SCOOP 2015: frost3ggg coming through loud and clear

May 21, 2015


Sometimes, even when you admit to only speaking a little English, the sheer joy of winning an event like a SCOOP event means the message gets across loud and clear regardless. Take frost3ggg for example, winner of Event 24-L and a first prize of $50,981.

“I will not hide, it was the biggest success in my career for today, i am incredibly lucky.”

As is often the case frost3ggg was playing the event in the same routine way he played other events.

“It was a simple day, nothing special. In my opinion scoop is very interesting series, many tournaments with rather deep structure and huge amount of poker amateurs, that’s cool!”

But it wasn’t luck so much as an all-round solid performance, one good enough to outmanoeuvre the likes of Dan “judgedredd13” Charlton and Newfiemon_99 when it mattered. It was also small justification for his decision several months ago to quit the job at the bank to turn pro and pursue the lifestyle he wanted, swapping an office for the basic.

“Usual chair, usual table, one screen. Some fruits, water, and a lot of coffee and sweets!”

Now the 25 year old from Russia will get back to the task in hand. No big celebrations planned, with the exception for a few gifts for friends. If there’s one thing professional players share it is the sense that there is too much SCOOP left to play to get distracted. Did he tell anyone when he won his title?

No. He went straight to bed.

Congratulation to Frost3ggg on a first SCOOP win. Now back to work.

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.


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