SCOOP 2014: DestinoTrece surgically carves out competition to win Event #30-M $109 NL

May 15, 2014

Patience is a virtue. That’s probably a Japanese koan or a common quote mistakenly attributed to Shakespeare. Whomever came up with that pithy proverb must’ve been a poker player. Two-day events are the ultimate test of patience and resilience. Playing an online tournament is difficult enough, but maintaining a heightened level of intensity and consistency over multiple days is what separates the elite players from the morass of amateurs in the field. When the second day of SCOOP Event #30-M had reached its tenth hour, the final two players — DestinoTrece and LolS — were both exhausted and mentally drained. Yet, after a rigorous heads-up battle, Peru’s DestinoTrece came from behind to win it all.

Event #30-M $109 NL attracted 4,771 runners. They created a prize pool worth $477,100.00. The top 630 places paid out, with $74,850.31 set aside to the eventual champion.

Team Poker Stars Pros taking a shot at a SCOOP title in this two-day event included ElkY, Liv Boeree, Christian de Leon, Eugene Katchalov, Marcin Horecki, Andre Akkari, Angel Guillen, Matthias De Meulder, Bryan Huang, Max Lykov, and Natalie Hof. PokerStars Team Online at their grind stations for Event #30-M included nanonoko, frosty012, mement_mori, and nkeyno.

Four notables cashed… three PokerStars Team Pros and one Team Online: ElkY (137th), Christian de Leon (225th), nanonoko (481st), and Liv Boeree (571st).

SCOOP 30-M End Day 1 – Top 10 Chip Counts:
1. schmugg (Switzerland) 679,020
2. theczar19 (Mexico) 471,938
3. BlackBetyy71 (Canada) 426,319
4. M.Dud1koff (Georgia) 412,685
5. akalala (Denmark) 404,632
6. plspaythxbye (Ukraine) 404,282
7. llandrel (United Kingdom) 404,248
8. newkorea (Germany) 403,151
9. Marveloussss (Brazil) 374,019
10. Mt.Spewmore (United Kingdom) 360,389

Day 1 ended with 138 runners left in the hunt. Switzerland’s schmugg led the pack with 679K. ElkY was 121st in chips with approximately 61K, but he secured himself a cash. Team PokerStars Pro ElkY was the second player to bust on Day 2.

With ten to go, action went hand-for-hand on the final two tables (playing five-handed each). Shortstacked MAMOHT_T’s A♠8♣ lost to schmugg’s K♥2♦ and the board ran out K♣Q♦6♥4♣2♥. MAMOHT_T bubbled off the final table in tenth place. With nine to go, the final table was set.


SCOOP Event #30-M Final Table – Chip Counts:
Seat 1: Fernando PDF (2,426,025)
Seat 2: schmugg (693,605)
Seat 3: alejolb18 (1,373,916)
Seat 4: LolS (4,380,420)
Seat 5: Mr.Bittar (1,052,410)
Seat 6: pistache8888 (1,285,315)
Seat 7: Gags30 (3,886,242)
Seat 8: Kakalala (5,187,141)
Seat 9: DestinoTrece (3,569,926)

The final table commenced during Level 44 with blinds at 20K/40K and a 2K ante. Denmark’s Kakalala held the lead with 5.1M, while schmugg struggled with a short stack with under 700K.

Gags30 eliminated in 9th place

DestinoTrece min-raised to 100K, LolS bumped it up to 250K, Gags30 re-raised to 485,125, LolS made it 900K to go, Gags30 6-bet shoved for 2,821,667, and LolS called. Cooler time. Gags30 picked up Q♠Q♣ but he ran into LolS’s A♥A♦. The board finished up K♦10♦2♣7♣7♥ and LolS’s Aces held up. LolS seized the lead with 8M. Gags30 became the first player to bust at the final table. Ninth place paid out $3,816.80.

Fernando PDF eliminated in 8th place

LolS opened to 168K, Fernando PDF bombed it all-in for 968,400 with A♥K♥, and LolS called with A♣10♣. The board ran out 9♣8♣7♥J♦4♦. Fernando PDF’s Big Slick was picked off by LolS’ Jack-high straight. Fernando PDF busted out in eighth place, which paid out $5,963.75.

schmugg eliminated in 7th place

schmugg open-shoved for 436,230, LolS bumped it up to 802,460, and everyone else bailed. schmugg made a final stand with 8♦7♥ against LolS’s A♦Q♣. The board ran out 9♦6♥3♠A♥2♠. schmugg flopped an open-ended straight draw but whiffed on the river. LolS faded a straight draw and turned a pair of Aces to win the pot. schmugg went busto in seventh place, which paid out $10,734.75.

