SCOOP 2013: 1hmm11 wins one in Event #8-L ($11 NLHE)

May 16, 2013

It was a large field.

Event #8-L saw 20,045 entries, doubling the $100K guarantee to create a $200,450 prize pool. A few of these entrants — of course — included Team PokerStars players. Several red-spade pros made it to the field and three of them scored a cash. Mickey “mement_mori” Petersen, George Danzer and Joe Cada all managed to finish the tournament in the money with Cada making it the furthest; finishing 891st for $44.09.

But the person to take the largest scoop out of today’s pool was 1hmm11. Not only did 1hmm11 overcome a massive field, he overcame a few massive chip leaders at the final table.

One after another, players at the final table seemed to have all the momentum and chips in their favor. But 1hmm11 waited and struck when the time was right

Our UK champion started the heads-up match with a massive lead but didn’t have an easy road to victory. Things were up and down for 1hmm11 but he finally clinched things.

The final table


Seat 1: Rosi AUT — 4,108,145
Seat 2: zzwwzzwwzz — 6,262,920
Seat 3: 1hm111 — 19,065,682
Seat 4: Miltos14 — 12,565,320
Seat 5: you25ca — 19,456,688
Seat 6: 10go007 — 3,953,314
Seat 7: Takada89 — 24,418,039
Seat 8: WaveKid_944 — 3,629,068
Seat 9: Omanstrom — 6,765,824

The first hand of the final table was indicative of the tournament Takada89 was having. The blinds were 125K/250K with a 31.25K ante and you25ca called from the button. Takada89 raised to 750,000 from the small blind and you25ca called.

The board came 10♣5♠Q♠7♣J♦ and Takada89 bet every street and you25ca called. The bet was 250K on the flop, 750K on the turn and another 750K on the river.

Takada89 showed A♠A♣ and you25ca turned over A♦J♠. Takada89 was up to 28 million while you25ca dipped to about 16 million.

Unexpected departure

you25ca was still in the top three and Miltos14 was right behind with 12.3 million. There were a few short stacks on the table too, but they wouldn’t be the first to go.

Miltos14 raised to 500,000 from the button and 10go007 moved all-in for 3,734,564 from the big blind. Miltos14 called and we had a showdown.

Miltos14 showed A♥Q♦ and the at-risk player had him dominated with A♣K♦. The board came 2♣7♥5♦9♦9♣ and 10go007 doubled up to 8.2 million while Miltos14 was left with almost the same amount.

Miltos14 would then be at-risk a few hands later.

Takada89 raised to 621,000 from middle position and Miltos14 moved all-in for 6,225,201 from the big blind. Takada called and showed 6♣6♠ to Miltos14’s A♦7♥. We had a flip that ended in Takada89’s favor with a J♠5♠9♥Q♣J♦ board.

Miltos14 was out in 9th, earning $1,202.70, while Takada89’s lead grew to 33 million.


With 8 players left, Takada89 held nearly a third of the chips in play. 1hmm11 was the closest contender with 22 million, but other players were struggling with just a few million.

One of those players was WaveKid_944. With 150K/300K blinds and a 37.5K ante, you25ca called from under-the-gun and WaveKid_944 raised to 1.2 million from the hijack. you25ca called and the flop came 10♣7♠K♦.

Players checked the flop, and you25ca bet 9.3 million when the 6♦ hit on the turn. WaveKid_944 only had 2.2 million behind and called all-in.

WaveKid_944 showed A♠10♠ for a pair of tens and was up against you25ca’s straight draw, Q♦J♠.

The river brought an A♥ and you25ca hit the straight, eliminating WaveKid_944 in 8th place for $1,804.05.

you25ca gained some ground, but other players were still in desperate need of more chips. The blinds were raised to 200K/400K with a 50K ante and 10go007 raised to 1.2 million from the hijack. Rosi AUT was in the small blind and moved all-in for 2,002,034. 10go007 called.

Rosi AUT: 10♣10♠
10go007: A♥K♣

The board came 9♦K♦J♥6♠7♣ and 10go007 won the flip while Rosi AUT won $3,006.75 for finishing 7th.

More bullying

With Rosi AUT’s elimination, OManstrom was the only player left with less than 10 million. It wouldn’t be long before OManstrom had none.

you25ca called 400,000 from under-the-gun and OManstrom moved all-in for 3,615,824 from the button. you25ca called and showed A♥K♣ to OManstrom’s K♥6♦. you25ca started with the lead and ended with it after the Q♠9♦9♥A♦J♥ board was dealt.

OManstrom was out in 6th and earned $5,011.25 while you25ca bumped up to 18 million.

False hopes

you25ca jumped to third in chips, but that would be short-lived. zzwwzzwwzz was the short stack and raised to 1,234,567 from the small blind and 1hm11 three-bet to 2,888,888. zzwwzzwwzz moved all-in for 10,145,345.

1hmm11 called with A♠8♣ and was dominated by zzwwzzwwzz’s A♥K♣. There was a hearty Q♥9♥6♣5♥7♥ board and zzwwzzwwzz doubled up to 20 million.

zzwwzzwwzz then used his newly acquired chips to eliminate you25ca:

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you25ca earned $7,015.75 for the 4th place finish and Takada89 lost his lead for the first time during the final table. Takada89 was still steady at 31 million while zzwwzzwwzz was up to 40 million.

zzwwzzwwzz then increased his lead even more. With 250K/500K blinds and a 62.5K ante, zzwwzzwwzz raised to 1,111,111 from under-the-gun. 10go007 called from the small blind and an 8♠9♠K♣ flop was dealt. 10go007 moved all-in for 4,192,690. zzwwzzwwzz called and showed K♠5♣ to 10go007’s 7♦6♦.

