SCOOP 2017: sadface11 left smiling after SCOOP #11-H victory ($530+R PLO, 6-Max)

May 10, 2017

They say if you repeat a phrase often enough it might just come true. 

Think of Muhammed Ali’s now infamous “I am the greatest”. The slogan had the power not only to propel Ali into early stardom, but to manifest itself into reality as he went on to become arguably the best the sport has ever seen.    

And although it’s not always guaranteed to work, sometimes a catch-phrase is said enough times, and with enough conviction, that it convinces you of a truth you hadn’t otherwise considered. Take Joey Ingram’s much repeated reference to PLO as the “the great game of Pot Limit Omaha”. As a NLHE kind of guy, I hadn’t paid much attention to it before sitting down to watch the final table of SCOOP Event #11-H: $530+R PLO (6-max). But right from the off, I was convinced of the game’s greatness. 

It had everything you could want. From bad beats and giant swings, through to cunningly disguised plays and pot-prowess. The eventual champ of this PLO battle was sadface11 who won an epic heads up battle against 2015 TCOOP Stud champ André ‘Sira Al Aziz’ Santos to claim the title and $87,880.25.  


Back at the close of registration, a total of 256 players signed up to take a stab at winning a SCOOP title. And as the first two hours of play passed, 337 players re-bought and 198 clicked the ‘add-on’ box after the re-buy period had ended to swell the prize-pool to just shy of $400,000. It meant that over $86,000 would be left up top for the eventual winner, with a total of 36 paid.

By the end of Day 1, just 12 remained, with Zinobrinho from Hong Kong holding in the lead. He was followed in tow by ToxicBuff from Germany and Hungarian pro danfiu. As Day 2 kicked off it only took an hour before play whittled down to the final six.

SCOOP-11-H – Final table chip counts:

Seat 1: danfiu (1,206,033)

Seat 2: ToxicBluff (406,396) 

Seat 3: sadface11 (771,097)

Seat 4: Thomsgen (450,012) 

Seat 5: Zinobrinho (1,140,530)

Seat 6: André ‘Sira Al Aziz’ Santos (475,932)

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 18.37.25.png

Blinds: 4000/8000

It took over two hours of play, and some big swings before we saw our first elimination. It was the unfortunate turn of ToxicBluff to hit the rail first. He opened the action from early position and received two calls from Zinobrinho and Sira Al Aziz in the blinds. The flop of Q♦6♥2♣ was checked around before the 2♣ landed on the turn. This time Sara Al Aziz opened the action and was called by both opponents. Sira Al Aziz lead out big on the turn, enough to put ToxicBluff all in, and he called. After a fold from Zinobrinho, Toxicbluff flipped over Q♥Q♠K♣9♣ for a set of Queens. But it wasn’t enough against Sira Al Aziz’s A♠5♦3♠4♥ for the straight.

Just a few hands later and danfiu was next to depart. His UTG open received a defend from Sira Al Aziz in the big blind, before the flop of 7♥K♦8♥ hit the board. As first to act, Sira Al Aziz opened up the action and was quickly raised by danfiu before both players were all in. It was looking promising for danfiu who flipped over Q♦Q♥5♥A♥ for a flush draw and a pair of Queens against Sira Al Aziz’s J♥4♠7♠6♣ for a pair of seven’s and ambitious gutshot. But when the 6♦3♣ hit the board, Sira Al Aziz improved to two pair and danfiu was out.    

A short while later and Thomsgen was next to go when his open-ended straight draw ran into sadface11’s top set. And then 3-handed, a short-stacked Zinobrinho was eliminated in third place after he got his remaining stack in against Sira Al Aziz on a 7♦3♦8♣ flop holding 3♥5♥5♣3♣, but it couldn’t hold against Sira Al Aziz’s set of eights.

The heads up battle involved a lot of back and forth between the pair until the final hand. Evenly stacked, it was sadface11 who opened the action, which prompted a 3-bet from Sira Al Aziz. After calling, the flop to hit the deck was the 5♠3♠K♦. Sira Al Aziz led and before and a few raises and re-raises later, all the chips were in the middle. Sira Al Aziz showed K♠J♦J♣8♠ for top pair and a flush draw, with sadface11 holding 4♥7♦A♥6♠ for an open ended straight draw. The 2♥ on the turn saw sadface11 make the straight and the insignificant 3♣ sealed Santos’ fate.

SCOOP-11-H ($530+R PLO, 6-Max) results
Entrants: 256 (including 337 rebuys, 198 add-ons)  
Total prize pool: $388,455  
Places paid: 36  

1. sadface11 (Ireland) $87,880.25 

2. André ‘Sira Al Aziz’ Santos (Slovakia) $61,316.34  
3. Zinobrinho (Hong Kong) $45,937.32  

4. Thomsgen (Germany) $31,956.40  

5. danfiu (Hungary) $23,967.30  

6. ToxicBluff (Germany) $15,978.20 


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