SCOOP 2017: FaNjkEEE finds a victory in Event #31 ($2,100 NL Hold’em)

May 16, 2017

FaNjkEEE had accumulated more than $4 million in online tournament earnings without ever cracking a six-figure score.

That is, until today. FaNjkEEE managed to best a field of 876 players in this $2,100 buy-in tournament to take a whopping $284,918.82. It was the largest portion of the $1,752,000 prize pool and one that took FaNjkEEE a few days to win.

While FaNjkEEE outlasted most of the players on Day 1, our Ukrainian champion won most of the money at the final table. FaNjkEEE outlasted multiple SCOOP champions and won a SCOOP title of his own.

The final table


Seat 1: sleepnot – 956,671
Seat 2: Simon “C. Darwin2” Mattsson – 2,726,505
Seat 3: 33juggernaut – 3,434,021
Seat 4: FaNjkEEE – 3,351,368
Seat 5: Jeff “jeff710” Hakim – 825,081
Seat 6: Nolet20 – 3,108,733
Seat 7: DeosOner – 1,564,164
Seat 8: Marc-Andre “FrenchDawg” Ladouceur – 736,029
Seat 9: Biocid – 817,428

In our first elimination, C. Darwin2 raised to 100,111 and Jeff “jeff710” Hakim called from the cutoff. The flop came 2♥6♥6♠ and Hakim bet 125,959 when checked to. Mattsson moved all-in for 878,506 and Hakim called.

Mattsson had a pretty good flush draw with K♥10♥, but Hakim had the nut flush draw with A♥Q♥. Both players missed the flush, but Mattsson hit a 10♠ on the turn.

Mattsson chipped up to 2.0 million while Hakim became the first final table casualty.

DeosOner: the life of cdarwin
C. Darwin2: i was not even worried
DeosOner: obv
33juggernaut: #howrich

But that life wouldn’t last that much longer. Mattsson got it all-in with J♣J♥ six hands later and 33juggernaut called with K♣K♥. 33juggernaut hit a third king on the 6♣Q♦10♥K♦7♣ board and took the lead with 6.7 million while Mattsson hit the rail.

The next elimination came the very next hand.

Biocid jammed for just under 400,000 from early position with 9♥8♥. DeosOner had about 85,000 more in the big blind and called with Q♦Q♠. The board brought no help for Biocid and the tournament shrunk again.

Then the eliminator became the eliminatee once again.

DeosOner moved all-in for 1.2 million from under the gun with A♥K♥ and Nolet20 called from the big blind with J♠J♥. The board was a lowly, single-hearted 9♠10♣6♦2♣4♥ and DeosOner bowed out in 6th while Nolet20 regained the lead with 6.6 million.

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Nolet20 bucked the trend eliminator/elimanatee trend and dealt the next elimination too. sleepnot moved all-in for 818,550 from under the gun and Nolet20 called from the small blind.

sleepnot showed K♦K♣ and Nolet20 tabled A♥J♠. The A♣Q♠7♠5♣5♠ board gave Nolet20 a pair of aces and sleepnot was out in 5th.

Nolet20 took a break from eliminations and 33juggernaut took over. Marc-Andre “FrenchDawg” Ladouceur moved all-in with pocket 7s and 33juggernaut called with overcards, A♦J♣. 33juggernaut hit an ace on the flop and Ladouceur hit the rail in 4th.

33juggernaut chipped up to 3.8 million, but Nolet20 had 7.1 million and FaNjkEEE was in second with 6.6 million.

FaNjkEEE then won a series of pots, took the lead and knocked out 33juggernaut. 33juggernaut got dealt K♠Q♦ and moved all-in for 2.4 million from the small blind. FaNjkEEE called from the big blind with A♠9♦. The J♦5♣9♠ flop brought FaNjkEEE a nine and an A♦ came on the river to give him two-pair.

33juggernaut exited in 3rd while FaNjkEEE started the heads-up match with 12.5 million to Nolet20’s 5.0 million.

Things then evened a bit and players decided to strike a deal.


FaNjkEEE – 9,630,511
Nolet20 – 7,889,489

This meant $258,291.18 for Nolet 20, $264,918.82 for FaNjkEEE and another $20,000 for the eventual champion.

Which turned out to be FaNjkEEE.

Nolet20 got chipped back down to about 2 million and moved all-in with K♥4♣. FaNjkEEE called with a dominating K♠7♥ and the final board came 3♣2♥10♠6♣10♦.

Nolet20 got the runner-up finish while FaNjkEEE became the newest SCOOP champion.

SCOOP-31-H ($2,100 NL Hold’em) results
Entrants: 876
Total prize pool: $1,752,000
Places paid: 117

1. FaNjkEEE (Ukraine) $284,918.82
2. Nolet20 (Canada) $258,201.18*
3. 33juggernaut (Argentina) $169,944.00
4. Marc-Andre “FrenchDawg” Ladouceur (Canada) $127,020.00
5. sleepnot (Latvia) $88,300.80
6. DeosOner (Australia) $70,780.80
7. Biocid (Sweden) $53,260.80
8. C. Darwin2 (Sweden) $35,916.80
9. Jeff “jeff710” Hakim (Lebanon) $21,900.00

Denoted a two-way deal with $20,000 left for first.

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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