10go007 was hoping for a straight, but the turn brought a 9♣ and the river was a 7♣. 10go007 was out in 4th and got $9,020.25 for it. zzwwzzwwzz on the other hand got nearly two-thirds of the chips in play.

The higher they climb

But that lead would only last a few hands:

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zzwwzzwwzz then lost another large pot to 1hmm11. zzwwzzwwzz raised to 1,222,222 from the small blind and 1hmm11 called from the big. The flop came 7♣8♦Q♥ and zzwwzzwwzz bet another 1,222,222.

1hmm11 raised to 3,111,125 and zzwwzzwwzz called, bringing a 5♣ on the turn. zzwwzzwwzz check-called 1hmm11’s 5,444,444 bet and a 5♠ came on the river. zzwwzzwwzz then check-called another bet worth 10.8 million.

1hmm11 showed 4♦6♠ for a straight and zzwwzzwwzz mucked. 1hmm11 was up to 63 million while zzwwzzwwzz was down to 18 million. zzwwzzwwzz’s momentum was gone and he was chipped down to 8.5 million before playing his last hand.

Blinds were 400K/800K and zzwwzzwwzz moved all-in for 8,973,070 from the small blind. 1hmm11 called from the big blind and showed 10♣8♣ to zzwwzzwwzz’s A♠7♠.

zzwwzzwwzz was in the lead and the flop was a very bittersweet 2♠7♦9♠ for zzwwzzwwzz. He paired his seven and picked up a flush draw, but 1hmm11 got a straight draw. The board wouldn’t give 1hmm11 a straight though. The turn was an 8♦ and the river brought a 10♦ giving 1hmm11 two pairs and bringing the tournament down to two players.

zzwwzzwwzz went from commanding chip leader to 3rd place finisher, earning $12,027.00.

Heads up

There was just one more to go. 1hmm11 and Takada89 had outlasted 20,043 players and were one elimination away from their first SCOOP title.

1hmm11 started the heads-up match with 70 million to Takada89’s 30 million. Takada89 suggested an even chop but 1hmm11 declined.

Then Takada89 won three big hands in a row.

The blinds were up to 400K/800K with a 100K ante and 1hmm11 raised to 1.6 million. The flop came 5♣A♦2♦ after Takada89 called and 1hmm11 bet 2.4 million. There was a call, a round of checks, a K♣ on the turn and more checks.

Takada89 bet 1.2 million when the Q♥ came on the river and 1hmm11 raised to 4.8 million. Takada89 called and showed Q♣2♣ to 1hmm11’s A♥3♣. Takada89 was up to 44 million while 1hmm11 was down to 56 million.

The next hand Takada89 raised to 1.6 million…

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Takada89 took even more the next hand.

1hmm11 raised to 1.6 million and Takada89 called, bringing a Q♥6♦6♠ flop. Players checked, bringing a 5♣ on the turn and a 2.4 million bet from Takada89. 1hmm11 called and the river was an 8♥. Takada89 bet 4.8 million and 1hmm11 raised to 17.6 million.

Takada89 called and showed Q♠J♥ to 1hmm11’s 10♣5♦. Takada89 was up to 76 million and 1hmm11 dropped to 23 million.

All the momentum was going back to Takada89, but then the tides turned again. 1hmm11 raised to 3.2 million and Takada89 called, bringing an A♥10♦4♦ flop. Takada89 bet 3.2 million and 1hmm11 moved all-in for 21,172,682.

Takada89 called with J♦6♦ while 1hmm11 turned over A♠K♦. The turn and river brought a 10♥ and a 7♣ and 1hmm11 doubled-up to 47 million.

Players were about even in chips and 1hmm11 suggested a chop. This time it was Takada89 who declined.

Then the tournament ended.

1hmm11 won a few million to take the lead with 56 million to Takada89’s 44 million. Blinds were 500K/1M with a 125K ante and Takada89 raised to 2 million. 1hmm11 three-bet to 4 million and Takada89 called, bringing a 10♥6♣4♠ flop. 1hmm11 bet 5 million and Takada89 raised to 11 million, 1hmm11 moved all-in and Takada89 called.

Takada89 showed 8♣7♦ for an inside-straight draw while 1hmm11 showed 10♠3♠ for top pair. The 3♣ on the turn gave 1hmm11 two-pair and the 6♠ came on the river to end the tournament.

Takada89 finished 2nd for $16,007.93 and 1hmm11 won the watch.

1hmm11 overcame a massive field and a few massive chip leaders at the final table but came out victorious. For the victory in Event #8-L, 1hmm11 gets a SCOOP watch and $20,057.76.

2013 SCOOP Event #8-L ($11 NLHE) results

Players: 20,045
Prize pool: $200,450.00
Places paid: 2,700

1. 1hmm11 (United Kingdom) $20,057.76
2. hand playerBrazil) $16,007.93
3. zzwwzmode (China) $12,027.00
4. 10go007 (Argentina) $9,020.25
5. you25ca (Algeria) $7,015.75
6. OManstrom (Sweden) $5,011.25
7. Rosi AUT (Austria) $3,006.75
8. WaveKid_944 (Canada) $1,804.05
9. Miltos14 (Greece) $1,202.70

Number 8 is in the books but there are more prizes, tournaments and plenty more SCOOP to go. For a full schedule of the remaining events, a list of satellites, the leader board and pretty much any information you could ever want on this year’s SCOOP, visit the SCOOP homepage.

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