SCOOP 2017: ross_654 is boss with crushing win in Event #46-H ($1,050 NL Rebuys)

May 20, 2017

Kicking it old school. PokerStars fired up the wayback machine for SCOOP Event #46-H with a classic re-buy/add-on event. These card-slinging combatants were vying for a $99K first-place prize.

Sami ‘Lrslzk’ Kelopuro made another SCOOP final table, but his quest for another crown fell short of the mark when he busted in third place. The title came down to a heads-up bout between ross_654 and IAmSoSo. Although IAmSoSo previously won a WCOOP title in 2015, both players were seeking a first-career SCOOP win. ross_654 had almost a 4-1 advantage, but a feisty IAmSoSo chipped away at the lead. Just when it looked like IAmSoSo pulled nearly even, ross_654 delivered a crushing knockout to clinch a triumphant victory. IAmSoSo busted in second and ross_654 stepped into the winner’s circle.


Third place today for Lars Luzak a.k.a. Sami Kelopuro

2017 SCOOP #46-H $1,050 NL with old-school rebuys attracted 189 runners. They contributed 115 re-buys and 158 add-ons and the prize pool swelled to $462,000. The top 27 places paid out with $99,330.00 set aside to the champion.

Only 10 players survived to the tournament’s second and final day. The chip leader, ross_654, begin Day 2 with 641,062. The closest challenger mykizant in second position, trailed by more than 225K. Early on Day 2, Dinesh ‘NastyMinder’ Alt bubbled off the final table in tenth place. NastyMinder made an unsuccessful final stand with K♠Q♦ agsinst IAmSoSo’s J♣J♥.


SCOOP Event #46-H – Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: Sephirot88 (92,429)
Seat 2: yurasov1990 (122,714)
Seat 3: Lrslzk (559,154)
Seat 4: IAmSoSo (275,549)
Seat 5: myzikant (214,104)
Seat 6: ross_654 (841,336)
Seat 7: hazeman1991 (212,934)
Seat 8: TUTI88 (212,977)
Seat 9: MkMyWishFish (173,803)

The final table commenced during Level 22 with blinds at 2.5K/5K and a 625 ante. ross_654 led the final nine with 841K and Sephirot88 clung onto the shorty.

Notables at this final table included… Dmitry ‘yurasov1990’ Yurasov, who final tabled the EPT13 Malta Main Event final table…. Sami ‘Lrslzk’ Kelopuro won 1 WCOOP and 2 SCOOPs, including the 2011 SCOOP Main Event… Italian pro Rocco ‘Sephirot88’ Palumbo shipped the Super Tuesday and he was a runner-up in a SCOOP last year… IAmSoSo won a WCOOP in 2015… myzikant won a SCOOP in 2015… Hector ‘TUTI88’ Alvarez won a SCOOP in 2014 ross_654 went deep a few times in COOP events, but was still searching for a big win.

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BEAUTY AND THE BEAST: Sephirot88 eliminated in 9th place

All the money went in on the flop of K♦J♣7♣. Short-stacked Sephirot88 check-raised all-in with K♣9♥, but ross_654 called with K♠10♣. The turn was the Q♥ and Sephirot88 picked up a gutshot draw. The river was a blank. ross_654 dodged a bullet and won the pot with a better kicker. Italian pro (playing in the Alps) Rocco ‘Sephirot88’ Palumbo became the first player to exit the final table. Ninth place paid out $9,240.00.

JOE THE LION: myzikant eliminated in 8th place

IAmSoSo opened to 10,900, myzikant bombed it all-in for 141,980 and is all-in, and IAmSoSo snap-called with 10♦10♥. myzikant was flipping with A♠J♥. The board ran out 7♣7♦2♦4♣9♣. IAmSoSo won with two pair. myzikant never improved and headed to the virtual rail in eighth place, which paid out $13,860.00. With seven to go, ross_654 closed in on 1M.

SONS OF THE SILENT AGE: TUTI88 eliminated in 7th place

MkMyWishFish bombed it all-in for 179,214 with 9♦9♣ and the other shorty TUTI88 called all-in for 120,401 with A♠K♠. Neither player improved. Big Slick no good. Pocket nines held up for MkMyWishFish. TUTI88 took home $18,480.00 for seventh place.

BLACKOUT: yurasov1990 eliminated in 6th place

Big stack vs. little stack. ross_654 opened, yurasov1990 shoved for everything 40,203 with A♦Q♦ and ross_654 called with K♣4♣. yurasov1990 flopped top pair, but ross_654 flopped a flush too when Q♣J♣5♣ popped up on the board. Ouch. Dmitry ‘yurasov1990’ Yurasov was dunzo in sixth place, which paid out $23,100.00. With five to go, Lrslzk challenged ross_654 for the lead as two big stacks emerged versus three smaller stacks.


Deep run for yurasov1990

V-2 SCHNEIDER: hazeman1991 eliminated in 5th place

The flop was K♠10♣2♣ and fireworks ensued. Lrslzk bet the pot, hazeman1991 came over the top and shoved for 196,485, and Lrslzk called with 2♦2♥ and a set of deuces. hazeman1991 picked up an open-ended straight draw on the turn, but never got there on the river. Lrslzk set held up. hazeman1991 busted in fifth place, which paid out $27,720.00.

Five-handed was a long slog and the big stacks came under assault. MkMyWishFish launched a coup and seized the lead. MkMyWishFish’s reign did not last much longer.

SENSE OF DOUBT: MkMyWishFish eliminated in 4th place

Biggest pot of tourney this far. Two big stacks rumbled. All the money went in on the turn with the board showing 10♦J♥3♣7♥. MkMyWishFish bombed it all-in with Q♣J♠ and only a pair of Jacks. ross_654 called with 10♥3♥ for two pair and a flush draw. The 2♦ fell on the river. Didn’t help either player. ross_654 whiffed on the flush, but two pair held up. MkMyWishFish busted in fourth place, which paid out $40,425.00. With three to go, ross)654 chipped up to over 1.6M. Quiet IAmSoSo was short with 420K.

MOSS GARDEN: Lrslzk eliminated in 3rd place

Preflop… ross_654 opened, Lrslzk raised, and ross_654 called. Lrslzk bet the flop and ross_654 called. Lrslzk bet the turn and ross_654 called. On the river, the board read Q♣8♣5♦8♦K♥. Lrslzk moved all-in for 270,326 and ross_654 called.

Lrslzk: A♥A♠
ross_654: K♠8♠

Lrslzk had Aces snapped off. The Dead Man’s Hand, too. Aces and eights lost to ross_654’s runner-runner full house. For a third-place finish, