SCOOP 2017: DBerglin turns tables on PanchoSuper to claim title ($530 NLHE – Progressive KO)

May 15, 2017

Is there a better feeling in the world than winning a bounty?

Well, of course there is, but humor me for a moment. In the world of tournament poker, it has to be right up there with the feeling you get when the person to your right announces all-in when you’re holding pocket aces, or when the poker gods reward you with the nuts after being brutally slow-rolled.

All of a sudden the pressure of the tournament feels reduced. You get some of your initial buy-in back and added a few precious chips to your stack. And then, before you know it, momentum is on your side. As one bounty leads to another, and then another before you find yourself with a whopping number against your head, and the rest of the field doing everything in their power to eliminate you.

In SCOOP Event #28-H: $530 NLHE [Progressive KO] it seemed like the momentum was on the side of PanchoSuper, who claimed 7 bounties on the final table alone. But poker is a tricky beast, and just when things seem to be going your way, it can all change in an instant. After coming into the heads-up battle with an almost 3-1 chip lead, it was his heads-up opponent, DBerglin who emerged the victor – claiming the SCOOP title and $28,435.33 (plus $11,543.65 in bounties).


Back at the close of registration, 605 had signed up to claim their chunk of the $302,500 prize pool. The money would be split down the middle between the regular prize pool and the bounties, meaning there were prizes to be claimed by all.

Notable names to run deep included the likes of David ‘dpeters17’ who was eliminated in the last level of the day when his pocket eights ran into pocket nines. With 81 paid, Charlie ‘Epiphany77’ Carrell just about managed to squeeze his way into the cash, as did PokerStars Team Online Pro Lex Veldhuis. 


Close, but no cigar for Peters

And with bounties in play, it wasn’t long before we hit the final table with 5 minutes to go on the end of Day 1: 

SCOOP-28-H – Final table chip counts:

Seat 1: chipcomehere (753,704 chips, $3,566.40 bounty)

Seat 2: darthVadarNL (176,728 chips, $1,734.37 bounty) 

Seat 3: Arttyomka (396,281 chips, $1,792.96 bounty)

Seat 4: PanchoSuper (1,352,968 chips, $5,253.88 bounty) 

Seat 5: ds10JQKA (155,535 chips, $2,906.25 bounty)

Seat 6: Cinguzis (737,382 chips, $2,812.48 bounty) 

Seat 7: Respect_Lt (366,045 chips, $2,171.86 bounty)
Seat 8: AppelKruimel (819,379 chips, $3,566.39 bounty)

Seat 9: DBerglin (1,291,978 chips, $4,183.58 bounty)

Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 21.07.45.png

Blinds 4000/8000 (800 ante)

It only took two hands into Day 2 before we saw our first elimination. It came after ds10JQKA got all his chips in the middle holding A♦10♥ when action was folded to him on the button. PanchoSuper quickly called in the big-blind with the less superior A♣5♥. It wasn’t looking good for PanchoSuper until the 5♦ landed on the river to send the chips and the bounty his way. And the river luck kept coming for PanchoSuper. A short while later he eliminated Arttyomka holding A♥K♣ to trump Arttyomka’s Q♣Q♥ when he spiked the A♦ on the river.

“Let’s make this a Baltic HU” said Cinguzis (Latvia) at the start of the Day. “Count me in” agreed Respect_Lt (Lithuania). But it wasn’t to be for the Baltic boys as they were next to fall in quick succession. After losing a chunk of chips to darthVadarNL on a busted flush-draw, Respect_Lt got his remaining big-blind in with J♣10♦, which was trumped by AppelKrumimel’s Q♠7♥ as the Q♦ hitting the flop to KO Respect_Lt. And a few hands later, Cinguzis clicked the all-in button in the small blind holding 6♦A♣, but was snap called by DBerglin in the big-blind whose K♠A♦ held to eliminate the Latvian.

Five handed and PanchoSuper continued to pile on the pressure. This time it came in the form of a 3-bet against an open from AppelKruimel. It prompted a quick shove from AppelKruimel and all the chips were soon in the middle. It looked to be a classic flip as PanchoSuper showed 10♥10♠ against AppelKruimel’s A♥J♦, but it was all over for AppelKruimel when the 10♣ landed on the flop. And PanchoSuper claimed yet another two bounties after eliminating short-stacked chipcomehere and darthVaderNL to propel himself into a whopping chip-lead heads-up.

And then the tables began to turn. DBerglin was quick to double up holding J♦J♠ against PanchoSuper’s 6♣8♥ on a 7♦7♣6♦ flop. A short while later he managed to reverse the chip-lead after flopping 2-pair against PanchoSuper. “You’re so lucky” typed PanchoSuper in the chat. And he was about to get even luckier. The final hand saw an open from PanchoSuper and a call from DBerglin. The flop was the 6♥J♠7♥, which was raised, re-raised, and re-re-raised before all the chips were in the middle. PanchoSuper flipped over A♣J♣ for top pair, but was a huge underdog against Dberglin’s 7♦7♠, as the board ran clean and DBerglin claimed the title.

SCOOP-28-H: $530 NLHE [Progressive KO] results
Entrants: 605
Total prize pool: $302,500 ($151,250 Regular prize pool, $151,250 Bounty prize pool)

Places paid: 81

1. DBerglin (Sweden) $28,435.33 
(+$11,543.65 in bounties)
2. PanchoSuper (Poland) $20,721.25 (+$5953.87 in bounties)
3. darthVaderNL (Netherlands) $15,276.25 
(+$867.19 in bounties)
4. chipcomehere (Hong Kong) $11,495.00
 (+$1783.20 in bounties)
5. AppelKruimel (Netherlands) $8,076.75
 (+ $2250.28 in bounties)
6. Cinguzis (Latvia) $6,428.12 (+ $1406.24 in bounties)
7. Respect_Lt (Lithuania) $4,915.62 (+
 $1534.17 in bounties)
8. Arttyomka (Russia) $3,403.12
 (+ $896.48 in bounties)  9. ds10JQKA (Russia) $2,268.75 (+ $1453.14 in bounties)


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