SCOOP 2016: Ssick_OnE bags third SCOOP title in Event #18-H ($700 NLHE), Mercier sixth

May 15, 2016

Brazil might be stealing all the headlines in this year’s SCOOP, but guess who’s right behind them? The Germans. In one of the most stacked finales thus far, Germany’s SsicK_OnE won his third career SCOOP title (and the seventh for Germany this year) after topping a final table that included Team PokerStars Pro Jason Mercier and Mike “Timex” McDonald.  

Every single player in this final eight had experience at the final table of an online major. Three of them held six SCOOP titles between them– one belonging to 4rebmun, one for SsicK_OnE, and four for Jason Mercier. In last year’s SCOOP, Mercier was a force in the high buy-in events, winning three titles inside a week and in three different disciplines to boot– Badugi, NL Draw and 4-Max NLHE. Going into this tournament, Mercier already had 11 cashes in the 2016 SCOOP, and according to his Twitter, was already in for two $21k bullets in the Super High Roller (Event #24-H) as this event played down. 

All told, Event #18-H drew 1,202 entries (824 players and 378 re-entries), resulting in a $799,300.00 prize pool. 135 players earned a share of it with $143,879.94 set aside for first place.  The blinds were 12,000/24,000 on the final table bubble when SsicK_OnE opened for 52,560. Short stack chess87 moved all-in for 475,660 and SsicK_OnE called, his A♦10♦ up against K♥Q♣. The 6♦4♦2♣ flop gave SsicK_OnE an ace-high flush draw and the 2♦ turn filled it. Chess87 was drawing dead and exited in tenth place.  


Final table chip counts 

Seat 1: Tîmex (1,167,412 in chips)  
Seat 2: Pokerger1337 (1,726,519 in chips)  
Seat 3: Pantkvittot (1,191,735 in chips)  
Seat 4: 4rebmun (998,817 in chips)  
Seat 5: ShipitFTW911 (1,371,250 in chips)  
Seat 6: SsicK_OnE (2,486,456 in chips)  
Seat 7: pm_marke (1,311,750 in chips)  
Seat 8: Breakchips (788,321 in chips)  
Seat 9: JasonMercier (977,740 in chips)  

Nine-handed play slogged on for 70 minutes before a cooler struck. A pre-flop raising war broke out between Pantkvittot and ShipitFTW911 that ended with ShipitFTW911 five-bet shoving for 1,042,003 with Q♠Q♥ and Pantkvittot calling with A♥A♦. Pantkvittot’s aces held up and ShipitFTW911 departed in ninth place.  

The action lulled again until Mercier and Timex clashed pre-flop. Mercier made it 80,433 on the button, Timex three-bet to 200,000 and Mercier shoved for 560,281. Perhaps feeling priced in, Timex called, his J♥10♥ up against Mercier’s A♣A♦. Once again, the bullets held up and Mercier doubled to 1.2 million while Timex fell to 918,000.  

Another half-hour passed before Pantkvittot four-bet shoved preflop with A♦K♥. This time, pm_marke woke up with A♠A♥ and the aces went three-for-three as the board ran out Q♠5♠4♦9♣3♥, ending Pantkvittot’s run in eighth place.  

Pantkvittot’s elimination left Timex as the short stack and three hands later, with the blinds up to 25,000/50,000 he three-bet shoved for 560,316 with A♠J♦. Initial raiser Breakchips called with K♥K♣. Timex couldn’t catch a break on the 10♣5♣4♥2♦6♠ board and went out in seventh place. 

Two and a half hours after this final table began, it was down to six players. Big confrontations were largely still happening only with big hands, as proven when SsicK_OnE doubled through 4rebmun with A♠A♦ vs. K♣K♥. However, by the time the third hour finished, Mercier was in a bit of danger with 676,611 in chips with the blinds up to 35,000/70,000. Holding 8♣9♣, Mercier went for the steal and moved all-in from the hijack, only to have pm_marke look him up with A♥Q♦ in the big blind. Fortune shined on pm_marke as the K♦J♦10♥ flop made him Broadway, and Mercier ended his run at a fifth SCOOP title in sixth place. 

