SCOOP 2017: €urop€an breaks the code, takes down Event #41-H ($5,200 NLHE, 8-Max)

May 19, 2017

While day one’s activities most of the time have nothing to do final day’s results, sometimes momentum carries over and blossoms into a major title. Of the top four day one chip counts for the 2017 Spring Championship of Online Poker’s Event #41-H, three of those players would go one-two-three in the more important day two.

Rocco “Sephirot88” Palumbo would take a decent six-figure sum away in third place while Secret_M0d3 and €urop€an battled on for the title. While Secret_M0d3 jumped out to a solid lead, it would be €urop€an’s persistence that would prevail earning $252,525.00 and the SCOOP title.

Read on below for the story on €urop€an’s conquering event #41-H.

Of the 22 players returning, seven of them had a rather quick day two experience. The exiting crowd included several -COOP winners such as three-time champ (two SCOOP, one WCOOP) Sam “Str8$$$Homey” Greenwood and WCOOP 2011 Event #42 winner Mike ‘MunchenHB’ Telker.

Isaac “philivey2694” Haxton, winner of the European Poker Tour €25,000 Single Day High Roller in Prague last year, was also shown the door during the first hour collecting $19,425.00.


Isaac “philivey2694” Haxton

Before the end of the second hour Luke “bit2easy” Reeves found out the game can be hard after running pocket queens into Jens “Jeans89” Kyllonen’s aces to finish in 13th place ($19,425.00). Narrowly missing out on a pay bump which two-time (2014 – Event #4-H and 2016 – Event #9-H) SCOOP winner Alexandros “mexican222” Kolonias received in 12th place ($25,900.00).

15 minutes into hour three, newly (seriously, within hours) minted two-time SCOOP champ Chance “ChanceCU” Kornuth would miss out on claiming two high buy-in titles in a day after winning Event #39-H, but added another large cash $25,900.00 in 11th place.

Juan Carlos “PrtyPsux” Alvarado was not able to top pocket aces held by the sizable chip leader €urop€an finishing in ninth place ($25,900.00) shortly before the hourly break and starting up hand-for-hand play.

The chip counts were lop-sided for the four-handed table, holding the three top amounts including €urop€an’s stack which would nearly cover the entire five-handed table on its own. But, halfway through the hour Secret_M0d3, winner of the $21K buy-in high roller SCOOP Event #24-H last year, put a nasty beat on €urop€an after a five-bet shove, spiking an ace with ace-king versus pocket kings to take over the chip lead. Add this to a Sunday Grand win for $26K this weekend and it has been a pretty solid week for Secret_M0d3.

DANMERRRRRRR would spend most of the third and fourth hour fending off the three wolves at the four-handed table. But, Sephirot88’s bully shove from the small blind with 10♣6♣ managed to get by DANMERRRRRRR’s call with A♠Q♦ after a turned six 9♠ 2♦ 7♣ 6♦ 9♦ started up the final table below:


Seat 1: Rocco “Sephirot88” Palumbo (328133 in chips)
Seat 2: Secret_M0d3 (809158 in chips)
Seat 3: €urop€an (547736 in chips)
Seat 4: Jens “Jeans89” Kyllonen (280264 in chips)
Seat 5: Vladimir “vovtroy” Troyanovskiy (175507 in chips)
Seat 6: luckyfish89 (102402 in chips)
Seat 7: IneedMassari (73950 in chips)
Seat 8: HealTheWorld (272850 in chips)

Sephirot88: “gl to everyone who hasn’t blond hair!“.

Perhaps a little dig at Secret_M0d3’s ascension to the final table chip lead to start the sprint towards the Event #41-H title and $252,525.00 sitting up top.

The Triple -COOP has select company with only four players completing the circle of a Turbo Championship of Online Poker, SCOOP, and WCOOP wins. 18 players started this SCOOP series with a chance to join the quadruplets, and one of them, IneedMassari, happened to be at this final table. Low on chips, IneedMassari shoved less than 13 BBs from middle position. Sephirot88 woke up with queens from the small blind and managed to take down IneedMassari’s ace-jack thus ending IneedMassari’s shot at the Triple -COOP in eighth place ($32,375.00).


IneedMassari – Eighth place ($32,375.00)

Secret_M0d3 would continue holding the chip lead going into hour five but luckyfish89 would not continue. Rocco “Sephirot88” Palumbo once again found queens Q♣Q♠ but this time had to race against luckyfish89’s ace-king K♣A♣. One broadway card and one club 10♥ 6♣ 8♥ 7♣ J♦ was not enough to keep luckyfish89 swimming upstream, finishing in seventh place ($38,850.00).

