SCOOP 2013: Zenzor zaps the competition in Event #12-L ($27 NL 2-7 Draw)

May 17, 2013

There aren’t many forms of poker as pure as no-limit deuce-to-seven single draw. With two rounds of betting bookending the single draw, there’s a premium on knowing the value of your own hand and the tendencies of your opponents.

NL 2-7 Single Draw might be a bit slower than some of the other games on offer during SCOOP but that didn’t stop a decent crowd from showing up for Event #12-L. A total of 1,561 entrants put up the $27 entry, building a total prize pool worth $38,322.55 and leaving a $5,419.77 prize for the winner.

Team PokerStars Pro’s own George Danzer won the High version of this event tonight, and he actually made a run at this title as well. He eventually came up short in 38th place ($156.73), but it was an impressive run given the competition he was facing in that other tournament.

By 8:19 p.m. ET the blinds and antes were up to 10K/20K/5K and these seven players remained in contention:

SCOOP-12-L final table.jpg

Seat 1: FENOMENICO (877,930 in chips)
Seat 2: Philych_085 (2,568,399 in chips)
Seat 3: megabanny (617,992 in chips)
Seat 4: Tarzancev (829,661 in chips)
Seat 5: 24dpb (721,801 in chips)
Seat 6: Zenzor (1,044,390 in chips)
Seat 7: Zahed_May (1,144,827 in chips)

Even the short stacks weren’t in particular danger, suggesting that there would be quite a bit of play before anybody hit the rail. As it turned out that was exactly the case.

For the first 39 hands the seven finalists sparred with one another, with Canada’s Zenzor chipping up to 1.68M and both of the shortest stacks bleeding away. Finally, on hand 40, Portugal’s megabanny limped in from the small blind and Tarzancev of Russia moved all-in. megabanny made the call for 249K more and stood pat with J♦ 7♣ 3♦ 4♥ 5♦, while Tarzancev drew one card and turned up 8♣ 3♠ 10♥ 5♣ 2♦. The Russian player’s ten-high was good and megabanny left in 7th place ($648.03).

The next big confrontation came on Hand 56, with the blinds and antes at 17.5K/35K/8.75K. Zenzor opened the betting for a minimum raise to 70K and the action folded around to Philych_085 in the big blind. The Belarussian player put in a three-bet to 192.5K, and Zenzor made the call. Philych drew two cards, while Zenzor stood pat. Philych_085 checked, Zenzor bet 89.5K, and Philych_085 check-raised to 560K. Zenzor made the call but mucked after Philych_085 turned up 5♥ 6♥ 7♥ 2♣ 8♠ for an 8-7 low. That 1.575M-chip pot gave Philych_085 the lead and made the Belarussian player the first to cross the 3M mark.

Zenzor got most of those chips back 13 hands later after being dealt 6♣ 5♠ 2♥ 7♣ 4♥ before the draw and standing pat on that 7-6 low. Fellow Canadian Zahed_May drew one card to an 8-7 low and called Zenzor’s all-in three-bet after the draw. The 1.5M-chip pot went to Zenzor and Zahed_May’s stack was cut in half to just under 700K.

Bang-bang…and bang

Six hands later, after losing nearly 300K of those chips, Zahed_May moved all-in for 397K over the top of Zenzor’s opening min-raise to 80K. Philych_085 flat-called behind and stood pat after Zenzor got out of the way. Zahed_May drew one card and turned up 3♠ 5♣ 9♥ K♣ 2♣. The Canadian player couldn’t beat Philych_085’s ten-low with 2♦ 4♠ 9♦ 10♠ 6♥ and exited in 6th place ($862.64).

The pattern of long stretches between bustouts was broken just five hands later. Canada’s 24dpb opened the betting before the draw with an all-in move for 317K. Philych_085 drew one card, and 24dpb stood pat with 9♦ 10♦ 6♥ 7♣ 5♥ for a T-9 low.Philych_085 caught a good card, though, turning over 8♥ 7♦ 4♣ 10♠ 2♥ for a T-8 winner. Just like that 24dpb was gone in 5th place ($1,150.44).

