SCOOP 2015: hendu99 cruises to the title in Event 36-L ($11 NL Hold’em Progressive Super-Knockout)

May 23, 2015

The final weekend of the 2015 Spring Championship of Online Poker is upon us with a bucket load of big tournaments on the schedule. Thursday brought up a big series of events which drew huge crowds to the virtual felt.

Event 36-L was the low buy-in version of a No Limit Hold’em Progressive Super-Knockout tournament that attracted nearly 25,000 players who had extra incentives to knock each other out. Half and half and half was the formula. Half the buy-in went to the regular prize pool and half went into the bounty prize pool. Then half of each player’s bounty went into their pocket while the other half went on their own head.

That is the progressive part of the structure.

Bounty numbers quickly climb to change strategy at the table when it’s possible to bust a player to put yourself on a freeroll. The final player count peaked at 23,555 entrants putting up $11 to create a total prize pool of $235,550. The last 3,150 of them made the money with $11,793 up top for the winner.

The field was cut by a third before the registration period ended with just 198 sticking around until for the end of Day 1 after Level 32. MILLIONCHIC had the distinct honor of making the most money without getting a piece of the regular prize pool, the Russian finished a distant 9,605th but racked up $50 in bounties.

2015 SCOOP 36-L Day 2 Counts.jpg

Georgian David7770 was the chip leader when they paused play and they returned after an overnight break. David7770 couldn’t hold onto many of those chips and lost a cool million in the first 30 minutes. The tournament progressed slower than expected but the 50 big blind average stack might have countered the aggro-fueled bounty action.

The stacks began to shrink but play still crawled as they approached the final table bubble. Hand-for-hand action didn’t take too many rounds but they were taking their time making decisions. They finally got there when barrakao shoved all-in for under 2 million with K♣9♥ and SeXy_ELdo reshoved with K♥J♦ to knock him out and set the final table.

2015 SCOOP 36-L Final Table.jpg

Final Table chip counts:

Seat 1: vorobeyka7 (5,145,123 in chips)
Seat 2: hendu99 (17,088,366 in chips)
Seat 3: playP-N (3,018,698 in chips)
Seat 4: lokki186 (31,333,105 in chips)
Seat 5: hatekrot (12,242,336 in chips)
Seat 6: grunn17 (3,977,322 in chips)
Seat 7: Poiiison (4,480,892 in chips)
Seat 8: 21Maxim06 (8,807,629 in chips)
Seat 9: SeXy_ELdo (31,681,529 in chips)

Blinds: 300k/600k with 75k ante

Early double bounty collection sends two players out

It was slow going building up to the final table and they went six hands before fireworks were lit to get a lot of chips in the middle. It started when lokki186 min-raised from early position and Poiiison shoved for 3,130,892.

To make things really interesting, 21Maxim06 moved all-in over the top for 7,457,629 which could have been seen as a isolation move. It might have worked if lokki186 wasn’t holding a monster.

lokki186: K♠K♥
21Maxim06: J♣J♠
Poiiison: 7♥7♣

A tough hand at a full table and the Kings never had a sweat on the Q♠10♥4♦3♠A♣ board to give lokki186 the huge pot and two more bounties. Poiiison was awarded 9th place for $706 and 21Maxim06 was given $1,059 for 8th place.

vorobeyka7 calls with short stack, eliminated in 7th

vorobeyka7 was able to climb a few spots on the payout ladder while watching his stack get in a position to cause little trouble for opponents. vorobeyka7 was left with just four big blinds with one of them in the current big blind when SeXy_ELdo shoved from the small blind with 10♥6♣.

With little other choice, vorobeyka7 called with 10♠5♥ and needed help for the win or chop. SeXy_ELdo hit the 6♠4♥3♥ flop but vorobeyka7 added an open-ended straight draw. The 5♣ turn gave him a few more outs but the blank J♠ sent him out in 7th place for $1,654.

grunn17 outkicked, eliminated in 6th

grunn17 had his turn at the bottom of the chip counts with five remaining and took a shot with an open-shove for just 3,254,644. hendu99 looked him up from the small blind with K♠Q♦ and was looking good against K♣9♠.

