SCOOP 2013: Paul “paulgees81” Volpe denies Deeb sixth title, victorious in Event #4-H (Badugi $2,100)

May 14, 2013

Many recall last year’s Spring Championship of Online Poker as the Shaun Deeb show, with Deeb earning four SCOOP watches — all in “High” events, in fact — on his way to winning SCOOP Player of the Series. Having won a SCOOP event previously, that brought Deeb’s overall watch count to five, and it appeared for a while on Monday night he was destined to earn a sixth SCOOP title (in yet another “high” buy-in event) as he carried the chip lead to the final table and led part of the way thereafter.

Deeb would make it all of the way to heads-up in Event #4-H, the $2,100 buy-in Badugi event, but in the end couldn’t overcome one final opponent as the red hot Paul “paulgees81” Volpe claimed the victory and $34,780 first prize.

From 47 to 8

The event drew 47 entrants, thus building a $94,000 prize pool that nearly doubled the $50K guarantee, with only the top six finishers scheduled to divide that money.

After four hours of play just over half the field had been whittled away, with Chris “d0r1t0s” McClung, Volpe, and Deeb leading the remaining 23 players.

Over the next two hours that group would be further carved down to just 11 players, with Deeb having built a huge advantage with nearly 70,000 chips when his nearest competitor — Stroynowski — had less than 30,000. Meanwhile, Team Online member George “Jorj95” Lind III (18th) and Team PokerStars Pro Jose “nachobarbero” Barbero (14th) were among the recently eliminated.

The last remaining Team PokerStars Pro George Danzer was in dire straits, too, sitting in last position among the final 11. He’d hang on for a while, though, long enough to see filfedra knock out Unkn0wn123 in 11th across the table.

Soon after that, Danzer would be all in against two players after the first draw. He’d stand pat throughout until Stroynowski bet Volpe out of the hand on the third draw after having taken one card on the first two rounds, then standing pat on the third. Stroynowski then showed the better Badugi — 8♣7♦5♥3♠ to Danzer’s Q♣9♦8♠2♥ — sending the German railward in 10th.

With Deeb still well in front, the final two tables played onward, one five-handed and the other four-handed. At one point both Fresh_oO_D and Jannick “EDWARDHOPPER” Wrang were all in on each table simultaneously, but both survived with Wrang having drawn a jack-high Badugi while Fresh_oO_D drew a 5♦4♥3♠A♣ to nip Chris “d0r1t0s” McClung’s 7♣6♥2♠A♦.

Eventually, Wrang was ground down again to less than three big bets, then was all in after the first draw versus Stroynowski. Wrang stood pat from the start with a jack-high Badugi, but Stroynowski had drawn to a 5♠4♥2♦A♣ by the first draw and EDWARDHOPPER finished ninth.

The final table was set.


Seat 1: filfedra (Czech Republic) — 7,320
Seat 2: Phil “Jackal69” Shaw (United Kingdom) — 15,260
Seat 3: MagicDeal (United Kingdom) — 19,050
Seat 4: Paul “paulgees81” Volpe (Canada) — 35,475
Seat 5: Chris “d0r1t0s” McClung (Canada) — 22,796
Seat 6: Stroynowski (Poland) — 48,784
Seat 7: Fresh_oO_D (Germany) — 28,376
Seat 8: Shaun “shaundeeb” Deeb (Mexico) — 57,939

As it would happen, the two destined to make it to heads-up play were both making return appearances to the SCOOP “High” event final table, as last year’s running of this event saw Volpe finish fifth (for $8,550) and Deeb seventh (for $5,130).

And enjoying the chip lead with eight to go, a record-extending sixth SCOOP watch seemed very possible for Deeb.


Shaun “shaundeeb” Deeb

Of course, while they’d reached the final table, they’d yet to make the money as only the top six finishers this year were getting paid.

MagicDeal vanishes in eighth

The final eight played past the 7-hour mark, with Fresh_oO_D grabbing a few pots to push ahead of Deeb briefly for the chip lead, only for Deeb to claim it right back. Then after play resumed it was Volpe moving up to take a small lead from Deeb.

