SCOOP 2016: Catorze! Brazil wins again; neto gol nets second SCOOP title in Event #33-L ($27 Stud Hi/Lo)

May 17, 2016

Another day, another Brazilian won a SCOOP bracelet. Just when you thought they grew tired of winning events, they peeled off another win. This Stud Hi/Lo bracelet in Event #33-L, came down to a heads-up match between Brazil vs. Russia. Brazil’s neto gol was no stranger to the winner’s circle and seeking a second-career bracelet. Only Russia’s sunamivolk stood in the Brazilians way. After a two-hour final table and a 30-minute heads up duel, neto gol dispatched the Russian and smoothly pulled away with the victory. If our math is correct, that’s 14 bracelets for Brazil. Catorze!

The low version of SCOOP Event #33-L $27 Stud Hi/Lo attracted 1,791 total entries with 1,438 originals and 353 re-entries. They boosted the prize pool to $43,969.05. The top 225 places got a cut of the prize pool, with $7,695.89 set aside for the champion.


Catorze! Brazilian Storm continues with a 14th bracelet
Only 44 players advanced to Day 2 and made the cut. Germany’s sunamivolk ended Day 1 as the chip leader with 1.2M and the only player with a seven-figure stack. Team PokerStars Pro George Danzer busted late on Day 1. The German embarked on yet another deep run. He busted in 82nd place and secured himself another cash.

The action progressed at a rapid pace at the onset of Day 2. The 1M-mark seemed to be the barrier that separated the big stacks from the rest of the field. With 30 players remaining on the final four tables, only one Brazilian remained, but neto gol was in the Top 3 overall with 1.1M. With 24 to go, neto gol seized the lead with 2.4M. With 16 to go, neto gol was closing in on 3M and no one else had 2M.

Super-shorty triumphticd had been playing extra-slow with a short stack, but busted after failing to double up against one of the biggies — neto gol. triumphticd never improved and lacked a qualifying low. triumphticd bubbled off the final table in ninth place. The final table of eight was set.


SCOOP-33-L – Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: Pauli elTopo (1,131,760)
Seat 2: tommi1212 (352,178)
Seat 3: neto gol (3,246,991)
Seat 4: pk420 (1,533,555)
Seat 5: ABATAPP (3,646,360)
Seat 6: sunamivolk (1,532,591)
Seat 7: PsyDCC (150,342)
Seat 8: SM4RTASS (6,316,223)

The final table commenced during Level 27 with blinds at 120K/240K and a 24K ante. SM4RTASS sat atop the big stack with over 6.3M. PsyDCC was in trouble with a short stack.

Three players of note at this final table… Brazil’s neto gol won a 2012 SCOOP shootout event… Pauli elTopo a.k.a. Sebastian Pauli won the 2014 EPT London and he was the 100th EPT champion with that win. He also won a Super Tuesday in 2012… and pk420 made a 2013 SCOOP final table.

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RAIN DOGS: tommi1212 eliminated in 8th place

Less than five minutes into the final table, we saw the first liquidation. Shorty tommi1212 was all-in on third street for 84,178 against three others: Pauli elTopo, ABATAPP and SM4RTASS. tommi1212 was seeking a triple up. All three players checked on fourth street. On fifth street, Pauli elTopo fired out 320K. ABATAPP called but SM4RTASS. Three-handed. On sixth street, ABATAPP check-called a 320K bet from Pauli elTopo. Both players checked the river. At showdown…

Pauli elTopo: 4♠7♣//6♠6♣3♠2♠//4♦
ABATAPP: 9♣9♥//5♥2♥2♦3♣//9♠
tommi1212: A♦6♦//8♣10♦A♠10♣//5♠

tommi1212 lost with two pair — Aces and tens — and no qualifying low. ABATAPP won the high with a full house, and Pauli elTopo won the low with a 7-6-4-3-2. Germany’s tommi1212 was the first player to exit the final table. Eighth place paid out $439.69.

CEMETERY POLKA: PsyDCC eliminated in 7th place

Three hands later, another shorty bit the dust. All-in on third street. sunamivolk opened to 160,000, PsyDCC raised, sunamivolk three-bet to 480,000, and PsyDCC called all-in for 73,368. At showdown…

sunamivolk: 8♠A♦//4♣3♦2♠A♣5♦
PsyDCC: 2♥6♠//2♦7♦J♥6♦J♦

sunamivolk scooped with a Wheel for the high and the low. PsyDCC did not have a qualifying low and only had two pair. PsyDCC busted in seventh place, which paid out $879.38.

With six to go, SM4RTASS led with 6.6M and pk420 was shorty with 798K.

JOCKEY FULL OF BOURBON: Pauli elTopo eliminated in 6th place

Pauli elTopo needed to regenerate his stack and looked for a quickie double up. Pauli elTopo had shoved all-in on fifth street for 743,698 and neto gol called. At showdown…

Pauli elTopo: A♥A♠//7♥9♣Q♦9♠4♣
neto gol: 5♥4♦//6♠A♣7♦6♣6♦

neto go scooped with trip sixes and a 7-6-5-4-A low. Pauli elTopo did not have a qualifying low and two pair was not good enough to avoid an elimination. Germany’s Sebastian ‘Pauli elTopo’ Pauli was knocked out in sixth place, which paid out $1,319.07. With five to go, neto gol snatched the lead with 5.2M.


