SCOOP 2016: calvin7v earns third SCOOP, fourth COOP title in #40-M ($215 8-Game)

May 20, 2016

SCOOP time is running out for those players who prefer their games all mixed up. Only two more mix-game events remain on the schedule, three tournaments each, with 8-Game Event #40 setting the table for the big H.O.R.S.E. race this weekend. The medium buy-in run drew a talented group of players and calvin7v conquered the tough field to earn his fourth career COOP title in a show of well-rounded poker skill.

There were 487 players putting up their $215 to get a piece of the action and they rotated through Limit 2-7 Triple Draw, Limit Hold’em, Limit Omaha/8, Razz, Stud, Stud/8, No Limit Hold’em, and Pot Limit Omaha. Some H.O.R.S.E. fun bracketed by Triple Draw, NLH, and PLO action. They put together a prize pool worth $97,400 with the last 66 players taking out a piece.

The tournament was scheduled to take an overnight break once they reached six players remaining. An 11-hour grind to get down to the final table bubble and it was time to sleep when SCOOP $215 Omaha/8 final table member Turok11-S was sent out by three-time COOP winner calvin7v. It happened when kickers played in a PLO hand with K♠Q♥Q♣10♣ versus K♣9♣8♥5♥ on the K♥4♠2♠2♦A♥ board.

The tournament paused at that point with the remaining six players returning for Day 2 looking for the next SCOOP champion. calvin7v was the spotlight player coming back and held the second biggest stack. He was the proud owner of three COOP wins; the 2014 SCOOP $215 PLO Heads-Up title, 2015 SCOOP $215 Stud/8 win, and the 2015 WCOOP $1,050 Turbo championship for more than $309,000. Throw in a Super Tuesday victory and his record was tough to beat among the other five players, though cold_smile has a nice Super Tuesday win of his own.

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2016 SCOOP-40M Final Table.jpg

Seat 1: merla888 – 555,204
Seat 2: cold_smile – 858,703
Seat 3: calvin7v – 1,003,888
Seat 4: sprocketsAA – 1,142,047
Seat 5: sleepy_seven – 758,613
Seat 6: marwan24 – 551,545

Blinds: 8,000/16,000

marwan24 doesn’t hang around long, eliminated in 6th

marwan24 and merla888 came in with similar shorter stacks but nothing too dangerous, still plenty of room to make some moves. marwan24’s early moves didn’t work out. The final table began in a PLO orbit and marwan24 dropped a 153,000 pot to calvin7v then turned around and shipped another 258,800 to sprocketsAA.

That left the marwan24 with only 68,645 as they moved to 2-7 Triple Draw and was all-in before the first draw against calvin7v and cold_smile. marwan24 drew three, one, and one while the two live players kept drawing and betting. They each drew one on the final draw, cold_smile bet out to get a fold from calvin7v, and tabled 8♥7♠6♥5♠3♦.

A very fine 2-7 TD hand and more than enough to beat the J♣7♣6♦5♣2♠ of marwan24 to send the Canadian quickly off the final table.

Seat 1: merla888 – 235,204
Seat 2: cold_smile – 1,379,348
Seat 3: calvin7v – 1,540,388
Seat 4: sprocketsAA – 1,050,447
Seat 5: sleepy_seven – 664,613

merla888 joins marwan24, eliminated in 5th

merla888 followed the pattern of marwan24 in the early part of the final table, except it was only one big hand that dropped a stack down. On the next hand after marwan24’s knockout, merla888 played a big 2-7 Triple Draw hand with cold_smile. The 400,000 chip pot was sent to cold_smile after three draws and a no-showdown fold by merla888.

He waited for two hands to pass to get his chips in the middle for less than a big blind as they moved into Limit Hold’em. calvin7v limped his small blind and sprocketsAA checked his option to the 10♦4♥3♠ flop. They both checked and calvin7v bet out after the Q♠ to get a fold from sprocketsAA.

calvin7v showed Q♥6♠ for top pair and merla88 had three ace outs to stay in the game with A♣6♥, none of which showed on the 9♠ river to send him out in 5th place.