Meanwhile MagicDeal had become the table’s short stack, and with the stakes 700/1,400 was down to just 4,350 when opening with a raise from the cutoff seat. Stroynowski called the raise from the big blind, both players drew one card, and Stroynowski check-called another bet from MagicDeal.

On the second draw Stroynowski drew one again while MagicDeal stood pat. Stroynowski checked once more, MagicDeal bet, Stroynowski check-raised, and MagicDeal called all in with the 850 remaining. Stroynowski then stood pat on the third draw, but MagicDeal decided to break the hand to draw a card.

Stroynowski showed 9♣8♥5♠A♦ for a 9-8-5-A Badugi while MagicDeal had but a 3-card with 7♦6♣3♠2♠ to go out in eighth.

filfedra falls shy of the cash in seventh

They’d push on for another half-hour, with Volpe moving into the top spot and Deeb remaining in second. Soon filfedra was down to just 1,940 and raising (to 1,600), picking up callers in both Phil “Jackal69” Shaw in the small blind and Volpe in the big blind.

On the first draw Shaw and filfedra both took two cards and Volpe three, then when checked to filfedra put in the last 340 and both opponents called. Shaw and filfedra then took one and Volpe two, and Shaw and Volpe checked. Finally Shaw took one and Volpe two again while filfedra stood pat, and when Shaw bet out Volpe folded.

Jackal69 then showed 7♥6♦2♣A♠ for a 7-high Badugi, better than filfedra’s J♣5♦2♠A♥. After more than seven-and-a-half hours of play filfedra had bubbled while the final six had made the money.

Jackal69 captured, sent railward in sixth

The stakes increased to 1,000/2,000, and Phil “Jackal69” Shaw soon raised from the small blind, leaving himself but 4,290 behind. Paul “paulgees81” Volpe called from the big blind, then Shaw took one card while Volpe drew two. Jackal69 bet, paulgees81 called, then the pair played out the same routine on the second draw with Shaw taking one and Volpe two.

Shaw bet again, Volpe raised this time, and Shaw called all in. Both players then took a single card on the third draw, then both showed they’d missed their Badugis. Volpe’s 7♥3♠2♥A♣ (a 3-2-A) beat Shaw’s 8♠6♦4♦2♣ (an 8-4-2), and Shaw was eliminated in sixth.

Deeb devours d0r1t0s’ chips, McClung out in fifth

Volpe continued to add to his stack, moving up over 110,000 — better than twice anyone else — while Chris “d0r1t0s” McClung slipped down to just 8,146 (a little over four big bets).

Then came a hand in which Shaun Deeb raised from UTG, d0r1t0s three-bet from the button, and Deeb called. The first draw saw Deeb take two cards and McClung stand pat, with Deeb then calling a bet. The second draw next saw Deeb take one and McClung continue to stand pat, then Deeb check-raising the latter’s bet. McClung reraised back for just 146 chips more, and Deeb called.

Finally on the third round when Deeb stood pat, McClung took to the chat box before deciding what to do.

d0r1t0s: lol
shaundeeb: 🙂 gg
d0r1t0s: easy life!
d0r1t0s: need miracle
shaundeeb: draw 3 or 4

McClung ended up drawing two cards, and when Deeb showed his 8♠7♣3♦A♥ (an 8-7-3-A Badugi), d0r1t0s showed his J♥9♦2♦A♣ before his avatar disappeared to signal his fifth-place finish.

Fresh_oO_D felted in fourth

A dozen hands later Fresh_oO_D capped the betting from the big blind against two opponents, and original raiser Deeb (UTG) and three-bettor Stroynowski (SB) both called the four bets. Fresh_oO_D would then stand pat for all three draws while Deeb and Stroynowski both took a single card on the first two rounds, then stood pat on the third.

Fresh_oO_D led with a bet after the first draw and both opponents called. Fresh_oO_D bet again after the second, Deeb called, Stroynowski raised (to 4,000), Fresh_oO_D reraised (to 6,000), Deeb folded, Stroynowski reraised again and Fresh_oO_D called all in with the last 576 left.

