SCOOP 2013: Yayoshow goes wire-to-wire on Day 2 to win Event #14-M ($109+R NLH Big Antes)

May 17, 2013

Everybody likes a little action and PokerStars delivered with their 2013 SCOOP $14-M NLH Rebuy Big Antes tournament. Antes were posted from the first hand and were bigger than standard structures. The added value of early levels brought out a large field of 1,534 who put more money in the prizepool with 2,184 rebuys and 1,240 add-ons. This $109 buy-in tournament had a $250,000 guarantee which was nearly doubled by the end of the rebuy period, finishing with $495,800 prizepool and more than $83,000 up top for the winner.

The large field, slow structured tournament was scheduled as a two-day event and play ended after Level 24 with just 60 players remaining. Yayoshow (1,217,904) held a relatively large chiplead when Day 2 began over vindog03 (579,632) sitting in 2nd. Team Online’s George “Jorj95” Lind (365,538) was the only PokerStars pro to take a stack onto Day 2 along with other notable including “Ozzy 87” Sheikh (428,507), Ryan “Tepen69” Tepen (423,426), Jordan “iMsoLucky0” Morgan (111,541) and former Sunday Million winner Dan “danloulou” Smyth (417,962).

The pace of play was much quicker on Day 2 than anticipated considering the relative stack sizes. It took just a few hours to break the tournament down to the final two tables and action stayed hot. One of the biggest hands of the tournament outside of the final table saw Ryan “Tepen69” Tepen eliminated short after being on the receiving end of a bad beat. Down from a high over 2,000,000 in chips, Tepen was part of a rare 3-way all-in with stacks these size. Unfortunately his 10♦10♣ was dominated by both A♦A♥ and J♦J♥. You can review the big 3-way action on the replayer below.

Players continued to drop at a brisk rate until poker legend was eliminated on the final table bubble when he pushed his short-stack in the middle with K♦Q♣ and was knocked out by Matt Bugley’s 10♣10♠ in 10th place for $4,164.72. Players began the final table with an average stack around 64 big blinds deep with Heartthrob10 holding a slight chiplead.


Final Table chip counts:

Seat 1: welsamvel (763294 in chips)
Seat 2: IcollectCar (1110996 in chips)
Seat 3: Yayoshow (2686484 in chips)
Seat 4: Heartthrob10 (3074362 in chips)
Seat 5: Sasuke234 (2142429 in chips)
Seat 6: Matt Bugley (1627800 in chips)
Seat 7: Bruno GT (2306179 in chips)
Seat 8: Carlito1983 (2991019 in chips)
Seat 9: vindog03 (651437 in chips)

Blinds: 15k/30k with 6k ante
Average: 1.93million (~64 BBs)

vindog03 goes from penthouse to outhouse, eliminated in 9th

vindog03 began Day 2 with enough chips to claim the second highest spot on the leaderboard but had a rough time after returning. A series of second best hands and bad beats brought the former big stack to the final table with the shortest stack of those nine. It only took one hand to get the final 558,437 chips in the middle with A♠10♠ but was dominated and eliminated by Bruno GT with A♦Q♠. vindog03’s run ends in 9th place for $5,106.74.

IcollectCar runs out of gas, eliminated in 8th place

IcollectCar was on the bad end of a big hand with plenty of chips in hand. Bruno GT min-raises from early position and was only called by IcollectCar to see a 4♠Q♦8♦ flop. After a series of post-flop raises they both had their chips in the middle with Bruno GT holding more chips.

Bruno GT showed A♦J♦ for the nut flush draw
IcollectCar showed A♣Q♠ for top pair top kicker

Bruno GT was behind but didn’t need to wait for the river to hit the draw when 2♦ hit the turn to make the river K♦ irrelevant. IcollectCar was eliminated in 8th place for $9,420,20.

welsamvel rivered in a big hand, eliminated in 7th place

welsamvel began the hand with the smallest stack of the 7 remaining but was still holding over 25 big blinds when Carlito1983 moved all-in after a three and four-bet. welsamvel easily called with A♦K♣ and was looking for a nice double up with Carlito1983 holdng only Q♣10♠. Luck was with the Russian right up until the dreaded river on a board which read 4♦J♣2♥8♠10♥. welsamvel will be disappointed with the 7th place finish but can be comforted with the $14,378.20 payday.