Tarzancev was now the shortest stack with just 702K on the 20K/40K/10K level. The Russian player managed to chip back up to 1.05M over the next 20 hands, just ahead of fellow Russian FENOMENICO‘s 1.02M. They clashed before the draw on Hand 100, with FENOMENICO raising to 101K, Tarzancev jamming, and FENOMENICO making the call with the tournament on the line. Both players stood pat; FENOMENICO turned up 8♥ 4♥ 9♣ 5♣ 10♦ for a T-9 low, but Tarzancev’s 5♠ 4♣ 8♣ 9♥ 7♣ for a 9-8 was just a little better. With that FENOMENICO was busted in 4th place ($1,651.31).

A three-handed marathon

That left the remaining three players stacked like so on the 25K/50K/12.5K level:

Seat 2: Philych_085 (3,933,666 in chips)
Seat 4: Tarzancev (2,126,411 in chips)
Seat 6: Zenzor (1,744,923 in chips)

Once again the remaining players found themselves in a spot where nobody was under undue pressure. With plenty of room to maneuver, they all settled in for another long stretch of poker without any eliminations. Within 35 hands their stacks had all leveled out to within just eight big blinds of each other. Tarzancev actually managed to pull away from the competition for a bit but came crashing back to the middle of the pack with this hand:

RSS readers, please click through for replay

That was the first pot in a stretch where Philych_085 won 10 out of 14, chipping up to 4.25M with the blinds and antes up to 30K/60K/15K. Then Zenzor came roaring back, winning a 1.17M-chip pot from Philych_085 to draw a little closer to the lead. The three players’ chip stacks continued to fluctuate until about 25 hands later, when the blinds and antes were 40K/80K/20K and Philych_085 and Zenzor finally clashed in the biggest pot of the tournament.

All of the action on the key hand came before the draw. Zenzor opened for a minimum raise to 160K, leaving 2.98M behind, and Philych_085 three-bet to 440K. Zenzor then re-raised to 880K, to which Philych_085 responded with an all-in bet of 3.42M. Zenzor called for 2.24M more – and both players stood pat. Philych_085 turned up 6♥ 2♦ 9♠ 7♦ 3♥ for a 9-7 low, but Zenzor held 8♠ 2♣ 6♣ 4♠ 3♠ for an 8-6.

Zenzor now held a prohibitive chip lead over both opponents with 6.93M to Tarzancev’s 1.11M and Philych_085’s 293K. Philych_085 managed to double up a few times, and the rest of the pots went to Zenzor until Hand #203. Tarzancev opened the betting on that hand by moving all-in for 300K before the draw. Zenzor called and both players discarded one; Tarzancev showed down 6♦ 3♣ 2♦ 4♥ J♦ for a J-6 low, but Zenzor was better with 10♦ 7♠ 9♥ 5♣ 2♥ for a T-9. With that Tarzancev was gone in 3rd place ($2,622.41).

With 7.16M chips to Philych_085’s 635K, it didn’t take long for Zenzor to end the tournament. Three hands later, on Hand 206, Zenzor moved all-in before the draw and Philych_085 made the call for 535K. Zenzor stood pat on 6♠ J♣ 8♠ 5♠ 2♥ for a J-8 low. Philych_085 drew one card but came up short with 10♣ 6♦ 4♦ J♦ 3♦ for a J-T, bringing the proceedings to an end.

For finishing as the runner-up after a long and tough final table, Philych_085 took home $3,830.72 – the second-best score of the Belarussian player’s career. Zenzor, meanwhile, made up for a second-place finish back during TCOOP with $5,419.77, the champion’s watch, and entry into the annals of SCOOP winners.

SCOOP 2013 Event #12-L: $27 NL Single Draw 2-7
1,561 entrants
$38,322.55 prize pool
210 places paid

1st place: Zenzor (Canada) $5,419.77
2nd place: Philych_085 (Belarus) $3,830.72
3rd place: Tarzancev (Russia) $2,622.41
4th place: FENOMENICO (Russia) $1,651.31
5th place: 24dpb (Canada) $1,150.44
6th place: Zahed_May (Canada) $862.64
7th place: megabanny (Portugal) $648.03

Jason Kirk is a freelance contributor to PokerStars Blog.


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