They both hit top pair on the K♦J♠7♠ flop but grunn17 needed to catch something special to stay in the game. The 4♠ turn and 10♣ didn’t help and his King was outkicked to send him packing in 6th place for $2,355.

playP-N’s ducks can’t win race, eliminated in 5th

Pocket deuces must have looked pretty in the big blind at the five-handed final table and playP-N moved all-in for over 8,000,000 after a SeXy_ELdo open from the button. It was a pretty quick call from SeXy_ELdo with K♥J♠ to set up a race against 2♣2♦.

The race was short as SeXy_ELdo hit immediately on the K♣7♦4♥ flop. playP-N had two outs twice but it ran a dry A♣8♦ to eliminate him in 5th place for $3,533.

hatekrot hates straights, eliminated in 4th

Just four hands later and hatekrot tried to buck the trend of knockouts instead of double ups. Action folded to lokki186 in the small blind and he shoved with K♠Q♣ and hatekrot played along in big blind with K♦7♥.

Another short stack was dominated and he never came close to catching up as the board ran 10♦6♦4♣J♣A♣ to go out while lokki186 hit Broadway on the river. hatekrot earned $4,711 for 4th place along with $464 in bounties.

Seat 2: hendu99 (31,356,020 in chips)
Seat 4: lokki186 (37,666,422 in chips)
Seat 9: SeXy_ELdo (48,752,558 in chips)
Blinds: 500k/1m with 125k ante

lokki186 can’t avenge bad beat, eliminated in 3rd

It took the tournament getting down to three players before the stacks were deep enough to slow them down. hendu99, SeXy_ELdo, and lokki186 battled it out for 40 minutes with no one getting a big advantage until lokki186 dropped a little behind.

lokki186 still had plenty of chips and three-bet shoved them all with A♦2♣ after hendu99 raised it up. It was an easy call with 10♣10♥ to put lokki186 in deep trouble. It was almost locked up on the 10♠6♠2♥ flop then lokki186 was drawing dead to 3rd place after the 10♦ turn gave hendu99 quad Tens.

Seat 2: hendu99 (83,203,397 in chips)
Seat 9: SeXy_ELdo (34,571,603 in chips)
Blinds: 700k/1.4m with 175k ante

hendu99 crushed late to win Event 36-L title

hendu99 had a comfy lead but the tournament still ended quickly when they both picked up big Aces. The battle could have lasted a long time but it was just the second hand of heads up play and three bets to get all the chips in middle.

hendu99: A♥K♦
SeXy_ELdo: A♠Q♦

It was a big cooler for big money and they both hit top pair on the A♣J♦8♠ flop. Each added a gutshot draw on the 10♠ turn but SeXy_ELdo needed it to stay alive while hendu99 was looking to dodge. The tournament ended on the drama-free 2♠ river to send SeXy_ELdo out in 2nd place for $8,751.

This was a major victory for hendu99 who added $11,793 to his bankroll for the SCOOP title along with a whopping $2,090 in bounty money. He conquered a five-digit field to win Event 36-L over two long days of action.

SCOOP 36-L: $11 NL Hold’em (Progressive Super-Knockout)
Entrants: 23,555
Prize pool: $235,550
Places paid: 3,150

1. hendu99 (Canada) $11,793.48 + $2,090.87 in bounties
2. SeXy_ELdo (Russia) $8,751.86 + $1,310.10 in bounties
3. lokki186 (Finland) $5,888.75 + $1,611.04 in bounties
4. katekrot (Belarus) $4,711.00 + $464.35 in bounties
5. playP-N (Netherlands) $3,533.25 + $308.40 in bounties
6. grunn17 (Netherlands) $2,355.50 + $122.01 in bounties
7. vorobeyka7 (Lithuania) $1,654.73 + $492.01 in bounties
8. 21Maxim06 (Russia) $1,059.97 + $659.48 in bounties
9. Poiiison (Ukraine) $706.65 + 187.67 in bounties


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