87 vs. Sauce123:

While still in the first level (25/50) of the day piston87 and Sauce123 found a way to get all their chips into the middle. After raising to 100 from pistons87, form the small blind, Sauce123 raised to 350, pistons87 called and the pair saw the Q♥8♥ flop. Sauce123 opened to 489, pistons87 raised to 1,000, Sauce123 three-bet to 2,620, and finally pistons87 four-bet shoved all-in to 8,700, which was called by Sauce123. Sauce123 showed Q♣Q♠ for the flopped set while pistons87 held K♥3♥ for bottom pair flush draw. The flush draw hit when the 6♥ turn appeared, but that lead and possible double-up was short lived as the 6♣ gave Sauce123 a full house and the match win.


Semifinals: Also11 vs. ragen70:

Unlike the other semifinal that only needed 24 hands this match need just over three times that many hands with 76 being played by the two players. Mid-way through the first level Also11 took over the lead on a hand that brought a four-bet all-in shove from Also11 pre-flop that got ragen70 to fold.

It was another four-bet all-in shove from Also11 that ended this match. This time however ragen70 called and showed Q♠Q♣ against Also11’s A♦K♠. A K♥6♦3♣ flop shifted the lead to Also11 leaving ragen70 needing to catch one of the remaining queens to move on to the finals. The 7♦ turn and 3♦ did not deliver a queen eliminating ragen70 in the semifinals collecting $86,100.


Finals: Also11 vs. Sauce123

The final match featured 63 hands that saw the lead change numerous times but neither player being able to pull away with a commanding lead. The final hand started in the second level of the match (30/60) with Sauce123 in the small blind with the chip lead. He raised to 150 and was re-raised to 540 by Also11. Sauce123 four-bet to 1,320, Also11 five-bet to 2,400, and Sauce123 called. The 8♠6♣2♣ flop brought a check from Also11 and then a 2,220 bet from Sauce123. Also11 raised to 7,080 and Sauce123 called showing 10♥10♣ while Also11 held A♥K♥. The 9♦ turn and 3♥ river meant the end for Also11 who collects $143,500 for his second place effort.


Congrats to Ben “Sauce123” Sulsky on winning your first SCOOP watch along with $258,300.


SCOOP Event #30-H ($21,000 NLHE NLHE Heads-Up) Results:

Entrants: 28
Places Paid: 4

1st Place: Sauce123 (Canada) – $258,300
2nd Place: Also11 (Germany) – $143,500

ragen70 (United Kingdom) – $86,100
pistons87 (Canada) – $86,100


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