SCOOP 2015: Bluf_To_Much slaughters HORSE field to win Event #39-M ($215 HORSE)

May 23, 2015

Moldova’s Bluf_To_Much sat atop such a monstrous big-stack that the mere sight of it made opponents tremble in fear. Once the final table began, it was essentially a race for second place in SCOOP Event #39-M. Bluf_To_Much did not squander the colossal lead and went wire-to-wire. Bluf_To_Much annihilated the final table and liquidated five opponents en route to a relatively easy-breezy victory in Event #39-M.

2015 SCOOP Event #39-M $82 HORSE attracted 921 runners. They created a prize pool worth $69,075, which nearly tripled the original guarantee. Only the top 120 places paid out with $12,779.28 set aside to the eventual winner.

Team PokerStars Pro Jason Mercier is in the middle of a scorching hot online run over the last week and a half. Mercier began the day atop of the SCOOP Leader Board, buoyed by five final tables and 18 cashes. Mercier secured another cash today with a 76th finish in Event #39-M.

With 16 to go on the final two tables, Iceland’s 10jacker held the lead with 750K. Bluf_To_Much (Moldova) took over the lead with 13 to go. 10jacker tumbled to the back of the pack with 11 to go, but rallied to get back into contention.

MaxErosAmore bubbled off the final table in ninth place. During a round of Stud, short-stacked MaxErosAmore tried to make a move with Q♠5♣K♣8♠9♠9♦10♥ against Vovan7778’s 5♥8♥8♦3♦10♣3♥K♦. Vivan7778’s two pair beat out MaxErosAmore’s pair of nines. MaxErosAmore was dunzo in ninth and the final table was set.


SCOOP 39-M – Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: Asurius (488,000)
Seat 2: 10jacker (644,342)
Seat 3: Vovan7778 (469,424)
Seat 4: Gambler4444 (361,148)
Seat 5: 2mark (521,461)
Seat 6: KingoFLOPlay (508,096)
Seat 7: Bluf_To_Much (985,384)
Seat 8: boahgerding (627,145)

The final table commenced during Limit Stud and Level 54 with 20K/40K stakes and a 4K ante. HORSE featured 10-minute levels. They cycled through every five levels. Big-stacked Bluf_To_Much was closing in on 1M, while short-stacked Gambler4444 held 361K. Gambler4444 won SCOOP event #34-M the day before and final tabled Event #37-M. Gambler4444 also shipped the Sunday Million. This was boahgerding’s second final table this SCOOP (Event #1-M).

Vovan7778 eliminated in 8th place

The final table played out more than half of a cycle before someone busted. During a round of Omaha Hi/Lo… Asurius opened to 60,000, Vovan7778 three-bet to 90,000, 2mark called, and Asurius called. Three-way. The flop was J♦3♠3♦. Asurius checked, Vovan7778 moved all-in for 9,424, 2mark raised to 30,000, and Asurius folded. Heads-up.

Vovan7778: A♠A♦J♠4♥
2mark: A♣9♠5♥3♥

The turn was the K♣ and the river was the 4♣. Without a qualifying low, 2mark won the pot with trip treys versus Vovan7778’s two pair (Aces up). Vovan7778 became the first player to exit the final table. Eighth place paid out $1,036.12.

boahgerding eliminated in 7th place

During a round of Stud… short-stacked boahgerding bit the dust. boahgerding had 377,290 going into the fateful hand against monster-stacked Bluf_To_Much. boahgerding was all-in in on the river…

Bluf_To_Much: Q♣Q♥2♦6♦10♣5♠Q♠
boahgerding: J♣K♦J♦K♣A♠8♥7♣

boahgerding picked up two pair by 4th street, but Bluf_To_Much rivered trip Queens to win the pot. Germany’s boahgerding was knocked out in seventh place, which paid out $1,554.18.

10jacker eliminated in 6th place

During a round of Stud Hi/Lo… short-stacked 10jacker was all-in on 6th street against KingoFLOPlay….

