SCOOP 2013: diouf999 tallies the most important knockout in Event 10-L ($27 NLHE Super-Knockout)

May 16, 2013

Patterns. To a large degree, that’s what poker is all about – the patterns of one’s opponents, your own patterns, and the patterns of the interaction of the two. At the final table of SCOOP 2013 Event 10-Low, $27 NLHE (Super-Knockout), ace-king and pocket 5s played a prominent role in several key hands in the early-going. But in the late stages, it was diouf999’s fortune to get all in with an overpair against small pairs several times that allowed diouf999 to score the last knockout of the day, take down the tournament and become a SCOOP champion.

Event 10-Low was played as a “super knockout” tournament, with $13 of each buy-in going to the regular prize pool and $13 going to the knockout prize pool. Knock out a player and collect their $13 knockout bounty. Although ArbonCity didn’t make the final table (86th place, $236.64), the Swiss player received the consolation prize for tallying the most knockouts. ArbonCity’s 33 KOs were worth $429 in knockout prize money.

Team Online Kevin “WizardOfAhhs” Thurman didn’t quite make Day 2 of Event 10-Low, but his 81st-place finish earned him $264.48 to go along with his $91 in knockout money. He joined Team Online’s Caio Peassagno (365th, $100.22, $117 in knockouts) and George “Jorj95” Lind (1035th, $55.68, $52 in knockouts) as the only members of the Red Spade Brigade to make the money in Event 10-L. Team Online player Randy “nanonoko” Lew just missed out when he finished in 2703rd place, but the two knockouts he picked up along the way got almost all of his buy-in back.

When Day 1 ended, 48 players remained. They were led by MBPoker 26, HighTimesSwe and pakvaiselis. pakvaiselis bowed out early, heading to the rail in 30th place ($445.45) with 14 knockouts ($182).

MBPoker26 and HighTimesSwe were right in the thick of it on the final table bubble. MBPoker26 expired in 12th place when a short-stack shove with pocket 8s ran into both pocket 10s and Chuck8880’s ace-queen. An ace spiked on the river, ending MBPoker26’s day with $1044.03 in prize money and another $312 in knockout money.

HighTimesSwe, on the other hand, was one of the chip leaders coming into the final table:

Event 10-L final table.png

Seat 1: benasg (15595260 in chips)
Seat 2: PlataZzz (11617402 in chips)
Seat 3: Pangapoker (3900692 in chips)
Seat 4: HighTimesSwe (20991804 in chips)
Seat 5: peppi64 (6537753 in chips)
Seat 6: Nuazo (4134100 in chips)
Seat 7: Chuck8880 (9986230 in chips)
Seat 8: datrue (8634108 in chips)
Seat 9: diouf999 (25682651 in chips)

Level 48: Blinds 200k-400k, ante 50k
Average: 11.9 million (30 BBs)

Ace-king versus 5s, again and again and again

Pangapoker doubled through diouf999 on the third hand of the final table by winning a flip. That hand left Nuazo as the only truly short stack. Nuazo went for brok after datrue opened in early position to 600k and was called by PlataZzz, shoving for 3.5 million. datrue folded, but PlataZzz called with pocket 9s. Nuazo showed down ace-king but this race ended quickly and quietly when PlataZzz made a set of 9s on the turn to leave Nuazo drawing dead.

As play continued, datrue was pushed down below 8 big blinds to become the new short stack. Under the gun, datrue shoved with pocket 5s and was called by peppi64 with pocket queens. Presto was good as the board came 4♥7♦3♥6♦ to give datrue a straight. The two players swapped places in the chip counts.

Both hung on long enough to see Pangapoker move all in again. This time HighTimesSwe went for the kill with pocket kings; Pangapoker turned over pocket 5s. Presto couldn’t beat the overpair a second time, as the board blanked out. Pangapoker finished in 8th place ($2,505.67) with 11 KOs ($143). The hand pushed HighTimesSwe to 34 million in chips, a decided chip lead over 2nd place player diouf999 (24.7 million).

When peppi64 finally did shove all in with a depleted stack of about 6 million over a raise by benasg and a call by HighTimesSwe, presto showed up again. peppi64 turned up two 5s after benasg called with ace-king. An ace flopped, but so did a four and a deuce, giving peppi64 some straight outs. The turn 7♦ and river 4♦, however, were no help.

