SCOOP 2015: doofus86 does it, wins #38-M, $92K ($215 NLHE, 1R1A)

May 23, 2015

Hailing from tiny Malta, doofus86 became the latest 2015 SCOOP champion this afternoon after beating out a big field of 1,170 in Event #38-M, a two-day $215 no-limit hold’em event (with rebuy/add-on options). doofus86 took away a nice first prize of $92,44.56 for this one, and here’s the story of how doofus86 did it.


Day 1

That big field took 704 rebuys and 804 add-ons, building a big prize pool of $535,600 that crushed the event’s $300K guarantee. The top 153 finishers got to split those riches.

Day 1 saw players push through 26 levels lasting 20 minutes apiece, with the field consequently being carved down to just 83 players. Poland’s Jaroslaw “husajn54” Sikora was the overnight leader after having built a stack of nearly half a million chips.


Jaroslaw “husajn54” Sikora
Meanwhile the Italian Mustapha “lasagnaaammm” Kanit (playing from the U.K.) was next in line in second position to start Day 2.


Mustapha “lasagnaaammm” Kanit
Here’s how the top of the leaderboard appeared to begin Saturday’s second day of play:

1. Jaroslaw “husajn54” Sikora (Poland) — 494,812
2. Mustapha “lasagnaaammm” Kanit (United Kingdom) — 459,072
3. AAngelODeath (Germany) — 446,483
4. kunkles28 (Mexico) — 379,103
5. Fukuruku (Ukraine) — 353,762
6. mikimiki88 (Poland) — 319,222
7. 7.045.pptY (Denmark) — 314,750
8. qbgoose (Canada) — 302,144
9. yhsimplicio (Brazil) — 297,036
10. hordanp (Belarus) — 285,296

Others still in the hunt included Pascal “pistecaloze” Vos (in 15th position), Team PokerStars Pro Online member Mickey “mement_mori” Petersen (25th), Peter “twirlpro” Turmezy (30th), Jon “apestyles” van Fleet (44th), Georgios “GeoManousos” Sotiropoulos (55th), Kenny “SpaceyFCB” Hallaert (57th), Amit “AMAK316” Makhija (58th), Christopher “NigDawG” Brammer (75th), and Bryan “bparis” Paris (76th).

Day 2

It would take nearly three-and-a-half hours for the 83 returners to play down to the final two tables, with gifuhorna rising to the top of the counts during that period by building a stack of more than 2 million. Meanwhile both start-of-day leaders Jaroslaw “husajn54” Sikora (25th, $2,249.52) and Mustapha “lasagnaaammm” Kanit (28th, $1,981.72) would be among the fallen by then, as was Team PokerStars Pro Online member Mickey “mement_mori” Petersen (36th, $1,981.72).

Over the next hour-and-a-half nine more would hit the rail, with vitinhorrn15 (18th), BarnyStinsen (17th), and Amadi_017 (16th) the first out with each earning $2,624.44. uknowProsky* (15th), kunkles28 (14th), and beastishungry (13th) were the next to go, picking up $3,695.64 apiece. Then zumbii (12th), Bunkervogel8 (11th), and after a long stretch of hand-for-hand i need sheet (10th) were successively eliminated, with those three each cashing for $4,766.84.

With doofus86 the new chip leader having built a stack of more than 2.6 million, the final table was underway.


Seat 1: gifuhorna (Finland) — 1,815,229
Seat 2: Pascal “pistecaloze” Vos (Netherlands) — 583,897
Seat 3: Peter “twirlpro” Turmezy (Hungary) — 1,965,526
Seat 4: doofus86 (Malta) — 2,647,493
Seat 5: yhsimplicio (Brazil) — 1,404,157
Seat 6: but_flush (Netherlands) — 882,854
Seat 7: Fabrice “rsca03” Halleux (Belgium) — 1,221,222
Seat 8: JamoDaKing69 (Finland) — 1,917,512
Seat 9: Amit “AMAK316” Makhija (Canada) — 952,110

They had crossed the five-hour mark of Day 2 when the first final table elimination came.

The blinds were 25,000/50,000 with a 6,250 ante, and after Fabrice “rsca03” Halleux raised to 61,890 from the hijack seat, JamoDaKing69 reraised to 265,357 from the next spot and it folded back around. Halleux then jammed for just under 950,000 total, and JamoDaKing69 was quick with the call.

Halleux had J♦J♠ and JamoDaKing69 A♣K♥. The Q♣6♠7♠ flop was okay for the Belgian, but the K♠ fell on the turn to put JamoDaKing69 in front. Fifth street brought the 4♦, and Halleux was done in ninth.


Fabrice “rsca03” Halleux
Just a few minutes later JamoDaKing69 was getting involved again, this time opening from UTG for 132,000 (just over 2x), then watching Pascal “pistecaloze” Vos reraise push for almost 780,000 from the hijack. It folded back to JamoDaKing69 who called, turning over 9♦9♣ while Vos showed A♥Q♥. The flop came 2♥7♥9♠, giving JamoDaKing69 a set but Vos a flush draw. The turn was the 8♦ and river the 5♦, meaning JamoDaKing69’s set had held and Vos was eliminated in eighth.


Pascal “pistecaloze” Vos
About 10 minutes passed, then yhsimplicio open-pushed from early position for just under 625,000 with 8♣8♦, but_flush called all in for just over 490,000 from a seat over with 7♠7♥, then the board came A♦2♠6♣K♦9♠ to send but_flush railward in seventh. That’s two SCOOP final tables for but_flush this series after taking ninth in Event #20-H ($2,100 NLHE).

