SCOOP 2015: paromology powers through Event #12-L ($7.50 NLHE Ante Up)

May 14, 2015

There’s no waiting around with rising antes.

For two days, paromology fought off rising tides to become the ante up champion. In that time, a field of 11,779 players was reduced to just one.

After being one of the 35 players to survive day 1, paromology fought through ups and downs at the final table and overcame a chip deficit heads up to become the champion.

For the win, paromology earned $9,617.06 and the title of SCOOP champion.

Aside from paromology, a total of 1,530 players got a slice of the $80,332.78 prize pool.

But the real money was up top, with the final nine.

The final table


Seat 1: kozikoa – 5,679,703
Seat 2: MadAgenda – 299,665
Seat 3: gusmaa – 21,053,397
Seat 4: mateuniooo30 – 698,750
Seat 5: Pokerchess – 2,625,022
Seat 6: SamrCR – 4,062,094
Seat 7: emmanuts – 8,864,387
Seat 8: paromology – 10,561,210
Seat 9: otup sajief – 5,050,772

The final table started with an 80,000 ante and we got our first elimination on the second hand.

paromology limped from the hijack and MadAgenda moved all-in for 139,660 from the small blind. paromology called and showed 3♣3♠ to MadAgenda’s A♠10♥.

The 3♦J♦6♥ gave paromology a set and a 6♣ came on the turn to leave MadAgenda drawing dead.

The 4♥ completed the board and paromology chipped up to 10.06 million while MadAgenda won $506.09 for finishing 9th.

Three hands later, MadAgenda got some company on the virtual rail.

After a few limps, gusmaa raised to 275,455 from the hijack and mateuniooo30 moved all-in for 298,735.

otup sajief re-raised to 974,185, gusmaa re-shoved for 20 million and otup sajief folded.

mateuniooo30 turned over K♣10♠ and gusmaa was in the lead with A♣Q♠. The 6♦Q♦A♥ flop fell heavily in gusmaa’s favor and mateuniooo30 paired his king when the K♥ came on the turn.

Then the 5♣ completed the board and mateuniooo30 was out.

mateuniooo30 won $806.32 for the finish while gusmaa’s lead grew to 22.57 million.

The ante increased to 90,000 and paromology cracked queens with 6♠5♠ to bring the tournament down to six players.

paromology raised to 235,000 from early position and SamCR re-raised to 716,020 from the big blind. paromology called and the flop came J♥6♣8♣.

SamCR moved all-in for 2.45 million and paromology called. SamCR showed Q♥Q♠ while paromology tabled 6♠5♠.

SamCR was in the lead until a 5♣ fell on the river.

paromology chipped up to 10.94 million while SamCR got a $1,606.65 payday for finishing 7th.

Double doubles

So far, every all-in and call ended in an elimination.

Porkerchess decided to break the trend with 10♦7♦. Porkechess moved all-in for 2.01 million and paromology called.

paromology had 4♦4♠ and Porkechess showed 10♦7♦ for a flip.

The K♦K♠7♠ flop gave Porkechess the better two pair and the 10♣ on the turn improved it even more.

The river brought a 2♦ and Porkechess doubled to 4.73 million while paromology dropped to 6.97 million.

Then paromology got a double up.

gusmaa raised to 271,322 from under-the-gun and emmanuts re-raised to 713,254. paromology moved all-in for 6.47 million and only emmanuts called.

paromology: Q♣Q♦
emmanuts: A♠K♣

There was 9♣7♥10♦J♠2♣ board and another double up.

Back to business

The table was done with double ups for a while.

The hand after paromology’s double up, up sajief moved all-in for 1.98 million from the button and gusmaa called from the big blind.

otup sajief showed Q♥9♣ and gusmaa was in the lead with A♣7♣.

gusmaa hit an ace on the A♥2♠8♥3♥6♠ board and the final table shrunk again.

otup sajief won $2,409.98 for finishing 6th and gusmaa’s lead grew to 29.03 million.