Two hands later Chuck8880, who had been quiet through most of the final table, open-shoved for 5.8 million. diouf999 called, finally giving the final table an all-in showdown that didn’t involve pocket 5s. Chuck8880’s K♥Q♣ was dominated by diouf999’s A♥K♣ and failed to improve to the winning hand (though a J♠J♦10♣ flop provided a nice sweat).

Five alive

Five-handed, HighTimesSwe still had the lead. diouf999 was close behind in 2nd, with benasg sitting behind an average stack in 3rd place. The two short stacks, datrue and PlataZzz, were fighting for life with about 22 and 16 big blinds, respectively.

Just before the 5pm break, PlataZzz got some breathing room by spiking a lucky river card against benasg:

Things didn’t improve for datrue, the other short stack. With blinds 400k-800k, datrue shoved under the gun for 5.1 million. benasg made an isolation play by re-raising to 16.4 million, folding all other players. datrue showed 8♠7♥ and, based on the isolation move, might have feared benasg would show up with a stronger hand than K♦J♥. It didn’t matter; benasg made an unbeatable Broadway straight by the turn to knock out datrue in 5th place.

diouf999 beats up on small pairs

HighTimesSwe got a huge double-up four-handed when benasg made a massive four-bet shove and got looked up. benasg had opened for the minimum 1.6 million, then shoved for 39.6 million after HighTimesSwe raised to 3.38 million. HighTImesSwe called all in for another 19.4 million with A♠K♦ and hung on against benasg’s Q♥J♦ when neither player connected with the board.

That loss didn’t cripple benasg, but benasg went out two hands later all the same. Once again benasg opted for a big re-raise, moving all in over the top of diouf999’s open-raise to 1.6 million. diouf999 called with pocket 10s, while benasg turned up pocket 4s. There wasn’t much mystery on a 6♦8♠7♥3♦6♥ board. It sent benasg packing in 4th place.

The remaining three players – leader HighTimesSwe, diouf999, and short stack PlataZzz – quickly agreed to a chip-chop deal, leaving just $4,000 up for grabs.

As the deal numbers indicate, PlataZzz was at a distinct chip disadvantage to HighTimesSwe and diouf999. As these things go, PlataZzz was thus the first of the three players to be eliminated. diouf999 opened to 2 million, then called PlataZzz’s 16-million chip shove. diouf999 showed up with A♥K♠ while PlataZzz had the proverbial “two live cards”, Q♥6♦. Things got interesting on the turn, 4♠3♥A♠5♦, but the river paired the board to send PlataZzz crashing out of the tournament.

That left diouf999 and HighTimesSwe heads-up for the title. Their duel lasted exactly one hand. On the first hand of heads-up play, four pre-flop raises were enough for HighTimesSwe to get all in for 41.4 million. diouf999 called with the chip lead and a pair of queens. HighTimesSwe’s pocket 6s were drawing dead by the turn.

diouf999 started off the final table on the wrong foot, by losing a flip to Pangapoker. Yet with perseverance, good play, and timely cards, diouf999 triumphed to become the latest SCOOP champion.

SCOOP 2013 Event 39 $82 FLHE (6-max) results

Players: 21,416
Prizepool: $278,408 (regular); $278,408 (knockout)
Places paid: 2700
* reflects 3-way deal

1st: diouf999 ($25,644.25 regular; $338 in KOs)*
2nd: HighTimesSwe ($22,522.23 regular; $169 in KOs)*
3rd: PlataZzz ($18,625.16 regular; $104 in KOs)*
4th: benasg ($12,528.36 regular; $182 in KOs)
5th: datrue ($9,744.28 regular; $117 in KOs)
6th: Chuck8880 ($6,960.20 regular; $195 in KOs)
7th: peppi64 ($4,176.12 regular; $130 in KOs)
8th: Pangapoker ($2,505.67 regular; $143 in KOs)
9th: Nuazo ($1,670.44 regular; $65 in KOs)

We’re not even halfway through SCOOP 2013. Check out the point standings and the remaining events at the SCOOP home page.

Dave Behr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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