SCOOP 2016: Big catch, big win for FshnIsMyPrfn in Big Antes Event #19-L ($11+R NL)

May 14, 2016

Breaking news… a Brazilian did not win this tournament. It’s been a Brazil-centric SCOOP during the first week of action, which is why it seemed odd not to have a Brazilian at the final table of Event #19-L. Instead, it was Belarusian heavy final table with two players from Belarus among the final nine. Belarus’ fisherman, FshnIsMyPrfn, inflicted serious damage once the final table was set. This event was really FshnIsMyPrfn’s to lose. FshnIsMyPrfn got off to a sizzling start on Day 2 and never looked back It was a legit wire-to-wire final table finish for FshnIsMyPrfn. And with a screen name like ‘FshnIsMyPrfn’, you knew the virtual fisherman would haul in a big score in this Big Antes event.


The low version of SCOOP Event #19-L $11 NL rebuys with Big Antes attracted 4,537 runners. They added 5,062 re-buys and 3,327 add-ons to create a total prize pool worth $129,260. The top 585 places paid out with $20,296.34 set aside for the champion.

Day 1 ended with only 51 players remaining, Belarus’ evgen_4444 as the overall leader with 3.8M. Fellow Belarusian FshnIsMyPrfn was 9/51 with a little over 2M. But FshnIsMyPrfn went to work on Day 2 and as the action dwindled down from five tables to two, FshnIsMyPrfn had surged to the front of the pack.

With action hand-for-hand and ten players remaining, big-stacked FshnIsMyPrfn took out short-stacked staszeq when FshnIsMyPrfn’s pocket jacks held up against staszeq’s A♠9♦. staszeq bubbled off the final table in tenth place, and FshnIsMyPrfn was sitting pretty with a mountain of chips.


SCOOP-19-L – Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: (3,923,012)
Seat 2: sp1b0t (12,218,310)
Seat 3: MVSRussia (10,634,268)
Seat 4: FshnIsMyPrfn (21,892,532)
Seat 5: DrBones666 (3,012,198)
Seat 6: Omg!beats (4,339,311)
Seat 7: devils_range (6,253,493)
Seat 8: evgen_4444 (5,478,794)
Seat 9: ph1shman420 (5,195,582)

The final table commenced during Level 41 with blinds at 100K/200K and a 40K ante. Belarus’ FshnIsMyPrfn was the biggie with a massive lead. The UK’s DrBones666 was the shorty with 3M.

The U.K.’s devils_range final tabled this same exact Big Antes event at the 2014 SCOOP for a ninth place finish.

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BACKWARDS DOWN THE NUMBER LINE: DrBones666 eliminated in 9th place

FshnIsMyPrfn open-shoved for 21,957,132 and DrBones666 called all-in for 4,388,198. Classic race. DrBones666 was flipping for his tournament livelihood with 4♣4♠ against FshnIsMyPrfn’s K♥10♠. The board ran out 9♥7♦6♠J♥10♣. FshnIsMyPrfn turned a gutshot draw, but backdoored a pair of tens to win the pot. DrBones666 looked like he was going to win the race, but got nudged out at the finish line by a suckout. And the rich got richer. FshnIsMyPrfn chipped up to 26.5M. The U.K.’s DrBones666 became the first player to exit the final table. Ninth place paid out $1,034.08.

STEALING TIME FROM THE FAULTY PLAN: eliminated in 8th place

A shorty tried to double up and it wasn’t pretty. bombed it all-in for 1,355,012 with 7♠7♥ and evgen_4444 accepted the challenge from the small blind with A♥9♠. evgen_4 flopped an Ace to take the lead. The board ran out A♣Q♠10♥8♠5♣. Sevens were no good for Belgium’s, who hit the bricks in eighth place, which paid out $1,615.75.

OCELOT: MVSRussia eliminated in 7th place

The rapid-fire pace of the final table continued and we saw yet another liquidation. ph1shman420 opened to 647,775, MVSRussia moved all-in for 2,010,686 and ph1shman420 called. MVSRussia led with K♦Q♦ against ph1shman420’s J♦10♦. The board ran out 10♠7♣7♦7♠9♣. ph1shman420 flopped two pair and turned a boat to win the pot. Russia’s MVSRussia was dunzo in seventh place, which paid out $2,908.35.

With six left in the hunt for the bracelet, Omg!beats was the short with 4.7M. FshnIsMyPrfn sat atop the big stack with 25.1M, but the closest was devils_range with 17.6M.

SUGAR SHACK: Omg!beats eliminated in 6th place

The short stack didn’t stick around for much longer before whiffing on a double up. It was a disaster too. Pocket Kings cracked. devils_range should go to jail for regicide after that nasty beat with good ole 10♦8♠. Omg!beats opened to 800,000 and devils_range called. The flop was J♥9♠4♦. Omg!beats shoved for 3,750,488 with pocket cowboys and devils_range called with 10♦8♠ and an open-ended straight draw. The 7♥ spiked on the turn and devils_range made a straight. The river was the 9♦. devils_range dragged the pot with a Jack-high straight and successfully snapped off Omg!beats’s pocket Kings. It truly was an OMG sick beat. Tough break. Holland’s Omg!beats earned $4,200.95 for a sixth-place finish.

