SCOOP 2016: Awesome day for Dhr. Awesome in Event #9-M ($82 NLH/PLO 6-Max)

May 11, 2016

Through the first few days of this 2016 SCOOP schedule, two themes have seemed to play out daily. First, guaranteed prize pools haven’t lasted long and secondly, Brazilians staking claim to final tables and winner’s circles at a nearly alarming rate. Those trends continued into Event #9-M when the prize pool more than doubled and play broke for the night on Day 1, a Brazilian was working a sizable lead.

felipebeltra had to navigate a 1,724 player field of both NLH and PLO wizards and in the end, just 216 players were able to make their way into the money to get a piece of the $129,300 prize pool. The United Kingdom’s BlindRazorJJ missed out on the money, as the unlucky bubble boy but once that bubble burst, it was a mad dash to the end of Level 29.

That’s when Brazil’s felipebeltra ‘bagged’ a massive chip lead, putting just shy of 3,000,000 away for Day 2 with KingVictoras, from Greece, finishing second with 1,680,000. In total, 21 players returned for that restart but two of the biggest names in the field did not return for the event’s final day. PokerStars Team Online members Jaime Staples and Lex Veldhuis were eliminated back to back, in 38th and 39th respectively. They’d each make $420.22 for their deep runs but the 21 players that returned for Day 2 all had their eyes on the $21,011.61 first place prize.

2016 SCOOP-9M Chips.jpg

Top Ten Day 2 Counts
Artem “roi kin23” Litvinov made it through to Day 2 with some huge success in his past. Kitvinov isn’t the only player to make four major COOP final tables but there are few with four six-digits scores along the way. But Litvinov is still looking for his first major title after going out short of this final table. IAmSoSo was the only player to advance with a COOP title with his coming last September in the $2,100 PLO 6-Max WCOOP event.

It didn’t take long on Day 2 to go from a restart to only seven remaining. The tournament was down to the final table when Dollysz, former Sunday Million runner-up, went out in when his aces up went down to Luigi da BP’s flopped nut flush. Dollysz was eliminated in seventh place and the rest joined together to create the final table.

There were three Super Tuesday victories among the final table players, two earned by Dhr. Awesome and one by Jonas “donut604” Mackoff, with Mackoff adding a runner-up finish in SCOOP #2-H a few days ago. Mackoff also holds a WSOP Circuit ring and Luigi da BP has a COOP runner-up finish of his own from WCOOP this past September.

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2016 SCOOP-9M Final Table.jpg

Seat 1: Jonas “donut604” Mackoff (1,802,889 in chips)
Seat 2: Robbie “Adreny” Bull (3,741,430 in chips)
Seat 3: felipebeltra (693,311 in chips)
Seat 4: Dhr. Awesome (4,415,385 in chips)
Seat 5: Luigi da BP (3,473,547 in chips)
Seat 6: b0caNer0 (3,113,438 in chips)

Blinds: 30K/60K

felipebeltra misses draw, eliminated in 6th

With seven players remaining, felipebeltra was sitting at the same three-handed table with Dollysz with both short stacks trying to hold on for the final table pay jump. Dollysz hit the rail and felipebeltra took her shot on the second hand of the final table.

felipebeltra called in the small blind after Luigi da BP limped under the gun then Dhr. Awesome checked his big blind option to make it three-ways to the 10♠9♥4♥ flop. felipebeltra bet the pot, Dhr. Awesome dropped his hand, and Luigi da BP raised enough to cover felipebeltra to put him at risk.

felipebeltra: A♥8♦6♥4♦
Luigi da BP: A♠J♣10♥9♠

Luigi da BP was ahead with top two pair while felipebeltra needed to improve with bottom pair plus a flush and gutshot draw. The 3♣ turn left felipebeltra with 13 stay-alive outs but the 9♣ filled Luigi da BP’s boat to send felipebeltra quickly off the final table. felipebeltra began Day 2 with a huge lead but could only translate that into 6th place money.

Rockets explode for Adreny, eliminated in 5th

Adreny was sitting firmly in the middle of the pack (third of five remaining players) when he picked up a big hand. The biggest possible but deep stacks and short-handed play can turn unsuited connectors into monster slayers.

In a battle of the blinds, Adreny raised it up from the small blind with A♥A♦ and Dhr. Awesome defended his big blind to see the K♦7♣6♣ flop. Dhr. Awesome called a 183,223 bet after the flop and another 436,462 after the A♠ turned a set for Adreny.

Adreny fired a third bullet after the 10♥ river and called when Dhr. Awesome moved all-in to see the bad news. Dhr. Awesome flopped an open-ended straight draw with 9♦8♣ and got there on the river to send Adreny out in 5th place.