As mentioned, both stood pat on the last draw, with both having made Badugis. But Stroynowski’s 7♠4♣3♥2♦ topped Fresh_oO_D’s 10♥8♠6♦A♣ and they were down to three.

Stroynowski struck down in third

Volpe, Deeb, and Stroynowski battled onward, with the trio’s stacks gradually evening up, then Volpe again regaining the advantage while Stroynowski became the short stack. Volpe then continued to accumulate, mostly at the expense of Deeb, and before long Deeb was the short stack.

They reached the nine-hour break, with Volpe in front with 157,375, Stroynowski next with 59,210, and Deeb third with 18,415. Deeb turned things around, however, to add chips while Stroynowski slipped to third.

Then with the stakes at 1,400/2,800, Stroynowski raised from the button, Deeb three-bet from the small blind, Stroynowski capped it and Deeb called. Both players stood pat, then after Deeb check-raised Stroynowski the latter reraised all in and Deeb called.

Deeb continued to stand pat for the last two draws while Stroynowski broke to take one card on the second draw, then one again on the third. Deeb then showed K♠Q♥7♦6♣ for a king-high Badugi while Stroynowski only had 9♥4♠3♥A♦ to go out in third.

Volpe victor after denying Deeb

Heads-up play began with Paul “paulgees81” Volpe well ahead with 191,675 to Shaun “shaundeeb” Deeb’s 43,335. Deeb quickly began adding to his stack, however, and soon had climbed up over 100,000 to pull nearly even.

Volpe would push back to extend the lead once more, but Deeb then won a succession of pots to draw even again and soon grabbed the advantage himself. He’d push as high as 158,325 to Volpe’s 76,675, but the chips would then begin to flow back across the table to Volpe who rushed back in front. Meanwhile Deeb was peppering the match with chatbox commentary, including proposing they continue their battle in a heads-up cash game after the tourney’s completion.

After a while the pair were approaching the tourney’s 10-hour mark, their battle having reached 45 minutes. Finally Deeb was down to just 13,450 (less than five big bets) to Volpe’s 221,550. Then — on the 196th hand of heads-up play — the end finally arrived.

It began with Volpe raising (to 3,200) on the button, Deeb calling, then both drawing two cards. Deeb led with a bet, Volpe raised, and Deeb called. Both then drew one on the second round, and in this instance Deeb check-raised Volpe’s bet, leaving himself but 650 chips behind.

After both drew one card again on the final draw, Deeb bet his last chips and Volpe called. Their cards were revealed…

Deeb: 6♥5♣2♥A♠ (3-card: 5-2-A)
Volpe: 6♣3♦2♣A♥ (3-card: 3-2-A)

Both had missed their Badugis, but Volpe had ended with the best hand to claim the last of the five-time SCOOP winner’s chips.

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Both players took to Twitter soon after the match had completed:

@shaundeeb: ugh got 2nd in the badugi to @paulgees81 he played well just stopped making hands at the end

@paulgees81: @shaundeeb thanks shaun still wont accept that hu cash match. not yet at least.

Congratulations to Paul “paulgees81” Volpe who adds a SCOOP title to the long list of great live finishes he’s gathered over the last year. And let us recognize once more yet another great SCOOP performance from Shaun Deeb, perhaps providing an early indicator of his determination to defend that SCOOP Player of the Series crown.


Event #4-H winner Paul “paulgees81” Volpe

PokerStars 2013 SCOOP Event #4-H ($2,100 Badugi)

Players: 47
Prize pool: $94,000
Places paid: 6

1. Paul “paulgees81” Volpe (Canada) $34,780
2. Shaun “shaundeeb” Deeb (Mexico) $23,500
3. Stroynowski (Poland) $14,100
4. Fresh_oO_D (Germany) $9,400
5. Chris “d0r1t0s” McClung (Canada) $7,050
6. Phil “Jackal69” Shaw (United Kingdom) $5,170

Both Volpe and Deeb earned themselves some early points in that SCOOP Player of the Series race in this one. Find information about that race and more over at the SCOOP site.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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