TWENTY YEARS LATER: sp1b0t eliminated in 5th place

Another shorty got it all in with a better hand…and lost. Another tough rover beat. sp1b0t opened to 9,235,496 with A♥4♠ and FshnIsMyPrfn called with K♣Q♣. The board finished up 9♠3♦3♣3♠Q♦ and FshnIsMyPrfn rivered a full house. Mexico’s sp1b0t was knocked out in fifth place, which paid out $5,493.55.

With four remaining, FshnIsMyPrfn continued to lead with 33.8M and ph1shman420 was the shorty with 4.9M.

I BEEN AROUND: evgen_4444 eliminated in 4th place

Another rumble. These players were not shy about fighting to the death. devils_range bombed it all-in for 9,622,736 with Q♠J♣ and evgen_4444 called with A♣9♦. The board ran out J♠10♦6♠9♥K♣. devils_range seized the lead on the flop, turned a straight-draw, and got there on the river to win the pot with a King-high straight. All evgen_4444 could muste rup was a pair of nines. For a fourth-place finish, evgen_4444 earned $7,432.45.

With three to go, FshnIsMyPrfn held a major edge with 44.7M compared to devils_range’s 19.2M and ph1shman420’s 9M.

LIGHT: ph1shman420 eliminated in 3rd place

Three-handed last two hands. FshnIsMyPrfn min-raised to 1,200,000 and ph1shman420 called. The flop was A♠K♠8♥ and ph1shman420 check-called a 984K bet from FshnIsMyPrfn. The 7♦ on the turn induced action. ph1shman420 checked, FshnIsMyPrfn jammed for 43,252,921 and ph1shman420 called all-in for 6,573,946.

FshnIsMyPrfn: K♦K♥
ph1shman420: K♣5♦

FshnIsMyPrfn flopped a set of Kings, whereas ph1shman420 only had top pair. The river was the 8♣, which improved FshnIsMyPrfn to an unnecessary full house. With ph1shman420’s bustout in third place, he earned $10,663.95. That’s a nice score. Perfect timing too with Phish summer tour right around the corner. ph1shman420 will have more than enough money to buy an endless supply of grilled cheese sandwiches in the parking lot of Phish concerts.

HEADS-UP: FshnIsMyPrfn (Belarus) vs. devils_range (UK)
Seat 4: FshnIsMyPrfn (54,854,867)
Seat 7: devils_range (18,092,633)

With two to go, devils_range had a gigantic mountain to climb. In case you were counting, heads-up lasted only twenty minutes. About 15 minutes into their bout, devils_range dragged a sizable pot with 19.3M with trip Aces. But that’s as high as devils_range would get. FshnIsMyPrfn swiftly launched a counterattack and devils_range could not recover from the onslaught.

KILL DEVIL FALLS: devils_range eliminated in 2nd place; FshnIsMyPrfn wins Event #19-L!

Going into the final hand, devils_range trailed 42.2M to 30.7M. devils_range min-raised to 1.4M, FshnIsMyPrfn bumped it up to 3.8M, and devils_range called. The flop was 6♣4♥2♠. FshnIsMyPrfn fired out 2,684,000 and devils_range called. The turn was the 2♣. FshnIsMyPrfn checked, devils_range fired out 6,300,000, FshnIsMyPrfn check-raised all-in for 35,622,447 and devils_range called all-in for 17,777,053.

FshnIsMyPrfn: 5♦3♦
devils_range: 4♣3♣

FshnIsMyPrfn flopped the joint and a six-high straight. devils_range flopped a gutshot draw. The river was the 6♥ and devils_range could not get the chop. FshnIsMyPrfn won the pot and the tournament. For a runner-up finish, the U.K.’s devils_range earned $15,123.42.

Congrats to FshnIsMyPrfn from Belarus for winning Event #19-L. First place paid out $20,296.34 in addition to a cool champion’s watch courtesy of Movado.


SCOOP-19-L ($11+R NL Hold’em [Big Antes]) results
Entrants: 4,537 (5,062 re-buys; 3,327 add-ons)
Total prize pool: $129,260
Places paid: 585

1. FshnIsMyPrfn (Belarus) $20,296.34
2. devils_range (UK) $15,123.42
3. ph1shman420 (Mexico) $10,663.95
4. evgen_4444 (Belarus) $7,432.45
5. sp1b0t (Mexico) $5,493.55
6. Omg!beats (Netherlands) $4,200.95
7. MVSRussia (Russia) $2,908.35
8. (Belgium) $1,615.75
9. DrBones666 (UK) $1,034.08

Visit the SCOOP homepage for a schedule of remaining events. Find out who is leading for Player of the Series and check out the leader board.

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Pauly McGuire is the author of “Lost Vegas” and a freelance contributor to PokerStars Blog.


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