Slowing it all down

Two quick eliminations at the final table deepened the stacks all around and there was no hurry to mix things up. Luigi da BP continued to lead as the four players swapped chips for 90-minutes with no one putting themselves in major risk.

b0caNer0 had all his chips in the middle once, but his pocket aces never had a sweat to give him a double. It was short-lived and he was soon in more serious danger 30 minutes later.

b0caNer0 doesn’t last, eliminated in 4th

Despite the double up, b0caNer0 couldn’t stick around past fourth position. He hit his big hand earlier with aces then ran directly into them during a PLO portion of the final table.

The German called all-in after a three-bet from Mackoff and needed help with A♦K♦J♥4♥ against A♣A♠9♥7♠. b0caNer0 picked up some saving outs on the 10♥6♥6♦ flop and added a gutshot on the Q♣ turn to give him 15 river outs. None hit the 7♦ river and he was gone in 4th place for $7,758.

Mackoff out short again, eliminated in 3rd

Jonas “donut604” Mackoff is having a pretty solid early SCOOP start and was sitting third of three aiming for the Event #9-M title. He tried to move up when he moved all-in from big blind after Dhr. Awesome min-raised his button.

Mackoff was ahead but racing with 3♣3♦ against A♦10♠ until Dhr. Awesome hit the 10♥6♠2♣ flop. Mackoff added a gutshot draw on the 5♥ turn then blanked the A♣ river to go out short of the championship.

Mackoff came one spot from earning his first COOP two days ago but had to settle for a third place finish this time around.


Jonas “donut604” Mackoff
Luigi da BP fights back

Seat 4: Dhr. Awesome (7,237,143 in chips)
Seat 5: Luigi da BP (10,002,857 in chips)

Blinds: 80K/160K with 20K Ante

Dhr. Awesome went into heads up play with the lead and immediately extended his advantage. The two battled across 30-minutes worth of hands with Luigi da BP on the wrong side of the biggest pots until his stack was under 3 million.

His table chat seemed to indicate he was going to be content with a runner-up finish until he found some hands to push back. Dhr. Awesome limped from the button in a PLO hand, Luigi da BP checked his option to the A♣5♦3♣ flop, and Luigi da BP check/called at 200K bet.

Luigi da BP check/raised the 2 million pot after the Q♦ turn and called all-in when Dhr. Awesome shoved with aces up A♥9♠7♣5♠. Luigi da BP was at risk with J♠6♣5♥4♣ and completed his flush on the Q♣ river to double up.

Luigi da BP takes the lead

A few hands after his double up, Luigi da BP moved ahead of Dhr. Awesome to make a nice comeback. They were heads-up to the A♠4♠3♣ flop when Dhr. Awesome check/called a 406,296 bet then led out for 1,234,200 after the 5♣ turn.

Luigi da BP called to the 10♦ river and Dhr. Awesome moved all-in with ace-high K♦7♦. After careful consideration, Luigi da BP called (correctly) with 6♠4♦ for the huge double up.

Seat 4: Dhr. Awesome (3,667,448 in chips)
Seat 5: Luigi da BP (13,572,552 in chips)

Blinds: 120K/240K with 30K Ante

Dhr. Awesome stages his own comeback to win Event #9-M

Luigi da BP’s nearly 4-to-1 chip lead didn’t stick for very long after Dhr. Awesome vowed to “stop spewing”. The heads-up match continued for more than 60 minutes total with the penultimate hand giving back the lead to Dhr. Awesome and the final gave him the title.

Dhr. Awesome was closing the gap when he overtook Luigi da BP in a 2.8 million chip pot won without a showdown. It wasn’t a big lead, 9.3 to 8 million, but it was enough to end the tournament one hand later.

They were still chatting it up when the next PLO hand was dealt and the virtual chips were flying. It took four bets to get them in the middle and Luigi da BP was at risk.

Dhr. Awesome: A♦J♠10♦3♠
Luigi da BP: K♣K♦Q♦J♦

Luigi da BP was holding the best hand, about as dominant as you can get pre-flop in PLO, before Dhr. Awesome added the better flush draw on the 4♠4♦3♦ flop. The J♣ turn meant Luigi da BP had 12 outs to dodge but Dhr. Awesome made the nut flush on the 6♦ river to end the tournament.

This was Luigi da BP’s second COOP runner-up finish in less than a year but he has $15,709 to sooth the loss. Dhr. Awesome already had two Super Tuesday titles to his credit but now he can also be called a SCOOP champion.

SCOOP-09-M ($82 NL Hold’em/PL Omaha 6-Max) results
Entrants: 1,724
Total prize pool: $129,300
Places paid: 216

1. Dhr. Awesome (Netherlands) $21,011.61
2. Luigi da BP (Hungary) $15,709.95
3. Jonas “donut604” Mackoff (Canada) $11,637.00
4. b0caNer0 (Germany) $7,758.00
5. Adreny (United Kingdom) $5,172.00
6. felipebeltra (Brazil) $3,232.50

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