SCOOP 2015: 140314 zooooms to victory in Event 40-L ($27 NL Hold’em Turbo, Zoom)

May 23, 2015

The last tournament of the day offered players a quick way to make a buck. They could fire off Event 40-L late in the day and know they wouldn’t have to invest hours upon hours of play. The tournament combined the fast pace of Zoom poker with a quick turbo format to keep things moving.

The $27 buy-in tournament drew 8,307 players to the game and less than half of them were around when registration closed an hour after the start. The field was in the money by the second break with 1,080 getting paid and a very nice $30,585 up top for the winner.

The Zoom portion of the tournament stopped when just 27 players remained and they settled down on three tables for just a normal turbo-paced structure. Each break brought a new milestone in the tournament and the fourth put the field on the final table bubble. It didn’t take long before Puropoker123 was all-in versus unhÒoKed and A♥K♣ held against A♣10♦ to get them there.

2015 SCOOP 40-L Final Table.jpg

Final Table chip counts:

Seat 1: Mr.Andersen5 (3,078,516 in chips)
Seat 2: BinBangBang (3,479,792 in chips)
Seat 3: kristijan000 (2,635,447 in chips)
Seat 4: ThoNapalm (5,075,934 in chips)
Seat 5: unhÒoKed (11,056,768 in chips)
Seat 6: reeda205 (2,411,111 in chips)
Seat 7: Bjuran (3,869,001 in chips)
Seat 8: 140314 (8,486,826 in chips)
Seat 9: Elpatito55 (1,426,605 in chips)

Blinds: 100k/200k with 25k ante

Elpatito55 zooms out, eliminated in 9th

It took just three hands for the first big pot to build and it started when unhÒoKed opened for a min-raise and elpatito55 moved all-in from the button. unhÒoKed called with A♦9♦ which was way ahead of A♥4♥.

They both hit the A♠9♣4♦ but unhÒoKed did it better and stayed that way when the board finished 3♣ turn and 9♠ river. Elpatito55 was the first gone from the final table, out in 9th place for $1,579.

BinBangBang runs runs after Elpatito55, eliminated in 8th

In an odd display of patience at a Turbo Zoom final table, the second big hand in a row managed to make it to a turn before the chips went in the middle. ThoNapalm opened in early position to get BinBangBang and kristijan000 along in the blinds.

They all checked the J♠10♠3♦ flop and BinBangBang led out for 1,000,000 after the Q♦ turn. kristijan000 folded and ThoNaplam put BingBangBang all-in with A♠K♣. BinBangBang called with a set of Tens 10♣10♥ and needed the board to pair for a tournament saving double. The river 9♠ did not fit his needs and he was gone on the second hand of the final table, out in 8th place for $2,446.

kristijan000 makes it 3-for-3, elminated in 7th

Not to be outdone, kristijan000 put all their chips in the middle on the very next hand. It began with 140314 opened for a min-raise and kristijan000 shoved for less than 2 million with A♠J♦. 140314 called with A♣Q♣ and it was the second hand with big Aces facing each other.

Neither player connected with the 10♦7♥4♦K♣3♠ board and kristijan000 was gone on the heels of Elpatito55, eliminated in 8th place for $4,383.

It was three straight hands to start the final table with all-ins called and a player sent out the door.

reeda205 waits a lifetime, eliminated in 6th

Play seemed to slow down a bit at the final table but it was tough to go faster than three straight knockouts at the start of the final table. They played two orbits of six-handed action before reeda205 was at risk in a battle of the blinds.

He moved all-in for 4.5 million with Q♥2♥ and the move might have worked had Bjuran not been holding A♥9♠ in the big blind. He called the shove then hit the A♣J♠10♠. reeda205 had a chance for a miracle after the 2♣ turn but the blank 5♠ river ended his day in 6th place for $6,319.

ThoNapalm gets coolered, eliminated in 5th

It was ThoNapalm’s turn to get frisky in the blinds and his hand looked good at the short-handed table. unhÒoKed opened the action under the gun and ThoNapalm shoved from the big blind with J♥J♦.

Odds were good the Jacks would be ahead at this point but unhÒoKed quickly called with K♣K♦ to put ThoNapalm at risk. There was no saving Jack as the board ran out all low 9♥7♦5♥4♦3♣ to send ThoNapalm out in 5th place for $8,358.

Mr.Andersen5 can’t dodge tens, eliminated in 4th

Mr.Andersen5 found himself with a very short stack and he was forced all-in from the small blind after losing an 11 million chip pot to unhÒoKed. It was unhÒoKed who again put him at risk with A♦10♥ against the no-choice 8♠6♣.

unhÒoKed hit the 10♣5♣5♥ flop before Mr.Andersen5 picked up an open-ended straight draw on the 7♠ turn. No love when the river J♠ dropped and Mr.Andersen5 was out in 4th place for $10,804.

Bjuran shown the door, eliminated in 3rd

The last three players took their time feeling each other out as small pots were traded around the table. The few shoves which happened were never called until Bjuran tried again from the button with A♠5♦.

140314 called from the big blind with 7♥7♣ leaving Bjuran with only one over card. The 10♦9♣3♦ didn’t help Bjuran then he was gone in 3rd when after the 3♥ turn and 6♦ river. He earned $16,309 for a few hours work, not too shabby.

Seat 5: unhÒoKed (12,257,630 in chips)
Seat 8: 140314 (29,262,370 in chips)
Blinds: 400k/800k with 100k ante

140314 has the right number to win Event 40-L

140314 had a nice lead at the start of heads up play but unhÒoKed doubled early to make things more interesting. At a final table that saw seven players eliminated in 30 minutes, the last two players took 38 hands to crown a winner.

The deciding hand began with 140314 limping on the button before unhÒoKed shoved all-in with 5♣5♥. 140314 called with A♠9♠ to set up a race for the title. unhÒoKed stayed alive on the K♠4♣4♦ flop but fell behind after the A♥ turn. There was no saving card on the 3♥ river and unhÒoKed finished in the runner-up position for $22,500.

140314 had a nice run at the end to pick up the first major victory of his career. The SCOOP title earned him more than $30,000 along with a very nice custom watch to commemorate the win.

SCOOP 40-L: $27 NL Hold’em (Turbo, Zoom)
Entrants: 8,304
Prize pool: $203,863.20
Places paid: 1,080

1. 140314 (Russia) $30,585.15
2. unhÒoKed (Germany) $22,500.38
3. Bjuran (Sweden) $16,309.05
4. Mr.Andersen5 (Ukraine) $10,804.74
5. ThoNapalm (Croatia) $8,358.39
6. reeda205 (Czech Republic) $6,319.75
7. kristijan000 (Montenegro $4,383.05
8. BinBangBang (Finland) $2,446.35
9. Elpatito5 (Portugal) $1,579.93


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