Matt Bugley loses steam, eliminated in 6th place

Matt Bugley was not having much luck at the final table and did not get any on the final table. Carlito1983 began the hand with a min-raise from UTG which was called my Yayoshow in middle position and Matt Bugley in the big blind. All three players check the 6♠8♦Q♥ but Matt Bugley decided to take a shot with the final 377,917 in chips after the 9♠ on the turn. Carlito1983 got out of the way but Yayoshow easily called with top pair Q♦10♦ leaving Matt Bugley drawing to the final aces in the deck holding A♥3♥. No miracle card on the river and Matt Bugley was eliminated in 6th place for $19,336.20.

Bruno GT heads off the course, eliminated in 5th place

Bruno GT had a rollercoaster of a time at the final table with a fluctuating stack throughout the night. There was a big battle of blinds after Bruno GT built back up over 1,000,000 in chips and could not double up with a dominating hand. After open-shoving for 1,351,360 from the small blind, had to be happy to see Carlito1983 call with an inferior hand.

Bruno GT in small blind: A♣K♠
Carlito1983 in big blind: A♥7♣

There was no joy for Bruno GT on the 9♦7♦2♥ and no miracle King on the turn 4♣ or river J♠. Bruno GT had a great ride but finishes the tournament in 5th place for $24,294.20.

Heartthrob10 heartbroken by Jacks, eliminated in 4th place

Heartthrob10 had been playing a pretty laid back final table, picking up a few pots with timely raises and some big hands. Once play became 4-handed the action began to heat up and it turned into another blind versus blind battle. Heartthrob10 open-shoved in the small blind for 1,766,904 and was instantly called by Sasuke234 in the big blind.

Heartthrob10 in small blind: A♣7♥
Sasuke234 in big blind: J♥J♣

The K♣10♥Q♥ flop was a little interesting but nothing big happened with the 5♦ turn or 4♠ river. Heartthrob10 was eliminated in 4th place for $33,714.40.

Carlito1983’s way is out raced, eliminated in 3rd place

Carlito1983 was one of the most active players at this final table and continued even as players were eliminated. Though technically the short-stack of the final three players, Carlito1983 was still sitting with over 40 big blinds and plenty of room to play. The elimination had occurred after a 3-handed raising lit fireworks with pre-flop aggression. Yayoshow open for a min-raise which was 3-bet to 475,000 by Sasuke234 followed by a 4-bet shove by Carlito1983 for 4,058,676. Yayoshow called the all-in while Sasuke234 got out of their way. When the cards were revealed they show the players were racing for a lot of chips.

Yayoshow: A♣K♦
Carlito1983: 9♣9♦

The 8♦3♠J♠ flop ran out clean for Carlito1983 along with the 3♣ leaving just a few outs to dodge on the river. Unfortunately for the entertaining German, the A♦ hit on the river to eliminate Carlito1983 in 3rd place for $45,861.50.

Yayoshow goes wire-to-wire on Day 2 to capture Event #14-M for $83,046.50

Picking up over 4,000,000 chips by eliminating Carlito1983 gave Yayoshow a 12-5 chiplead over Sasuke234 and it was used aggressively. Yayoshow one most of the major pots during heads-up play until Sasuke234 put in the last of their 3,674,846 in middle after a series of raises. Once again the final table would be decided with a coin flip but for all this chips this time.

Yayoshow: K♥Q♣
Sasuke234: 6♥6♣

Yayoshow picked up additional outs with the A♠J♣7♣ flop and finished it off by hitting the gutshot with the 10♠ on the turn for Broadway. Sasuke234 was eliminated in 2nd place for $60,735.50. Yayoshow put on a impressive performance throughout the day and handled adversity well to begin the day as the chiplead then carry it through to the end to be a Day 2 wire-to-wire SCOOP champion for $83,046.40.

PokerStars 2013 SCOOP Event #14-M ($109+Rebuys NLH Big Antes) results:

Players: 1,534 (2,184 rebuys/1,240 add-ons)
Prizepool: $495,800
Place paid: 198

1. Yayoshow (Canada) $83,046.50
2. Sasuke234 (Sweden) $60,735.50
3. Carlito1983 (Germany) $45,861.50
4. Heartthrob10 (Brazil) $33,714.40
5. Bruno GT (Brazil) $24,294.20
6. Matt Bugley (Canada) $19,336.20
7. welsamvel (Russia) $14,378.20
8. IcollectCar (Russia) $9,420,20
9. vindog03 (United Kingdom) $5,106.74


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