A few hands later, gusmaa raised to 222,422 from under-the-gun and Porkechess moved all-in for 4.14 million.

kozikoa called all-in for 4.05 million with A♥Q♣ but was dominated by Porkechess’s A♦K♥. There was a K♣8♠4♠J♣7♦ board and kozikoa was out.

kozikoa won $3,213.31 for finishing 5th while Pokerchess chipped up to 8.91 million.

gusmaa’s demise

gusmaa had the chip lead since the start of the final table and when play got four-handed, he had more than half the chips in play.

Then he was the next one out.

It was a slow demise at first, gusmaa’s 29 million lead was slowly being hacked away 1 million at a time.

Then, when gusmaa was down to 20 million, he lost a big chunk to Porkechess. gusmaa raised to 245,000 from under-the-gun and Porkechess re-raised to 599,999 from the button.

gusmaa called, the flop came 7♦J♥10♥ and Porkechess bet 900,004 when checked to. gusmaa called and a 5♠ fell on the turn.

gusmaa check-called a 1.6 million bet and a 10♠ completed the board.

Porkechess moved all-in and took down the pot.

gusmaa was down to 16.48 million and dropped to 13.72 million before moving all-in.

The ante was up to 175,000 and gusmaa raised to 245,210 from under-the-gun. Porkechess three-bet to 699,999 and emmanuts re-raised to 1.66 million. gusmaa threw in a five-bet to 3.52 million, Porkechess folded and emmanuts moved all-in for 18.41 million.

We had another flip when emmanuts turned over 10♥10♣ to gusmaa’s A♦K♦.

gusmaa’s final board read 4♠J♥7♥4♦Q♠ and we were down to our final three players.

gusmaa won $4,016.63 for finishing 4th and emmanuts took a massive lead with 32.53 million.

Then we got heads-up.

paromology raised to 500,000 from the small blind and Porkechess moved all-in for 7,446,374.

paromology called and showed K♥10♠ to Porkechess’s 6♠6♣.

paromology connected well on the J♣10♥K♦9♦3♦ board and Porkechess was out.

Porkechess won $5,623.29 for finishing third and the tournament went heads up.

Heads up

paromology: 24,767,317
emmanuts: 34,127,683

After a few hands, players struck a deal. emmanuts was up to 34.82 million and paromology was at 24.01 million.

This guaranteed players the following amount:

paromology: $9,117.06
emmanuts: $9,600.60

This also left $500 and the title of SCOOP champion for first.
It’s a title paromology took after doubling up and knocking out emmanuts.

emmanuts raised to 350,000 and paromology called. The flop came 7♥10♠6♠ and emmanuts bet 559,000 when checked to. paromology called and the 2♣ came on the turn.

emmanuts bet 1.33 million and paromology raised to 4.99 million. emmanuts called and the river brought a 5♥. paromology moved all-in for 10.15 million and emmanuts called.

emmanuts showed 10♦9♥ for top pair while paromology tabled 9♣8♠ for the nut straight.

Three hands later, paromology raised to 600,015 and emmanuts three-bet to 1.90 million. paromology moved all-in and emmanuts called.

paromology: K♦8♦
emmanuts: A♠Q♠

The final board of the tournament read 10♦J♣J♦7♦2♥ and emmanuts won the agreed-upon $9,600.60.

This made paromology the newest SCOOP champion, a title that came with a $9,617.06 payday.

SCOOP-12-L: $7.50 No-Limit Hold’em (Ante Up)
Entrants: 11,779
Prize pool: $80,332.78
Places paid:1,530

1. paromology (Canada) *$9,617.06
2. emmanuts (Argentina) *$9,600.60
3. Porkechess (Argentina) $5,623.29
4. gusmaa (Brazil) $4,016.63
5. kozikoa (Poland) $3,213.31
6. otup sajief (Portugal) $2,409.98
7. SamCR (Czech Republic) $1,606.65
8. mateunioo30 (Ireland) $803.32
9. MadAgenda (Mexico) $506.09

That’s it for event #12-L. For more SCOOP information –including a full schedule and satellites to each event– check out the SCOOP homepage.


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