SCOOP 2017: A two-hour FT bubble, a $2 deal and a second SCOOP for Dylan Linde in Event #6-H ($1,050 NLHE)

May 09, 2017

It was a final table bubble to behold.

Our eventual champion, Dylan “ImaLucSac” Linde was short-stacked when we got seven-handed, but nearly two-and-a-half hours of play later, he started the final table near the middle of the pack and went on to win his second SCOOP title and $126,852.24.


Dylan Linde

The most doubles that bubble belonged to Justin “ZeeJustin” Bonomo. The marathon bubble could’ve ended 20 minutes in, when Apotheosis92 shoved from the small blind with K♦7♥ and Justin “ZeeJustin” Bonomo called all-in from the big blind with 6♥6♠.

Apotheosis92 hit a king on the A♣5♣K♣ flop, but Bonomo spiked a 6♦ on the turn for a set. That table didn’t see another called all-in until about 75 minutes later, where Bonomo outdrew again.

Bonomo got it in with K♦9♦ and Apotheosis92 called with a dominating A♦K♥. Bonomo hit a nine on the flop and doubled up to about a million. Next Bonomo double was another flip and another victory. To round thing off, Bonomo got it in with Q♥J♥ to Apotheosis92’s A♦K♥ and doubled up again. Bonomo hit not one, but two pairs on the flop and doubled up one more time.


Justin Bonomo

Bonomo’s bubble doubles had come to an end, the other table did the popping.

Those four players had a series of large pocket pairs that resulted in a flurry of double ups. A short-stacked Dylan “ImaLucSac” Linde moved in with queens, Dhr. Awesome had jacks. Boom, double up for Linde. About an hour later, Sasuke234 picked up aces moved all-in. randum_chu called with pocket kings. Boom. Double Sasuke234.

Sasuke234 got another one off random_chu a few minutes later with J♦J♠ against random_chu’s 5♠5♥. In random_chu’s third all-in loss, the Australian player moved all-in with 9♥9♣. Dhr.Awesome called with J♥J♦ and a jack on the flop meant another double up.

After some more doubles, we finally had a bust. Sasuke234 moved all-in from the small blind for 1.5 million and Dhr.Awesome called all-in for 775,074. Sasuke234 had 8♥8♠, Dhr.Awesome showed A♣3♦ and the flop brought a three and an eight. A pair of threes was no match for a set of eights and we finally got down to our final table.

The final table


Dylan “ImaLucSac” Linde — 1,949,066
robinho — 1,136,998
Justin “ZeeJustin” Bonomo — 944,786
Apotheosis92 — 2,079,680
Sasuke234 — 2,306,260
random_chu — 843,210

ZeeJustin: 2 hour 28 minute bubble for those keeping track
Apotheosis92: yea because u won 4 flips
Apotheosis92: pretty sure its ur fault
Apotheosis92: we coulda been home free with K7 vs 66
Sasuke234: lol
ImaLucSac: i def blame zj

The bustouts picked up after that. Seven hands in, random_chu moved all-in with A♣10♦ and Apotheosis92 called with a A♥Q♦. There was an ace on the flop and an elimination at the final table. Randon_chu won $27,780 for finishing 6th and then we lost Bonomo a few hands later.

Linde moved all-in for 2.8 million with A♣J♥ from the button and Bonomo called with A♠8♠ from the big blind. A jack on the flop and a jack on the turn spelled doom for Bonomo and he won $43,985.00 for the 5th place finish.

Then a flip brought us to our final three players. Linde called robinho’s all-in with 8♦8♥ while robinho showed Q♦A♥. ImaLucSac hit a set of eights on the flop and took the lead with 6.0 million while robinho won $62,505.00.

Art of the deal

The final three players tried to cut a deal, but failed. Diplomacy eventually prevailed though. After another 20 minutes of play, they went back to the boardroom.

Players were fairly even during the second round of negotiations. Linde had 2.97 million, Apotheosis92 had to 3.07 million and Sasuke234 was in the lead with 3.23 million. The PokerStars MegaComputer calculated the ICM numbers and Apotheosis92 wanted more. Nearly 15 minutes after players started discussing the deal, Linde agreed to give up $734 while Sasuke234 gave $2.

HostRichardH [Commentator]: that is 2k from Sasuke and 734 from Lucsac (who shall remain anonymous)
HostRichardH [Commentator]: Is that correct?
Apotheosis92: no not 2k
Sasuke234: no
Sasuke234: 2 dollars
Apotheosis92: just 2$
HostRichardH [Commentator]: ooh… so 734 and $2 then?

This gave Apotheosis92 a guaranteed $119,000.87. Linde’s share was $116,852.24 and Sasuke234 got the biggest share with $119,453.89. The players were left fighting for the title and $10,000.

Linde’s stack skyrocketed after that. He took down several pots for the next hour and took out Apotheosis92 to start heads-up with a 2-1 lead. Linde moved all-in for 5.2 million from the button with A♥Q♠ and Apotheosis92 called from the big blind with K♠9♦. Linde hit a queen on the flop and Apotheosis92 won the well-negotiated $119,000.87 for finishing 3rd while Linde started the heads-up match with a massive lead.

Heads up

Linde started the match with 6.4 million to Sasuke234’s 2.8 million and Sasuke234 dropped even further early in the match. Sasuke234 did score a double, but the Swedish player couldn’t survive the second. Linde moved all-in for 7.9 million in that last hand and Sasuke234 called for 1.3 million.

Sasuke234 showed K♦Q♦ while Linde tabled 8♠7♣. The board ran 6♠9♥A♣10♥4♣ to give Linde a straight and another SCOOP title.

SCOOP-06-H ($1,050 NL Hold’em, 6-Max) results
Entrants: 626 entries, 300 re-entries
Total prize pool: $926,000.00
Places paid: 120

1. ImaLucSac (Canada) $126,852.24*
2. Sasuke234 (Sweden) $119,453.89*
3. Apotheosis92 (Canada) $119,000.87*
4. robinho (Sweden) $62,505.00
5. Justin “ZeeJustin” Bonomo (Canada) $43,985.00
6. random_chu (Australia) $27,780.00

Denotes a three-way deal with $10,000 left for 1st.

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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