Seat 2: cold_smile – 1,659,348
Seat 3: calvin7v – 1,535,592
Seat 4: sprocketsAA – 1,010,447
Seat 5: sleepy_seven – 664,613

calvin7v moves into the lead

calvin7v and cold_smile were leaders of the pack when they mixed it up in a Limit Omaha/8 game. They were heads up with calvin7v firing bets on all streets and cold_smile calling all the way down until the board read 10♣8♥6♥A♠K♠. calvin7v showed A♥4♥3♠2♦ for a pair of aces and the nut low, scooping the 750,000 chip pot and taking the lead.

calvin7v followed that up on the next hand, once again in Limit Omaha/8, against sleepy-seven. It was a battle of the (raised) blinds to the Q♦10♣10♠ flop and they put in another three bets each. They checked down the J♠ turn and 5♠ river before sleepy_seven sent another over another 625,000 with A♣A♥4♠2♣ against calvin7v’s trip tens K♦10♥4♣2♠.

Seat 2: cold_smile – 1,229,348
Seat 3: calvin7v – 2,380,592
Seat 4: sprocketsAA – 875,447
Seat 5: sleepy_seven – 384,613

sleepy_seven scooped out of SCOOP, eliminated in 4th

The big loss to calvin7v left sleepy_seven as the short stack and his chips were in the middle on the next hand. The German was heads-up with cold_smile to the J♦4♠3♦ flop and cold_smile called another bet to get to the 2♣ turn. sleepy_seven put out a big bet and this time, cold_smile raised it up followed by sleepy_seven moving all-in with his turned two pair/flush draw 10♦7♦3♠2♥.

cold_smile was ahead with a turned straight/low hand K♠9♥6♥5♣ and it was good after the 9♠ river to send sleepy_seven out of the tournament in 4th place for $6,818.

Seat 2: cold_smile – 1,613,961
Seat 3: calvin7v – 2,380,592
Seat 4: sprocketsAA – 875,447

sprocketsAA odd man flushed out, eliminated in 3rd

sprocketsAA had to make something happen to put himself in contention for the title and it was easier to quickly build pots when they hit the No Limit Hold’em portion. cold_smile opened for a min-raise and calvin7v called in the small blind before sprocketsAA shoved for 887,947 in the big.

cold_smile released his hand and calvin7v called with the better A♠J♠ against sprocketsAA’s J♦10♦. calvin7v hit the A♦4♦2♠ but sprocketsAA picked up a flush draw. The 7♠ turn gave sprocketsAA nine tournament-saving flush outs but it was calvin7v hitting his flush on the 3♠ river to knock sprocketsAA out in 3rd place.

Seat 2: cold_smile – 1,837,461
Seat 3: calvin7v – 3,032,539

cold_smile moves ahead

calvin7v hit the heads-up part of the tournament with a nice lead but cold_smile quickly erased it. They were playing a little PLO when cold_smile check/called 160,000 on the J♦5♥2♣ flop then check/raised all-in after the 9♥ turn.

calvin7v called with top pair A♠K♠J♣4♦ but was behind for the knockout against cold_smile’s two pair J♥9♠7♦4♥. The 6♠ river changed nothing and cold_smile collected the 4.3 million chip pot, the biggest of the final table.

Seat 2: cold_smile – 4,283,326
Seat 3: calvin7v – 586,674

calvin7v pulls back ahead, earned another COOP title in Event #40-M

cold_smile grabbed the lead but couldn’t hold on to it. The two tough players went back and forth during a long heads-up battle before calvin7v took back the lead for good in a Razz game an hour later. They held similar stacks and cold_smile called bets all the way down to 7th street then had to muck when calvin7v showed (7♥A♦)2♣2♠4♣K♣(8♦) for a 2 million chip swing.

It was all over nine hands later in one final Razz hand. cold_smile had all his chips in the middle on 6th street holding (A♥5♠)6♣K♣5♦7♣ for a big draw to stay alive against calvin7v’s J-T (5♥7♦)10♠J♣8♥K♥. Each paired on 7th street and cold_smile’s A♦ left him with a second best K-7 to close out the tournament.

cold_smile came up one spot short of his first COOP title while calvin7v fought back from a big heads-up deficit to earn his third SCOOP title and fourth overall COOP victory.

SCOOP-40-M ($215 8-Game) results
Entrants: 487
Total prize pool: $97,400
Places paid: 66

1. calvin7v (Finland) $18,506.00
2. cold_smile (Germany) $13,636.00
3. sprocketsAA (Mexico) $9,983.50
4. sleepy_seven (Germany) $6,818.00
5. merla888 (Belgium) $4,870.00
6. marwan24 (Canada) $3,116.80

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