With six remaining… LolS was the lead with 7.3M, DestinoTrece sat in second with 6.3M, and Mr.Bittar was last with 823K.

alejolb18 eliminated in 6th place

Hey about another hand with Q-Q vs. A-A? pistache8888 min-raised to 160K, DestinoTrece bumped it up to 477,000, alejolb18 bombed it all-in for 1,318,276, pistache8888 re-shoved for 2,886,468, and DestinoTrece bailed. Heads-up. alejolb18 was in trouble with Q♠Q♣ against pistache8888’s A♣A♦. The board ran out J♥3♠2♠3♦K♦. For sixth place, alejolb18 collected $15,505.75.

With five to go, DestinoTrece was out in front with 11.7M, while Mr.Bittar was the shorty with 1.2M.

Kakalala eliminated in 5th place

Kakalala min-raised to 200K, DestinoTrece re-raised to 525K, Kakalala shoved for 2,322,657, and DestinoTrece called. DestinoTrece led with A♠K♥ against Kakalala’s A♥J♣. The board ran out Q♥10♣3♠8♣8♠. Both players flopped Broadway straight draws. Neither filled in, but DestinoTrece won the pot with a better kicker. Demark’s Kakalala busted out in fifth place, which paid out $20,276.75.

pistache8888 eliminated in 4th place

pistache8888 opened to 360K, Mr.Bittar bombed it all-in for 1,854,956, and pistache8888 called. Mr.Bittar trailed with 10♣10♠ versus pistache8888’s K♦K♣. The board ran out 10♦9♥8♠Q♥Q♣. pistache8888’s Kings were cracked when Mr.Bittar flopped a set of tens. pistache8888 turned a straight draw but whiffed on the river. Mr.Bittar won the pot with a full house, and pistache8888 was knocked out in fourth place, which paid out $26,956.15.

With three to go, DestinoTrece held a slim lead (10.3M to 10.1M) over LolS, while Mr.Bittar was the shorty with 3.3M.

Mr.Bittar eliminated in 3rd place

DestinoTrece min-raised to 240K and Mr.Bittar called. The flop was A♣A♠9♣. Mr.Bittar checked, DestinoTrece fired out 380K, and Mr.Bittar called. The 6♣ fell on the turn. Mr.Bittar check-called a 656,500 bet from DestinoTrece. The 2♦ spiked on the river. Mr.Bittar checked, DestinoTrece fired out 4,939,200, and Mr.Bittar called all-n for 1,754,296. Mr.Bittar flopped two pair with Q♠9♠, but DestinoTrece tabled A♥4♠ for trip Aces. Mr.Bittar was knocked out in third place, which paid out $39,360.75.

HEADS-UP: DestinoTrece (Peru) vs. LolS (United Kingdom)
Seat 4: LolS (14,503,504)
Seat 9: DestinoTrece (9,351,496)

With two to go, LolS held the lead, but blinds were creeping up.

LolS eliminated in 2nd place; DestinoTrece wins SCOOP Event #30-M!

DestinoTrece seized the lead and slowly chipped away at LolS. On the final hand… DestinoTrece min-raised to 280K, LolS re-raised to 700K, DestinoTrece four-bet to 13,120,000, and LolS called all-in for. LolS led with J♦J♣ versus DestinoTrece’s A♥8♦. The board ran out A♣7♣5♥9♦Q♦. DestinoTrece flopped an Ace to take the lead and LolS failed to improve beyond a pair of Jacks.

For a runner-up performance, LolS collected $55,582.15.

Congrats to DestinoTrece for winning Event #30-M, which paid out $74,850.31 for first place, plus a cool SCOOP champion’s watch.

View the final hand in the replayer:

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SCOOP-30-M: $109 NL Hold’em
Entrants: 4,771
Prize pool: $477,100.00
Places paid: 630

1. DestinoTrece (Peru) $74,850.31
2. LolS (United Kingdom) $55,582.15
3. Mr.Bittar (Brazil) $39,360.75
4. pistache8888 (Canada) $26,956.15
5. Kakalala (Denmark) $20,276.75
6. alejolb18 (Argentina) $15,505.75
7. schmugg (Switzerland) $10,734.75
8. Fernando PDF (Brazil) $5,963.75
9. Gags30 (Canada) $3,816.80

Visit the SCOOP homepage to view a schedule of remaining events and see who is in the running for Player of the Series.

Pauly McGuire is an author and freelance contributor to PokerStars Blog.


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