Vladimir ‘vovtroy’ Troyanovskiy was flying the Brazilian flag as an avatar which seems to find its way to -COOP final tables (despite Troyanovskiy being from Russia) looking for yet another -COOP title. The two-time titlist (WCOOP in 2015 and SCOOP in 2014) along with several more -COOP final tables would take a shot, three-betting all-in from the big blind about ten minutes into hour five. Jens “Jeans89” Kyllonen was up to challenge though, calling with J♥A♣ to dominate Troyanovskiy’s K♦J♦ on the 7♠ 4♠ 2♦ A♠ J♠ board. The sixth-place finish would chalk up another $51,800.00 for Troyanovskiy.


Vladimir ‘vovtroy’ Troyanovskiy – sixth place ($51,800.00)

With the short-stacks gone, one glance at the fairly equal chip distribution and slow blind escalation meant it was time to grab a Captain and Coke along with a warm blanket because this could be a fairly long finish.

HealTheWorld offered “kaunita unia” to our fifth-place finisher.

It was a rough level for the Finn as Jens “Jeans89” Kyllonen’s stack would get knocked around by three hands. First, Palumbo would chop Kyllonen’s stack in nearly half after turning quad sixes and getting value with a sizable river bet. Next hand with the board showing 9♥ 8♦ 2♦ 6♦ 4♥ Secret_M0d3 would shove on the river covering Jens’ stack. After a deep tank that used up every second of the time bank, Jens would pass as his stack now hovered in the 14BB range. Then a few hands later, Jens would find pocket fours 4♣4♠ on the button and shove but HealTheWorld was waiting with queens Q♣Q♥ in the small blind. No love on the K♦ K♠ A♣ 9♦ 2♦ board sent Kyllonen away in fifth place ($71,225.00).

For nearly an hour later HealTheWorld would battle to stay relevant. Despite a decent double-up versus €urop€an, HealTheWorld’s chip stack would fall ill. With the blinds moving up to 7K/14K ante 1.7K HealTheWorld was willing to part with a stack of 184K preflop against Secret_M0d3’s three-bet all-in. Secret_M0d3’s million chip stack and A♠9♣ would dominate HealTheWorld’s 3♦A♦. Despite a turn sweat, 6♥ 9♦ Q♣ 4♦ K♥ HealTheWorld would find no salve on the river taking $103,600.00 for fourth place.

Rocco “Sephirot88” Palumbo’s end came after a slow drip of chips during the eighth hour of play. Left with a shade over 14BBs Palumbo tried a small blind shove with 5♦K♥ but got looked up by Secret_M0d3’s 83BBs stack and a small ace A♦4♦. Neither player would improve 10♦ 6♠ J♣ Q♠ Q♣ as Rocco earned $142,450.00 in third place starting up heads-up play.

The weight of Secret_M0d3’s starting chip lead of 1.8 million to 785K with blinds at 9K/18K ante 2,250 would morph into €urop€an clinging for tournament life 25 minutes later holding 227K to Secret_M0d3’s 2.36 million chips. But, after a good streak of hands for €urop€an before the hourly break, the lead was cut 1.46 million to 1.12 million.

€urop€an would take that momentum and finally break Secret_M0d3’s code halfway through the final hour of Event #41-H. With the blinds up to 12K/24K ante 3K €urop€an would shove holding a 2.3 million to 280K chip lead over a limping Secret_M0d3. Secret_M0d3 would snap call with nines 9♠9♥ racing against €urop€an’s J♠Q♠. A jack in door J♥ 4♦ 6♠ 4♣ K♦ shipped €urop€an $252,525.00 and the 2017 SCOOP Event #41-H title!

SCOOP-41-H ($5,200 NLHE, [8-Max]) results
Entries: 259
Prize pool: $1,295,000
Places paid: 40

1. €urop€an (Finland) $252,525.00
2. Secret_M0d3 (Slovakia) $187,775.00
3. Rocco “Sephirot88” Palumbo (Switzerland) $142,500.00
4. HealTheWorld (Austria) $103,600.00
5. Jens “Jeans89” Kyllonen (Finland) $71,225.00
6. Vladimir “vovtroy” Troyanovskiy (Russia) $51,800.00
7. luckyfish89 (United Kingdom) $38,850.00
8. IneedMassari (Brazil) $32,375.00

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