SCOOP 2016: HU4FU ends the final table in 18 hands, wins Event 45-M ($215 NLHE 3-Max, Turbo, Progressive Knockout, Zoom)

May 20, 2016

If a drowning anthill was having a rave, it would probably look like Event #45-M.

The tournament featured enough modifiers to form a complicated sentence and each one made the tournament go by faster. The 3-Max, Turbo, Progressive Knockoout, Zoom event played down from 2,032 players to a winner in just four hours.

The last ant standing victoriously atop the sunken hill was HU4FU, who won $46,015.56 + $3,894.63 in bounties for taking down the tournament. It was the largest chunk of both prize pools, which totaled $406,400.00.

It was an attractive pool for just a few hours’ work and 14 PokerStars Pros joined the madness. Two cashed and Johnny Lodden made it the deepest. Lodden finished 129th and won $499.38 + $241.87 in bounties.

The big bucks were up top though. The final 62 players were guaranteed a four-digit payout and the final five were guaranteed $10,705.

By the time that portion of the tournament rolled around, HU4FU had already amassed a massive lead. HU4FU then burst the final table bubble with pocket aces and accumulated 75 percent of the chips in play.

The final table


Seat 1: HU4FU — 15,203,100
Seat 2: elAsdespadas — 2,281,198
Seat 3: sava-lenivec — 2,835,702

HU4FU jammed from the small blind on the second hand of play and elAsdespadas called all-in.

elAsdespadas was in the lead with A♣3♦ while HU4FU showed J♥8♦. The 6♦10♦5♣Q♠2♦ board missed both players and elAsdespadas’ Ace-high took the pot. elAsdespadas doubled to 4.5 million and HU4FU dropped to 13.1 million.

Players didn’t see a flop for the next seven hands and decided to strike a deal.

At the time of the deal, the counts were:

HU4FU — 14,451,902
elAsdespadas — 3,482,396
sava-lenivec — 2,385,702

The host gave players payouts based on ICM, but HU4FU wanted more. HU4FU asked both players for a total of $1,100. elAsdespadas and sava-lenivec agreed and they each gave HU4FU an extra $550.

The final deal came out to:

HU4FU: $41,015.56
elAsdespadas: $26,495.14
sava-lenivec: $23,350.66

Left for first: $5,000

Players agreed on the deal and the tournament went on for another nine hands.

In hand 4 AD (After Deal), elAsdespadas moved all-in from the button and sava-lenivec called all-in for 2.4 million from the small blind. HU4FU thought for a bit but then folded.

elAsdespadas showed A♦2♦ while sava-lenivec tabled Q♣10♣. The 4♥A♠5♠ flop brought elAsdespadas the Ace of spades, but a K♣ and a J♣ came on the turn and river to give sava-lenivec a broadway straight.

sava-lenivec doubled to 5.0 million while elAsdespadas was left with 646,694.

sava-lenivec moved all-in the following hand, HU4FU folded and elAsdespadas called. elAsdespadas showed a lowly 5♠3♣ and sava-lenivec had a dominating K♣3♠. The K♥A♥A♦7♣10♣ board brought sava-lenivec a king and elAsdespadas was out.

elAsdespadas won $26,495.14 + $1,731.16 in bounties for finishing 3rd and the tournament went heads up.

Heads up

HU4FU — 14,456,902
sava-lenivec — 5,863,098

The world of Event #45-M came to an end on hand 9 AD. sava-lenivec raised to 560,000 and HU4FU re-raised to 1.4 million. sava-lenivec called and a 4♣3♣5♦ flop hit the board. HU4FU bet 1.2 million and sava-lenivec moved all-in for 4.5 million. sava-lenivec showed top-pair with 5♠2♠, but HU4FU tabled an overpair, Q♦Q♣.

A 9♣ came on the turn and a K♣ ended the tournament. sava-lenivec won the agreed-upon $23,350.66 + $2,509 in bounties for finishing 2nd while HU4FU took the title and $46,015.56 + $3,894.63 in bounties.

SCOOP-45-M ($215 NLHE 3-Max, Turbo, Progressive Knockout, Zoom) results
Entrants: 2,032
Total prize pool: $406,400
Places paid: 251

1. HU4FU (Sweden) $46,015.56 + $3,894.63 in bounties*
2. sava-lenivec (Russia) $23,350.66 + $2,509.46 in bounties*
3. elAsdespadas (Argentina) $26,495.14 + $1,731.16 in bounties*

*Reflects the results of a three-way deal that left $5,000 in play for the winner.

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