SCOOP 2016: chris13pao KOs the competition in Event #41-L ($11 NLHE Progressive Super-Knockout)

May 20, 2016

It’s always satisfying to bust a player from a tournament. It’s even sweeter when you get cold hard cash for each one.

Event #41-L featured a progressive super-knockout format where bounties accumulated. Taking down players with big bounties was a profitable endeavor but it also painted a bigger target on your back. At the end, only one player’s bounty remained intact: chris13pao.

chris13pao won $9,826.58 for taking down the event and scored an extra $2,022.47 in bounties. It was the largest portion of both prize pools. The total prize pool for Event #41-L was $181,950 after 18,195 players signed up.

Only 2,475 players made the money and only a lucky nine made the final table. chris13pao started with the lead, but then Bazuka1958 took it over for most of the final table.

It wasn’t a good table for short stacks either. The top two players dominated and there were only two double ups throughout the entire final table. All the other poor at-risk players were doomed.

The final table


Seat 1: Bazuka1958 — 24,385,799
Seat 2: muydias — 10,068,388
Seat 3: chris13pao — 32,060,187
Seat 4: handbik666 — 18,379,253
Seat 5: kelsa67 — 6,110,032
Seat 6: Dmitrych77 — 20,316,540
Seat 7: porsky12 — 27,491,756
Seat 8: VMAX — 23,073,397
Seat 9: 0__LATEX__0 — 20,064,648

Our first short stack tried to double up with pocket eights early on but ran into queens.

chris13pao raised to 1.3 million from middle position and kelsa67 moved all-in for 4.7 million. Action folded back around and chrisp13pao called with Q♠Q♣. kelsa67 tabled 8♣8♥ and scored a few more outs with the flop came 7♥9♠10♠. But the turn brought another ten and an A♠ completed the board.

chris13pao chipped up to 38.6 million while kelsa67 won $545.85 for finishing 9th.

After that, Dmitrych77 tried to get the first final table double up with a flush draw. Dmitrych77 raised to 1.5 million from the small blind and porsky12 called from the big blind. A 6♠A♥J♥ flop hit the board and Dmitrych77 bet 1.6 million. porsky12 went all-in for 23.8 million and Dmitrych77 called all-in for 9.8 million.

Dmitrych77 showed 6♥2♥ while porsky12 tabled A♦5♥. The 5♦ on the turn brought porsky12 two-pair and a 7♣ on the river finalized Dmitrych77 8th place elimination.

Counterfeit elimination

Final table double ups were still non-existent and handbik666 thought two-pair was good enough for the first.

In that hand, Bazuka1958 raised to 1.4 million and handbik666 re-raised to 4.2 million from the button. Bazuka1958 called and the flop came 5♦7♣6♥.

Bazuka1958 bet 5.0 million and handbik666 moved all-in for 20.6 million. Bazuka1958 called with an overpair, K♥K♣, while handbik666 showed two-pair with 5♠6♣. handbik666 had a 72.1 percent chance of winning the hand until a 7♦ came on turn and brought that probability down to 9.1 percent. The J♥ on the river made it 0 percent.

Bazuka1958’s kings and sevens took the pot and Bazuka1958 took the lead with 70.9 million. handbik666 won $1,364.62 for finishing 7th.

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A double

Then someone scored a double up.

0__LATEX__0 moved all-in for 6.5 million from the small blind and Bazuka1958 called from the big blind. 0__LATEX__0 showed A♦7♦ and was ahead of Bazuka1958’s Q♣6♥.

0__LATEX__0 stayed in the lead on every street of the 8♣10♥4♥10♣A♣ board and 0__LATEX__0 doubled up to 13.6 million.

Back to the good stuff

Then the eliminations continued.

porsky12 raised to 1.8 million from the button and VMAX moved all-in for 7.0 million. porsky12 called and we had another flip when VMAX showed J♣10♣ to porsky12’s 5♦5♠.

The 8♠4♥5♥ flop gave porksy12 a set and while a J♠ came on the turn to pair VMAX, it also left the at-risk player drawing dead. VMAX won $2,274.37 for finishing 6th while porsky12 chipped up to 29.2 million.

Then muydias moved all-in for 8.5 million from under the gun and Bazuka1958 called from the big blind.

muydias was in the lead with K♣Q♦ to Bazuka1958’s 9♥7♦, but the 7♣3♣7♥4♥Q♥ board fell heavily in Bazuka1958’s favor.

Bazuka1958’s lead grew to 99.6 million while muydias was eliminated in 5th and won $3,184.12.

A final double

After that, porsky12 scored the second and last double up of the tournament. porsky12 went all-in with A♠10♣ and Bazuka1958 called with a dominated A♥2♥.

The board kept porsky12 in the lead and porsky12 doubled to 24.5 million. Bazuka1958 still had a commanding lead with 90.8 million.

chris13pao knockout time

It was elimination city after that, all courtesy of chris13pao.

chris13pao raised to 2.2 million from under the gun and 0__LATEX__0 moved all-in for 11.7 million.

chris13pao called with 5♠5♥ and 0__LATEX__0 tabled A♦4♦. The 9♦7♣Q♦7♥3♥ board fell in favor of chris13pao and 0__LATEX__0 was eliminated in 4th. chris13pao’s stack grew to 72.4 million while 0__LATEX__0 cashed for $4,093.87.

A few hands later, chris13pao raised to 2.2 million again and porsky12 called from the big blind. porsky12 moved all-in for 13.7 million on the 10♠9♠7♦ flop and chris13pao called.

Both players showed a flush draw, but chris13pao’s K♠4♠ was higher than porsky12’s 3♠2♠. The A♠ came on the turn to give both players a flush and chris13pao took down the pot. porsky12 won $5,913.37 for the 3rd place finish.

Heads up

chris13pao — 85,372,801
Bazuka1958 — 96,577,199

chris13pao won a few pots early on to take the lead. Then our champion took down a big one on the flop. Bazuka1958 raised to 2 million from the small blind and chris13pao re-raised to 5 million. Bazuka1958 four-bet to 15.3 million and chris13pao made it 25.5 million.

Bazuka1958 called and then folded when chris13pao moved all-in on the 5♣5♥J♣ flop. The hand put chris13pao up to 127.1 million while Bazuka1958 dropped to 54.8 million.

chris13pao raised to 2 million the following hand and Bazuka1958 re-raised to 6.3 million. chris13pao shoved and Bazuka1958 called all-in.

chris13pao: A♠J♠
Bazuka1958 Q♦10♣

The board came 8♦3♦10♦K♣Q♣ and chris13pao dealt the final knockout of the tournament. Bazuka1958 won $7,732.87 for the 2nd place finish while chris13pao took the title and $9,826.58.

SCOOP-41-L ($11 Progressive Super-Knockout) results
Entrants: 18,195
Total prize pool: $181,950
Places paid: 2,475

1. chris13pao (Cyprus) $9,826.58 + $2,022.47 in bounties
2. Bazuka1958 (Russia) $7,732.87 + $1,144.81 in bounties
3. porsky12 (Ireland) $5,913.37 + $897.12 in bounties
4. 0__LATEX__0 (Brazil) $4,093.87 + $163.33 in bounties
5. muydias (Germany) $3,184.12 + $376.86 in bounties
6. VMAX (Belgium) $2,274.37 + $459.56 in bounties
7. handbik666 (Ukraine) $1,364.62 + $487.29 in bounties
8. Dmitrych77 (Russia) $818.77 + $198.07 in bounties
9. kelsa67 (United Kingdom) $545.85 + $321.33 in bounties

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