Sebastian ‘Pauli elTopo’ Pauli – 6th place
BLIND LOVE: SM4RTASS eliminated in 5th place

By fifth street, SM4RTASS was all-in in a multi-way pot. SM4RTASS fired out 640,000, neto gol called, but sunamivolk raised to 1.2M, SM4RTASS called all-in for 10,374, and neto gol also called. On sixth street, neto gol fired out 640,000 and sunamivolk called all-in for 580,507. At showdown…

neto gol: 7♥8♦//8♠6♠J♠4♦//5♦
sunamivolk: 3♠A♥//2♠7♦A♦4♠//8♥
SM4RTASS: 2♥6♦//4♥7♣7♠Q♥//6♣

sunamivolk won the low with 7-4-3-2-A (but only had a pair of Aces) and neto gol won the high with an eight-high straight, and missed the low with 8-7-6-5-4. SM4RTASS did not have a qualifying low and lost with two pair. For a fifth-place finish, SM4RTASS took home $2,198.45.

With four to go, sunamivolk led with 3.8M, followed by ABATAPP (1.9M), neto gol (1.1M), and pk420 (758K).

UNION SQUARE: pk420 eliminated in 4th place

Guess what? Short stack was all-in on fifth street. It’s always fifth street! ABATAPP fired out 800,000, sunamivolk shoved and bumped it up to 985,694, pk420 called all-in for 8,844,40, and ABATAPP called. At showdown…

ABATAPP: 2♦3♠//6♥6♣2♠K♣Q♦
sunamivolk: 5♥3♦//5♦7♣4♥7♦9♠
pk420: 7♠A♦//A♥8♠5♠Q♣K♠

Without a qualifying low, sunamivolk won the pot with a better two pair — sevens and fives vs. ABATAPP’s sixes and deuces. pk420 did not have a qualifying low and lost with a pair of Aces. pk420 was dunzo in fourth place, which paid out $3,077.83.

With three to go, neto gol was racing toward 9M and had more than half the chips in play. sunamivolk was second with 5.6M and ABATAPP was last with 3.4M.

TANGO TIL YOUR SORE: ABATAPP eliminated in 3rd place

Three-handed didn’t last very long before the shortest stack busted. This time, it was all-in by 4th street. ABATAPP fired out 134,904 and was all-in, and neto gol called. At showdown…

neto gol: 10♦7♠//7♥9♦6♠A♣10♣
ABATAPP: 8♠10♠//9♠8♣Q♥K♦9♥

Without a qualifying low, ABATAPP lost with two pair against two pair. Nines and eights lost to tens and sevens. ABATAPP was knocked out in third place, which paid out $4,177.05.

HEADS-UP: neto gol (Brazil) vs. sunamivolk (Russia)
Seat 3: neto gol (9,123,440)
Seat 6: sunamivolk (8,786,560)

It was Russia vs Brazil for the battle of SCOOP supremacy. neto gol held the slight edge. He was only one players away from winning another title for Brazil.


Action was paused to discuss a deal. sunamivolk led with 9.8M against 8M. They had to leave $500 on the table for first place. But the deal numbers were floated for an even split: $6,346.01 and $6,346.01. sunamivolk wanted $6,500. To which neto responded, “No deal.” sunamivolk counter-offered $6,400. After thinking about it, neto pol agreed to these terms: $6,400 for sunamivolk and $6,292.02 for neto pol. Without a money chop in place, action resumed.

DIAMONDS AND GOLD: sunamivolk eliminated in 2nd place; neto gol wins another SCOOP for Brazil!

During heads-up, sunamivolk could not get any traction going and was trying to play catch up the entire time. Meanwhile, neto gol was hammering away at the rest of sunamivolk’s stack and it was a matter of time before it cracked. Going into the final hand, neto gol held a ginormous edge 16.8M to 1.1M. sunamivolk was all-in on fourth street. At showdown…

neto gol: 10♦K♦//7♦Q♠9♣4♠10♠
sunamivolk: 9♥2♠//2♥J♦6♦5♥7♣

Neither player had a qualifying low, so sunamivolk lost with a pair of deuces against neto gol’s pocket tens. For a runner-up finish, Russia’s sunamivolk earned a payday worth $6,400.00.

Congrats to neto gol for winning another SCOOP bracelet. This marks two. First place paid out $6,792.02 plus a cool champion’s watch courtesy of Movado.


SCOOP-33-L ($27 Stud Hi/Lo) results
Entrants: 1,791 (1,438 entries; 353 re-entries)
Total prize pool: $43,969.05
Places paid: 224

1. neto gol (Brazil) $6,792.02 *
2. sunamivolk (Russia) $6,400.00 *
3. ABATAPP (Bulgaria) $4,177.05
4. pk420 (Canada) $3,077.83
5. SM4RTASS (Netherlands) $2,198.45
6. Sebastian ‘Pauli elTopo’ Pauli (Germany) $1,319.07
7. PsyDCC (Serbia) $879.38
8. tommi1212 (Germany) $439.69

* Denotes deal between the final two players

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Pauly McGuire is the author of “Lost Vegas” and a freelance contributor to PokerStars Blog.


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