SCOOP 2016: Aaralynn runs through the field in Event #10-L ($11 NLHE)

May 11, 2016

You’re not supposed to celebrate until the river, but sometimes you’re unbeatable after the flop.

Aaralynn started the final table with the chip lead, dealt the first eliminaiton and never looked back. Then, in the last hand of the tournament, the Mexican player hit a full house on the flop to win the title.

Event #10-L was Aaralynn’s first SCOOP title and it came with a $19,359 payday. It was the largest slice of the $154,800 prize pool. While Aaralynn made quick work of the final table, it took two days to play down from 15,480 entries to a champion.

The final table


Seat 1: Heretic66688 — 9,795,070
Seat 2: chabby36 — 20,741,100
Seat 3: Aaralynn — 26,295,252
Seat 4: yarin517 — 14,761,392
Seat 5: Jindujun0805 — 14,276,280
Seat 6: Timunim — 20,608,686
Seat 7: oLLEternal — 22,872,623
Seat 8: xiaofeyu — 19,041,837
Seat 9: picacocolon — 6,407,760

In the first final table elimination, Timunim raised to 1.3 million from early position and xiaofeyu called from middle position. Aaralynn made it 4.7 million from the small blind and only Timunim called.

The flop came 10♠3♣Q♣ and Timunim bet 4.2 million. Aaralynn raised to 20 million and Timunim called all-in. Aaralynn showed J♣8♣ for a flush and inside-straight draws while Timunim turned over A♥Q♠ for top pair.

Aaralynn didn’t hit the flush, but a 9♥ came on the river to give our champion a straight.

Timunim won $928.80 for finishing 9th while Aaralynn’s lead grew to 56.0 million.

The final table shrunk again two hands later.

picacocolon moved all-in for 7.3 million from early position and Jindujun0805 rejammed from the small blind. The big blind folded and players raced for the 15.7 million-chip pot.

Jindujun0805: 9♥9♦
picacocolon: A♥Q♥

The board ran 5♣4♠K♥6♠5♠ and Jindujun0805 took the pot while picacocolon finished 8th and cashed for $1,393.20.

Back and forth

Then Aaralynn scored another elimination.

Heretic66688 moved all-in from the cutoff for 4.9 million and Aaralyn called. Heretic66688 showed J♠10♠ and was far behind Aaralynn’s J♦J♣.

The 6♠7♦Q♠10♦4♥ board didn’t bring Heretic66688 enough help and the player from Belarus finished 7th ($2,709.00).

Then the elimination baton went back Jindujun0805.

xiaofeyu moved all-in for 4.7 million from under-the-gun and Jindujun0805 was the only caller. xiaofeyu tabled 8♥7♥ while Jindujun0805 showed pocket queens. xiaofeyo hit a seven on the turn, but it wasn’t enough to take down queens. Jindujun0805 chipped up to 24.9 million while xiaofeyu got a $4,179.60 payday for finishing 6th.

Then oLLEternal joined the gang of eliminators.

yarin517 raised to 2.0 million from the button and oLLEternal called from the big blind. The flop came 7♦K♠7♣ and yarin517 bet another 2 million when checked to. oLLEternal raised to 4 million and yarin517 moved all-in for 7.3 million.

oLLEternal called and showed K♦J♦ to yarin517’s K♠5♠. oLLEternal’s jacks were in the lead and they took down the pot after an A♥ and 5♦ completed the board. oLLEternal’s stack rose to 35.6 million while yarin517 won $5,727.60 for finishing 5th.

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Joining the club

chabby36 was the only remaining player without an elimination, but a set of nines quickly changed that.

Aaralynn minraised from under-the-gun and Jindujun0805 moved all-in for 10.3 million. chabby36 reshoved from the big blind and Aaralynn folded.

chabby36: 9♦9♠
Jindujun0805: K♠Q♠

The 6♥8♠9♥A♥K♣ board paired Jindujun0805’s king, but it gave chabby36 a third nine. chabby36 jumped to third in chips with 44.6 million while Jindujun0805’s 4th place finish gave the German player a $7,275.60 payday.

Those chips didn’t last Jindujun0805 very long though.

Aaralynn raised to 3 million four hands later and chabby36 moved all-in for 40.2 million. Aaralynn snap-called with A♦A♠ while chabby36 showed A♣10♣. The 5♠3♣9♣ flop gave chabby36 a flush draw, but the 8♥ on the turn and 6♠ on the river didn’t complete it.

chabby36 won $10,371.60 for the 3rd place finish while Aaralynn took a massive lead.

Heads up

Aaralynn — 126,195,485
oLLEternal — 28,604,515

oLLEternal won some pots early on but couldn’t score a double up or hold onto the momentum. Aaralynn took those chips back and then some.

Players then starting moving all-in and folding, waiting for the final showdown.

Aaralynn moved all-in one last time with A♦9♣ and oLLeternal called with K♦Q♦.

Things had been going Aaralynn’s way throughout the final table and the A♠9♥9♠ flop was a testament to that. oLLEternal was left drawing dead after the flop and won $13,514.04 for finishing 2nd.

This made Aaralynn the Event #10-L champion. It’s Aaralynn’s first SCOOP title, which came with a $19,359.00 payday.

SCOOP-10-L ($11 NLHE) results
Entrants: 15,480
Total prize pool: $154,800
Places paid: 2,025

1. Aaralynn (Mexico) $19,359.00
2. oLLEternal (Russia) $13,514.04
3. chabby36 (United Kingdom) $10,371.60
4. Jindujun0805 (Germany) $7,275.60
5. yarin517 (Isreael) $5,727.60
6. xiaofeyo (China) $4,179.60
7. Heretic66688 (Belarus) $2,709.00
8. Picacocolon (Venezuela) $1,393.20
9. Timunim (Brazil) $928.80

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