10jacker: 3♦8♠6♣4♦9♠5♠J♥
KingoFLOPlay: A♦2♥5♦5♥2♣4♠7♣

10jacker could only muster up Jack-high and a 8-6-5-4-3 low. KingoFLOPlay scooped with two pair and a 7-5-4-2-A low. Iceland’s 10jacker busted in sixth place and took home $2,417.62. With five remaining, Bluf_To_Much retained the lead with 2M, and 2mark was last with 272K.

KingoFLOPlay eliminated in 5th place

Another short stack bit the dust. During a round of Limit Hold’em… KingoFLOPlay moved all-in for 72,948, Bluf_To_Much raised to 100,000, and Asurius called 50,000. Three-way. The flop was K♠Q♠3♣. Bluf_To_Much bets 50,000, and Asurius called. The turn was the 8♠. Bluf_To_Much bet 100,000 Asurius folded. Heads-up.

Bluf_To_Much: Q♥3♠
KingoFLOPlay: 2♣2♠

The river was the J♣. KingoFLOPlay’s pair of deuces lost to Bluf_To_Much’s two pair — Queens and treys. KingoFLOPlay went busto in fifth place, which paid out $3,453.75. Bluf_To_Much went on a massive surge and chipped up to 3.6M, or 80% of the remaining chips in play.

Asurius eliminated in 4th place

During a round of Limit Hold’em… Bluf_To_Much opened to 100,000, and short-stacked Asurius called all-in for 30,408 with A♦4♣. Bluf_To_Much was ahead with Q♣Q♠. The board finished up 4♠6♣3♣8♦9♠. Asurius hit the flop with a pair of fours, but never improved beyond that. Bluf_To_Much’s pocket Queens held up to win the pot. Asurius was dunzo in fourth place, which paid out $5,180.62.

2mark eliminated in 3rd place

We saw a bustout on the next hand. During a round of Limit Hold’em, yet another casualty… 2mark opened to 100,000, Bluf_To_Much raised to 1.5M, 2mark raised all-in for 198,480, and Bluf_To_Much called.

2mark: K♠9♠
Bluf_To_Much: Q♣8♦

The board ran out 8♥7♣4♦2♦Q♦. 2mark never improved beyond King-high. Bluf_To_Much won the pot with two pair. For a third-place finish, 2mark took home $6,907.50.

HEADS-UP: Gambler4444 (Austria) vs. Bluf_To_Much (Moldova)
Seat 4: Gambler4444 (222,888)
Seat 7: Bluf_To_Much (4,382,112)

Bluf_To_Much held a mammoth-sized lead. Heads-up lasted only 20 hands. Gambler4444 could not get anything going.

Gambler4444 eliminated in 2nd place; Bluf_To_Much wins SCOOP Event #39-M!

During a round of Omaha Hi/Lo… Gambler4444 raised to 100,000 and Bluf_To_Much called. The flop was A♣10♥5♥. Bluf_To_Much checked, Gambler4444 bet 50,000, Bluf_To_Much check-raised to 100,000, and Gambler4444 called all-in for 41,208.

Bluf_To_Much: 9♣8♥5♠4♦
Gambler4444: Q♦8♦7♠3♥

The turn was the A♠ and the river was the 9♦. Without a qualifying low, Gambler4444 never improved and lost to Bluf_To_Much’s two pair. Gambler4444 missed a chance to win a second SCOOP title this week. For a second-place finish,  Gambler4444 earned $8,986.65.

Congrats to Bluf_To_Much for winning SCOOP Event #39-M. First place paid out $12,779.28, plus a cool champion’s watch courtesy of Movado.

Entrants: 921
Prize Pool: $69,075
Places Paid: 120

1. Bluf_To_Much (Moldova)  $12,779.28
2. Gambler4444 (Austria) $8,986.65
3. 2mark (Germany) $6,907.50
4. Asurius (Russia) $5,180.62
5. KingoFLOPlay (Canada)  $3,453.75
6. 10jacker (Iceland) $2,417.62
7. boahgerding (Germany) $1,554.18
8. Vovan7778 (Russia) $1,036.12

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Pauly McGuire is an author and freelance contributor to PokerStars Blog.


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