SCOOP 2015: Myrmo “locomi” Espen on the powers of National Day Run Good

May 22, 2015


myrmo_espen_scoop.jpgAmong the SCOOP Class of 2015: Myrmo Espen
By the time the Spring Championship of Online Poker comes to an end this weekend they’ll have been 138 winners. Easy to think that they all blend into one, but we like to think that SCOOP remains the place where players can make a name for themselves, and each winner is worthy of a hat-tip. Players like Espen “locomi” Myrmo, from Norway.

Myrmo won Event 24-M last week, picking up a payday worth $237,874.92, the kind of money that will bring a young player the essentials: a bankroll and a roof over his head.

It’s also cause to be pretty happy about things, and Myrmo’s enthusiasm on this front seeped through the email he sent. I started by asking what it was like to finish as well as he did. The answer set the tempo for the rest of the interview.

“It was completely insane, especially after binking third in that Omaha turbo the day earlier,” he said. “I had trouble believing it when I saw those two and three outers fly around like snow in mid-April Trondheim at the end there. Very happy with the way I played too, and it was great fun to play a final table this big!”

It proved to be a pretty big day. May 17, the day he won his title, is a National Day in Norway, with celebrations, parades and the usual celebrations that go with that sort of thing. That kicked off a memorable day for Myrmo who then came home and registered for the evening tournaments. That’s when he discovered some National Day run good.

“I final tabled like 2/6 tournaments I regged that day. Also was accompanied by the extraordinary Norwegian scoop grinder Mikal12345 on the FT which was awesome, although he’s not a player I like to have at my tables!”

Despite the rungood, Myrmo was facing a new pressure that meant keeping his cool against some of the best in the game, and for a serious amount of money. Did he have trouble staying focused at the right time?

“It was easy to stay focused. Calm though, not so much.”

With his wife railing him throughout the excitement took its toll. How many SCOOP winners would admit to accidentally hitting the power off switch with their knee as they celebrated a river card? Well, now at least one.

“Luckily I only had 93-off, so no biggie.”

Myrmo learned poker as a boy, with that familiar story of playing with his grandfather for pennies (“we went to the bank to get heaps of coins”). Back then it was five card draw. Hold’em followed as he got older. It’s a game that his family has enjoyed in some form another, including his father, who watched every step of his son’s win on the virtual rail from his home in New Zealand.

What he watched could be called something along the lines of the poker’s player’s dream — a revitalised bankroll and a few lifestyle perks that might suit a 27-year-old who got married last summer. Myrmo plans on a trip. Vegas, and the World Series, might just prove the perfect destination.

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.


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