SCOOP 2015: tnapoleao zips through Zoom field in Event #25-L ($27 Pot-Limit Omaha [6-Max, Turbo, Zoom])

May 18, 2015

Brazil has always been one of the great football nations and is quickly evolving into one of the great poker nations as well. Brazilians have won 23 SCOOP watches, six of them in the last eight days. Two of the country’s marquee footballers, Ronaldo and Neymar Jr., have even crossed over to our game and serve as ambassadors as members of Team PokerStars SportStars. Tonight, tnapoleao represented Brazil at a tough final table that included 2011 WCOOP bracelet winner iwonthurtyou and three-time WCOOP champion Mikal “mikal12345” Blomlie. Although tnapoleao hadn’t captured a ‘COOP title, he did finish runner-up in the Sunday Warm-Up and win it outright in a six-week period in late 2013. And tonight, he shook that monkey off his back, winning a SCOOP watch and $15,000.00 in Event #25-L.

4,223 players entered Event #25-L, creating a $103,674.65 prize pool. 540 places were paid, with first place set to earn $15,812.65.

Owing to the zippy Turbo Zoom format, the field was down to its final seven players in three hours and forty minutes. With the blinds up to 125,000/250,000, iwonthurtyou opened for 875,000, MisterTilt8 moved all-in for 905,502 on the button, mikal12345 shoved for 1,140,138 from the small blind, and iwonthurtyou called.

iwonthurtyou K♦K♥9♥7♣
MisterTilt8 10♦10♣5♦5♠
mikal12345 A♦A♥Q♥2♠

MisterTilt8 took the lead when the flop came down 9♠6♥5♣, giving him a set of fives. He kept it when the J♣ turned, but iwonthurtyou spiked a bigger set on the river when the K♠ fell. The shorter stack to start the hand, MisterTilt8 took seventh place, while mikal12345 was eliminated in sixth.


Final table chip counts

Seat 1: tissy26 (4,141,512 in chips)
Seat 2: tnapoleao (3,780,963 in chips)
Seat 3: RubentjePl (2,071,375 in chips)
Seat 4: pollico_25 (3,003,415 in chips)
Seat 5: iwonthurtyou (8,117,735 in chips)

Within five minutes, the final table lost another player. The blinds jumped to 150,000/300,000 and RubentjePl opened for 1.05 million with A♦8♦5♣3♦. The action folded around to tissy26, who three-bet to 3.3 million from the big blind with A♥Q♥J♥J♠, and RubentjePl called all-in. Tissy26 made trip queens on the Q♠Q♣4♦K♥9♠ board and RubentjePl hit the rail in fifth place.

Tnapoleao got a boost by doubling through iwonthurtyou. All the money went in preflop, and tnapoleao’s 10♦10♠9♠9♦ rivered a set of nines against iwonthurtyou’s A♠K♠4♠4♣ to take the chip lead with 8.95 million. Five hands later, pollico_25 opened for 1.5 million and iwonthurt you three-bet to 4.5 million from the big blind. Pollico_25 called all-in and the cards went on their backs.

pollico_25 A♥K♠6♦2♥
iwonthurtyou J♥J♦5♠3♠

Iwonthurtyou turned two pair, jacks and tens, on the 10♥8♠3♦10♦4♦ board, ending pollico_25’s run in fourth place.

Ten hands later, iwonthurtyou opened for 1,000,000 on the button an tnapoleao called from the big blind. The flop came down 10♠8♥4♠ and tnapoleao checked to iwonthurtyou, who bet 2.25 million. Tnpaoleao raised all-in for 4.39 million with Q♠10♣7♠4♣ for tens and four and iwonthurtyou called with A♦Q♦J♣J♥. The 10♦ turn made tnapoleao tens full and he doubled to 11 million when the river fell the inconsequential 3♦.

On the next deal, tnapoleao opened for 1.8 million from the small blind and iwonthurtyou moved all-in for 3.11 million. Tnapoleao called, his K♥K♣10♥3♥ leading iwonthurtyou’s A♣Q♦7♠3♠. The 9♥6♣2♥8♥4♣ board made tnapoleao a king-high flush and iwonthurtyou went out in third place.

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 1: tissy26 (6,975,848 in chips)
Seat 2: tnapoleao (14,139,152 in chips)

Before heads-up play began, tissy26 and tnapoleao agreed to pause the action and discuss a potential deal. Final table host Roy “GodlikeRoy” Bhasin provided the chip chop figures, which awarded $13,783.44 to tnapoleao and $12,433.42 to tissy26. However, tnapoleo had other ideas.

tnapoleao: i want 14200 and play for 1k
tnapoleao: what do you say tissy?
tissy26: i give u 14 k, play for1k
tnapoleao: alright i’ll take it

With a deal in place, it took only eight more hands to find a champion. The blinds were up to 300,000/600,000 when tissy26 limped in and tnapoleao raised to 1.8 million. Tissy26 called and the flop fell 8♦6♥6♠. Tnapoleao bet 3.3 million, tissy26 moved all-in for 5.48 million, and tnapoleao called.

tissy26 K♦10♦7♣7♠
tnapoleao A♠J♦8♠5♠

Although both players flopped two pair, tnapoleao turned eights full of sixes with the 8♥. The river was the J♣ and tnapoleao locked up his first SCOOP title

Congratulations to Brazil’s tnapoleao! He banked an even $15,000.00 for the win while runner-up tissy26 earned $12,216.86.

SCOOP 25-L: $27 Pot-Limit Omaha [6-Max, Turbo, Zoom]
Entrants: 4,223
Prizepool: $103,674.65
Places paid 540

1. tnapoleao (Brazil) $15,000.00*
2. tissy26 (Germany) $12,216.86*
3. iwonthurtyou (Russia) $8,397.64
4. pollico_25 (United Kingdom) $5,442.91
5. RubentjePI (Netherlands) $3,110.23
6. Mikal “mikal12345” Blomlie (Norway) $1,783.20

*= denotes a heads-up deal that left $1,000 in play for the winner


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