Thumbnail image for jason_mercier_former_prague.jpg 

Team PokerStars Pro Jason Mercier, sixth place

When five-handed play commenced, Pokerger1337 was the chip leader with 3.3 million, but lost nearly everything when he doubled up 4rebmun. 4rebmun’s pocket kings held up against pocket queens and he moved up to 5.11 million in chips while Pokerger1337 fell all the way to 813,000. Pokerger1337 got a few chips back by doubling through Breakchips with A♦Q♦ vs. Q♠10♣, then doubled back through 4rebmun when his A♥7♠ flopped aces and sevens vs. A♠9♣

Breakchips fell to 1.63 million and with the blinds up to 40,000/80,000, he open-shoved on the button with A♠8♦. Unfortunately for him, 4rebmun woke up with 9♣9♥ in the big blind. 4rebmun flopped nines full on the 9♠4♠4♥3♥7♥ board and Breakchips hit the rail in fifth place.  

During four-handed play, 4rebmun maintained the chip lead with 4.21 million until he clashed in a pot with SsicK_OnE. The blinds were up to 60,000/120,000 when 4rebmun opened for 270,000. SsicK_OnE called from the small blind and pm_marke came along from the big. The flop came down Q♠Q♣5♥ and the action checked to 4rebmun, who bet 247,100. Only SsicK_OnE called. The turn brought the 2♣ and both players checked to the river, which fell the 4♠. SsicK_OnE bet 846,384 and 4rebmun looked him up. SsicK_OnE turned over K♠Q♥ for trip queens and 4rebmun mucked. SsicK_OnE raked in the 3.05 million-chip pot and moved into the chip lead with 5.22 million while 4rebmun fell to 2.8 million. 

Later in the same level, SsicK_OnE opened for 262,800 from UTG and 4rebmun called from the big blind. 4rebmun check-called SsicK_OnE’s 246,592 bet on the 9♦7♦7♣ flop, but led out for 375,798  when the J♥ turned. SsicK_OnE called and they went to the river, which fell the 5♣. 4rebmun moved all-in for 1.82 million and SsicK_OnE called, revealing J♠J♦ for jacks full of sevens. 4rebmun was bluffing with Q♦8♦ for a busted flush draw, and went out in fourth place.  

When three-handed play got underway, SsicK_OnE was the chip leader with 8.52 million, pm_marke held 2.45 million, and Pokerger1337 was the short stack with 1.05 million. However, Pokerger1337 doubled up in short order, his A♥6♦ holding up against pm_marke’s Q♣7♣. A few hands later, SsicK_OnE open-shoved on the button and pm_marke called from the small blind.  

SsicK_OnE Q♠J♣ 
pm_marke 8♥8♦ 

By the turn it looked like pm_marke would live to play another hand, but a queen spiked on the river of the 7♥7♦4♦A♥Q♣ board, making SsicK_OnE a winning pair of queens and sending pm_marke to the rail in third place. 

Heads-up chip counts 

Seat 2: Pokerger1337 (1,431,300 in chips)  
Seat 6: SsicK_OnE (10,588,700 in chips)  

This heads-up match was all over on the ninth hand. Pokerger1337 limped in on the button, SsicK_OnE shoved from the big blind and Pokerger1337 called. 

SsicK_OnE K♠5♠ 
Pokerger1337  K♦J♣ 

Pokerger1337’s dominating hand stayed that way on the A♠8♦7♥ flop, but SsicK_OnE got gin on the turn when the 5♣ fell, making him a pair of fives. The river was the 8♣ and SsicK_OnE locked up his third SCOOP title.  

Congratulations to SsicK_OnE on his third career SCOOP title! He banked $143,879.94 for the win, while runner-up Pokerger1337 earned $102,554.03.


SCOOP-18-H ($700 NL Hold’em) results 
Prize pool: $799,330.00 
Places paid:135 

1. SsicK_OnE (Germany) $143,879.94 
2. Andries “Pokerger1337” Swart (Netherlands) $102,554.03 
3. pm_marke (Czech Republic) $76,735.68 
4. 4rebmun (Canada) $57,551.76 
5. Breakchips (Netherlands) $39,966.50 
6. Jason Mercier (Canada) $31,973,20 
7. Mike “Timex” McDonald (Canada) $23,979.90 
8. Pantvittot (Sweden) $15,986.60 
9. ShipitFTW911 (Sweden) $9,591.96 

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