SCOOP 2016: kwerqeradaus blazes quick final table in Event #39-L ($27 NLO8, 6-Max)

May 19, 2016

Players are running out of chances to earn an Omaha event this series, only a few more remain on the 2016 SCOOP schedule as the series winds down towards completion. Event #39 combined some split pot, four-card poker with the excitement of no limit betting. Players came out in big numbers to sling some chips and chop some pots. They played a fast-paced tournament and it was kwerqeradaus winning after a short, 40-minute final table.

The low buy-in No Limit Omaha Hi/Lo tournament had a $27 buy-in and more than 2,000 players hit the virtual felt. They had three optional re-entries at their disposal if they went busto and another 1,452 entries went into the prize pool before registration closed. They all added up to 3,524 entrants to push the prize pool to $86,514. The tournament paid out the last 450 players and the eventual winner was set to earn $13,412.

The tournament paused for the first day with 55 players still alive with a chance for the title and MarekW13 leading the way. He was looking for his first major title after coming close in another No Limit Omaha Hi/Lo event, finishing second to chickensssss in the 2015 WCOOP $1,050 version.

2016 SCOOP-39L Chips.jpg

Top ten returnings stacks for Day 2
The tournament never slowed down after the restart and they were down to two tables in no time. The final table bubble burst when Perrymejsen flopped an open-ended straight flush draw against eltrebol899, not getting the big hand but settling for the normal flush to send the tournament down to the final table.

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2016 SCOOP-39L Final Table.jpg

Seat 1: hendo17 – 7,974,579
Seat 2: kwerqeradaus – 10,085,565
Seat 3: Jonny White1 – 3,120,523
Seat 4: teckidtq – 3,382,192
Seat 5: Perrymejsen – 7,226,251
Seat 6: anelka79 – 3,450,890

Blinds: 60K/120K with 15K Ante

anelka79 finds monster under the bed, eliminated in 6th

anelka79 was firmly in the middle of the pack when they joined as one but lost a third of his stack right off the bat. He took a quick shot to get them back when he open-shoved from the small blind with A♦9♦5♠2♥.

hendo17 woke up in the big blind with K♣K♠J♥2♦ and stayed ahead on the Q♦9♣6♥ flop. anelka79 picked up a nut low draw/gutshot draw on the 3♠ turn but missed it all on the K♥ river to go out in 6th place.

teckidtq feeling a little flushed, eliminated in 5th

No one was really short at the final table but the action kept moving right along, mostly thanks to the joy of all those draw possibilities. teckidtq was gunning for his second SCOOP title and needed to make a move to improve his odds.

He shoved for 4.6 million from the small blind after hendo17 min-raised under the gun. hendo17 called with A♥6♠4♥6♠ up against teckidtq’s A♦Q♦4♣3♦ and picked up a flush draw on the Q♥10♥10♠ flop. teckidtq was ahead with the pair of queens and the 8♠ turn changed nothing, but the 6♥ completed the flush for hendo17 to send teckidtq out in 5th place.

Pump-faking a deal

The four remaining players paused the clock to discuss a possible deal with each holding the following chip count:

hendo17 – 14,182,184
kwerqeradaus – 12,119,255
Perrymejsen – 5,967,116
Jonny White1 – 2,971,445

They were provided with these ICM numbers and conversation was underway.

hendo17 – $10,200.87
kwerqeradaus – $9,819.05
Perrymejsen – $8,070.30
Jonny White1 – $6,493.90
Left for the winner: $500

Perrymejsen tried to hold out for more money with the standard claim of holding an edge in this game. He requested more money and was immediately shot down in flames, it looked like they were going to get back to action with no deal.

Then Perrymejsen had a change of heart and a smiley emoji for everyone. They all agreed to the numbers and they were back underway.

Jonny White1 tries to move up, eliminated in 4th

With no pressure from the payout jumps, Jonny White1 was free to make moves to get more chips for a title run. He moved all-in from the small blind after kwerqeradausd min-raised the button and the cards were flying once again.

Jonny White1 was gambling up with A♣J♥10♥5♥ against A♥10♠3♠3♦ and picked up a flush draw on the Q♥6♥6♠ flop. The flush went out the window when the boat-giving 6♣ came on the turn and Jonny White1 was drawing dead to his 4th place exit. For the record, the completely useless case 6♦ hit the river just for fun.

Perrymejsen dodges a payout bullet, eliminated in 3rd

Perrymejsen half-heartedly tried to get extra money in the deal discussion before the rest of them called his bluff. He said he had to give it a shot but eventually agreed to a bigger number than 3rd would have normally paid out.

He moved all-in with A♦J♥7♦4♠ from the small blind after kwerqeradaus min-raised the button holding A♣7♥4♣2♠. Perrymejsen was ahead and improved with the Q♦J♣9♣ flop though kwerqeradaus was now on a flush draw. The Q♣ turn completed the flush and Perrymejsen needed another queen or jack on the river to stay alive.

The K♠ river was a blank for the Swede and he was sent out in 3rd place for his newly agreed upon $8,070.

hendo17 – 13,637,518
kwerqeradaus – 21,602,482

Blinds: 80K/160K with 20K Ante

kwerqeradaus goes boat-over-boat to win Event #39-L

The heads-up match lasted only three hands when both players nailed a flop to get their chips in the middle. hendo17 called a three-bet to see the Q♥8♠6♠ flop and raised after kwerqeradaus put out a 2 million chip bet. kwerqeradaus put hendo17 all-in and received a quick call.

hendo17 had to be happy with his flopped top two/nut flush draw holding A♣Q♦8♣2♣ until he saw kwerqeradaus’ flopped top set A♥Q♣Q♠4♠. The 8♦ turn gave them both a full house with kwerqeradaus’ on the bigger side. hendo17 was left with 15 chop outs to the game-saving low but the 10♦ wrapped up the tournament.

It took less than 40 minutes to play out the final table and hendo17 did well to the negotiated 2nd place cash for a little under 1st place money. kwerqeradaus played a nice game throughout Day 2 to earn his first major online title along with the custom Movado watch and the $10,319 that came with the honors.

SCOOP-39-L ($27 NL Omaha Hi/Lo 6-Max) results
Entrants: 3,524 (2,072 entries, 1,452 re-entries)
Total prize pool: $86,514.20
Places paid: 450

1. kwerqeradaus (Germany) $10,319.05*
2. hendo17 (United Kingdom) $10,200.87*
3. Perrymejsen (Sweden) $8,070.30
4. Jonny White1 (Russia) $6,493.90
5. teckidtq (Canada) $2,811.71
6. anelka79 (Russia) $1,513.00
*Reflects the results of a four-way deal that left $500 in play for the winner

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