The stakes increased to 40,000/80,000/10,000, then a hand arose that saw chip leader doofus86 limp from the small blind, yhsimplicio shove from the big blind for about 770,000, and doofus86 call. yhsimplicio had 10♣9♣ and discovered doofus86 had limped with Q♠Q♥. The 5♥Q♣6♠ flop made a set for doofus86, and after the A♥ turn yhsimplicio was drawing dead to finish in sixth — one spot better than the seventh-place finish yhsimplicio notched in Event #33-L ($27 NLHE).

They reached the day’s six-hour mark, by which point JamoDaKing69 enjoyed the chip lead with nearly 5.3 million, doofus86 and Peter “twirlpro” Turmezy were next with about half that amount, and Amit “AMAK316” Makhija and gifuhorna were the short stacks.

About five minutes later doofus86 open-raised to 205,045 (a little over 2x) from the cutoff, gifuhorna shoved for about 855,000 from the big blind, and doofus86 called. gifuhorna had A♦10♠ but was dominated by doofus86’s A♥Q♥, and after the K♠7♦4♥5♦4♣ runout they were down to four.

Moments later JamoDaKing69 pushed all in from the small blind with 4♥4♠, then Amit “AMAK316” Makhija called all in for about 1.56 million from the big blind (about 15-and-a-half BBs) with A♥K♦. The board came jack-high — 5♣8♥J♥3♠6♥ — and Makhija hit the virtual rail in fourth.


Amit “AMAK316” Makhija
With JamoDaKing69 in front with about 7.36 million, doofus86 next with just under 3.48 million, and Peter “twirlpro” Turmezy third with almost 2.55 million, play was paused for a deal discussion. With Team PokerStars Pro Online member Liliya “Liay5” Novikova helping facilitate proceedings, here’s how that discussion went:

liay5 (TeamOnline): ICM number coming up
HostSebastiP (Administrator): JamoDaKing69:$75,616.81
HostSebastiP (Administrator): doofus86:$66,197.11
HostSebastiP (Administrator): twirlpro:$62,462.64
HostSebastiP (Administrator): Left To Play for place 1: $6,000.00
liay5 (TeamOnline): If everyone agree please type “I agree”
twirlpro: i need 64k
JamoDaKing69: doofus will u give it to him
doofus86: HAHAHA
doofus86: good one
doofus86: i specialise handed
doofus86: im going to need alot more
doofus86: three*
JamoDaKing69: pff
doofus86: you’ll have enough to dish around
JamoDaKing69: i specialiaze at lottery
doofus86: hehehe
twirlpro: sorry to be a paing guys but i am the most experienced mtt player left, i have bunch of big titles under my belt and i am confident in my game
JamoDaKing69: dont doubt dat
JamoDaKing69: ok so lets play
JamoDaKing69: gl guys?
doofus86: ok lets play then.
twirlpro: ok gl
liay5 (TeamOnline): game wil resume
liay5 (TeamOnline): gl
JamoDaKing69: cheers

Just a few hands later the blinds were 60,000/120,000 when Peter “twirlpro” Turmezy made it 290,000 to go from the small blind, doofus86 shoved all in from the next seat, and Turmezy called all in for about 2.42 million total. Turmezy had J♦J♣ while doofus86 had K♦9♦, then the K♥2♣7♣ flop swung the advantage doofus86’s way. The turn was the 4♣ and river the 8♠, and twirlpro had to settle for third-place prize money.

That hand moved doofus86 into the chip lead to start heads-up play with about 7.33 million to JamoDaKing69’s almost 6.06 million. The pair pushed back and forth for a while, then JamoDaKing69 cruised ahead building up over 11 million to the 2.3 million or so of doofus86.

It was then a preflop all-in situation pitting doofus86’s A♠4♣ versus JamoDaKing69’s 8♣8♥ occurred. The eights held through the turn, but the A♦ landed on the river to save doofus86. Then two hands doofus86 won another big pot to claim the lead. Some time after that doofus86 was up close to 9.7 million versus the 3.7 million of JamoDaKing69 when the final hand took place.

With the blinds at 80,000/160,000, JamoDaKing69 limped in from the button, doofus86 pushed all in, and JamoDaKing69 called to be at risk. JamoDaKing69 had A♥J♠ and the advantage against doofus86’s A♠4♦, but ace-four proved JamoDaKing69’s undoing again as the flop came 4♥8♠3♦, then after the 9♣ turn and 10♦ river it was over — doofus86 had won.

JamoDaKing69’s eighth cash of the series was a big one. But doofus86 earns the final congratulations for winning the SCOOP watch for Event #38-M.

SCOOP 38-M: $215 NL Hold’em (1R1A)
Total entries: 1,170 (704 rebuys, 804 add-ons)
Prize pool: $535.600.00
Places paid: 153

1. doofus86 (Malta) $92,44.56
2. JamoDaKing69 (Finland) $66,950.00
3. Peter “twirlpro” Turmezy (Hungary) $50,882.00
4. Amit “AMAK316” Makhija (Canada) $37,277.76
5. gifuhorna (Finland) $26,512.20
6. yhsimplicio (Brazil) $21,156.20
7. but_flush (Netherlands) $15,800.20
8. Pascal “pistecaloze” Vos (Netherlands) $10,444.20
9. Fabrice “rsca03” Halleux (Belgium) $5,891.60

We’re just one day away from the three Main Events of the 2015 Spring Championship of Online Poker (Event #45), with buy-ins of $109 (the “L”), $1,050 (the “M”), and $10,300 (the “H”). See the 2015 SCOOP homepage for further details.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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