SCOOP 2013: Jon011 defeats Team Online’s Jorj95 to win Event 6H ($1,050 NL Draw 2x Chance)

May 15, 2013

The final table of Event 6H was one that NL Draw fans will want to watch. The action was intense and lasted for several hours, and heads-up alone was two hours in length. While Team Online’s George “Jorj95” Lind made a stellar run for his second SCOOP title, it was jon011 who dominated the final table and emerged victorious from the grueling final battle.


The 2013 Spring Championship of Online Poker was underway and hitting its stride on Day 3, and Event 6 offered some No Limit Draw action for players. It’s not the most popular game, but those who love the variation really love it. Those die-hard fans took to the virtual tables on Tuesday, and this particular event was the High version, which required a $1,050 buy-in and the option of one rebuy (second chance entry) for another $1,000 if all chips are lost in the first 120 minutes of play.

Event 6H offered a $50K guarantee for the action, but the field of 65 players, not to mention 11 rebuys, boosted the prize pool well beyond that amount of money. The final numbers were:

Players: 65
Rebuys: 11
Guarantee: $50,000.00
Prize pool: $76,000.00
Paid players: 9

The tournament moved on through the first 120 minutes and then pushed on for several more hours before the money bubble even neared. Just after the seven-hour mark, two tables remained, and there were some big names still in the running. Notably, Team PokerStars Online’s George “Jorj95” Lind was the chip leader for a while in the tournament, though he was in the lower half of the chip counts with 12 players remaining but soared back into the top five soon after.

George Lind.jpg

Unkn0wn123, recent Super Tuesday winner, was the first player to exit the two-table field in 12th place. Ninototoroko was the next to exit, followed by secky0222 on the money bubble in tenth place. Trinec, who won a SCOOP title last year in NL Draw, was then eliminated in ninth place for $3,040, courtesy of blanconegro. And Chillolini was ousted in eighth place at the hands of INSHALA82, also for $3,040.

About 10 minutes before the nine-hour mark, blanconegro finally pushed his short stack all-in after a raise from Jorj95, who called. Each player took one card, and blanconegro showed J♠5♥8♥K♥6♥. But Jorj95 had 5♣J♣5♦Q♣J♦, and the two pair eliminated blanconegro in seventh place with $3,040.

Jon011 holds strong initial lead

The final table was set at the very end of Level 16, with blinds of 300/700 and a 200 ante. Players and their starting stacks were listed as follows:

Seat 1: INSHALA82 (80,748 in chips)
Seat 2: Jorj95 (74,403 in chips)
Seat 3: dejanaceking (33,394 in chips)
Seat 4: jon011 (128,862 in chips)
Seat 5: ImDaNuts (44,937 in chips)
Seat 6: Parasol6Ka (17,656 in chips)

2013 SCOOP - 6H final table.JPG

The second hand of play saw the action pick up quickly. Jon011 raised, INSHALA82 reraised, and dejanaceking pushed it up again. Jon011 folded, but INSHALA82 called and took one card, while dejanaceking took one card. Dejanaceking then pushed all-in with J♦K♥7♦J♣6♦, but INSHALA82 called with 3♦3♥A♣4♥3♠ for the win. Dejan “dejanaceking” Divkovic, recent ANZPT champion, departed in sixth place with $4,180.00.

Dejan Divkovic - dejanaceking.jpg

Two hands later, ImDaNuts raised and took three cards, and Parasol6Ka called and did the same. ImDaNuts bet, and Parasol6Ka raised all-in with 10♦J♦8♣2♠6♣. ImDaNuts called with K♥Q♦Q♥Q♠K♣ for the full house and the pot, knocking Parasol6Ka out in fifth place with $5,700.00.

Play slowed greatly without many changes, except that Jorj95 took a pot worth 43,200 chips from INSHALA82 to climb into second place on the four-person leaderboard. And INSHALA82 dipped further when ImDaNuts took over third chip position. However, over the course of the next hour, INSHALA82 and ImDaNuts exchanged spots numerous times.

After more than 1.5 hours of four-handed play, INSHALA82 finally made a move. The hand began with an initial raise from Jorj95 and reraise from INSHALA82, who took one card. Jorj95 called and took three, at which point INSHALA 82 bet, and Jorj95 raised all-in. INSHALA82 called for nearly 19K more with 8♣8♠Q♣6♥8♦, but those three eights were beat by the K♠9♣A♥A♦A♣ of Jorj95. INSHALA82 exited in fourth place with $7,600.00.

Nearly an hour of three-handed play found Jorj95 in the number one spot and ImDaNuts still on the shortest of the three stacks. ImDaNuts finally pushed all-in for less than 30K and found a caller in jon011. ImDaNuts took three cards and ended up with 2♥4♦Q♠Q♥K♣, but jon011 took two and showed 6♥10♦6♠6♦4♣. Chris “ImDaNuts” Oliver was out in third place with $11,400.00.

Chris Oliver - imdanuts.JPG

Extensive heads-up battle ensues

The final two players began their heads-up match with these stacks:

Seat 2: Jorj95 (190,250 in chips)
Seat 4: jon011 (189,750 in chips)

Jon011 started strong and immediately took a sizeable chip lead, but Jorj95 found an opportunity to move, doubling up with a full house to beat the flush of jon011. That 281,300-chip pot put Jorj95 back in the driver’s seat.

Nearly 1.5 hours into the match, jon011 made some moves and finally jumped into the chip lead with the collection of a pot worth 131,250 chips. Jon011 continued to gain momentum, putting some distance between them and leaving Jorj95 fighting to work with a 100K stack.

Jorj95 held on for another half hour but finally moved all-in and took three cards, ending with A♦J♦K♦Q♥A♠. Jon011 called, stood pat, and showed 5♣2♠6♦3♣4♠ for the straight. Team Online’s George “Jorj95” Lind, winner of a 2012 SCOOP, was denied his second title, finishing second tonight for $15,200.00.

Jon011 of Estonia won the SCOOP NL Draw title and $22,800.00 in cash. Congrats!

PokerStars 2013 SCOOP Event #6-H ($1,050 NL Draw 2x Chance) results:
Players: 65
Rebuys: 11
Prizepool: $76,000
Places paid: 9

1. jon011 (Estonia) $22,800.00
2. Team Online’s George “Jorj95” Lind (Canada) $15,200.00
3. Chris “ImDaNuts (Costa Rica) $11,400.00
4. INSHALA82 (UK) $7,600.00
5. Parasol6Ka (Russia) $5,700.00
6. Dejan “dejanaceking” Divkovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) $4,180.00

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Jennifer Newell is a PokerStars freelance contributor.


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