SCOOP 2015: Luke “lb6121” Schwartz grabs 2nd of series, 4th overall in #40-M ($215 NLHE Turbo Zoom)

May 22, 2015

It was definitely fast, though not necessarily furious. In truth, it happened so fast it was hard to register the emotions of those involved.

We speak of Event #40-M, the $215 buy-in version of the no-limit hold’em “turbo” Zoom tournament that saw a huge field of 2,324 take mere hours to play down to a winner — the U.K.’s Luke “lb6121” Schwartz who won his second SCOOP title of the series and fourth overall.


Luke “lb6121” Schwartz
That huge turnout meant a prize pool of $464,800 — way over the $300K guarantee — with the top 306 finishers dividing the loot. Toward the latter half of the tournament’s second hour they were already in the money, and by the three-hour mark they were down to 21 players. Soon three more eliminations came and with just two tables left Diego “Mr.Bittar” Bittar of Brazil topped the counts after having just pushed past the 1.5 million-chip mark.

Soon Mr.Smits (18th), zandpad1 (17th), and mic223 (16th) were sent railward, picking up $1,859.20 apiece. Naslund44 (15th), punisher03 (14th), and BigDC89 (13th) followed, each earning $2,556.40. Then deivid29 (12th), Jakobus1989 (11th), and keronpa (10th) went out, taking away $3,253.60 each for not quite making the final table.

Just three-and-a-half hours into the tournament and with Bittar still the chip leader with close to 2.6 million, the final table was underway.


Seat 1: Jens “Fresh_Oo_D” Lakemeier (Germany) — 710,451
Seat 2: holtekila (Norway) — 805,552
Seat 3: Zihuatanejo3 (Russia) — 369,116
Seat 4: Danny “DannyN13” Noseworthy (Canada) — 453,896
Seat 5: Jon “apestyles” van Fleet (Canada) — 1,646,209
Seat 6: Luke “lb6121” Schwartz (United Kingdom) — 1,851,654
Seat 7: sap_br0 (Russia) — 1,893,254 in chips)
Seat 8: Diego “Mr.Bittar” Bittar (Brazil) — 2,579,814
Seat 9: Riverbanged (United Kingdom) — 1,310,054

On the very first hand of the final table, Jens “Fresh_Oo_D” Lakemeier min-raised to 80,000 from middle position, then holtekila three-bet to 188,885 from a seat over. It folded back around and Lakemeier pushed all in for a little over 700,000 and holtekila called right away.

Lakemeier had K♥K♠ but had run into holtekila’s A♠A♣. The flop then dramatically landed K♦Q♣Q♠, and after the Q♦ turn it looked like Lakemeier was going to survive with the better full house. But the A♦ stunningly completed the board, giving holtekila the better hand and ending Lakemeier’s tournament in ninth.

Just five hands later, holtekila open-pushed all in from the small blind and Zihuatanejo3 called all in from the big blind for just over 280,000 (not quite six big blinds). holtekila had 9♠7♣ and was behind Zihuatanejo3’s A♠6♦, but the J♣3♠2♦7♠6♥ board gave holtekila the better pair and knocked Zihuatanejo3 out in eighth.

Three hands after that knockout came another after Danny “DannyN13” Noseworthy open-shoved from the cutoff for just under 380,000 (a bit more than 6 BBs) with 10♣9♣, Jon “apestyles” van Fleet called from the button with 4♥4♦, and a 4♠J♣A♣K♥6♦ runout gave van Fleet a set and sent Noseworthy out in seventh.


Danny “DannyN13” Noseworthy
A short while later the blinds were 40,000/80,000 when Riverbanged open-pushed for about 1.05 million from UTG, Luke “lb6121” Schwartz reraise-pushed from the button for more, and the blinds stepped aside. It was 4♠4♣ for Riverbanged who needed help against Schwartz’s J♥J♣, but the board rolled out Q♥K♠K♦6♠6♣ and Riverbanged fell in sixth.

The remaining five made it to the break that came at the tourney’s four-hour mark, and just a few hands later holtekila open-pushed from the UTG for just under 600,000 (just over 4 BBs), then sap_br0 reraised all in from the small blind to isolate. holtekila had A♥Q♦ while sap_br0 had K♥K♣. The community cards came 10♣J♠5♦10♥7♠, and holtekila was done in fifth.

Four hands after that one it was sap_br0 pushing all in for nearly 2 million from the small blind, then Diego “Mr.Bittar” Bittar called for about 1.34 million from the big blind. sap_br0 had K♣6♦ and Bittar 4♠4♣, and while the 7♣J♦8♦ flop and 9♣ turn were okay for Bittar, the K♠ river wasn’t as it gave sap_br0 the better pair and sent Bittar packing in fourth.

The final three played on a couple minutes more then paused the tournament to discuss a possible chop, with Jon “apestyles” van Fleet leading with about 5.25 million, sap_br0 second with about 3.36 million, and Luke “lb6121” Schwartz third with just over 3 million even.

“I usually prefer gambling so not interested unless I get more than ICM,” typed van Fleet just before those “ICM”-based figures were produced (leaving $6,000 for which to play). Indeed van Fleet asked for a little more, Schwartz typed “I’m not coming off my number,” and sap_br0 likewise declined giving up anything, so play was resumed.

Soon enough van Fleet had slipped back to become the shortest of the three, then a hand arose that saw van Fleet open-shoving from the small blind for about 2.32 million (about 11.5 BBs) and Schwartz snap-called from a seat over. Schwartz had K♥K♣ and the big edge over van Fleet’s Q♠7♦, and five cards later — A♦5♦6♣7♥10♦ — van Fleet was done in third.


Jon “apestyles” van Fleet
That hand gave Schwartz a big edge to start heads-up play with almost 8.5 million to sap_br0’s just over 3.1 million. A half-dozen hands later Schwartz had chipped up a little further when sap_br0 open-raised all in for about 2.3 million from the button and Schwartz called.

lb6121: 10♣10♥
sap_br0: 8♠5♥

Once more Schwartz had a pocket pair that ranked higher than either of his opponent’s unpaired hole cards. The 9♣J♣3♠7♣7♥ board missed sap_br0 altogether, and Schwartz had won.

Congratulations to Luke “lb6121” Schwartz for blitzing through a field of 2,324 players in less than four-and-a-half hours to win SCOOP #40-M, the watch, and a cool $74,368 first prize. The win comes just days after Schwartz’s triumph in Event #27-H ($1,050 PL 5-Card Omaha Hi/Lo 6-Max) and as noted marks his fourth career SCOOP title.


Luke “lb6121” Schwartz
SCOOP 40-M: $215 NL Hold’em (Turbo, Zoom)
Total entries: 2,324
Prize pool: $464,800.00
Places paid: 306

1. Luke “lb6121” Schwartz (United Kingdom) $74,368.00
2. sap_br0 (Russia) $55,776.00
3. Jon “apestyles” van Fleet (Canada) $40,484.08
4. Diego “Mr.Bittar” Bittar (Brazil) $27,888.00
5. holtekila (Norway) $20,916.00
6. Riverbanged (United Kingdom) $16,268.00
7. Danny “DannyN13” Noseworthy (Canada) $11,620.00
8. Zihuatanejo3 (Russia) $7,901.60
9. Jens “Fresh_Oo_D” Lakemeier (Germany) $4,183.20

There’s still a weekend packed with events left to go in the 2015 Spring Championship of Online Poker. Check the 2015 SCOOP homepage for all the details.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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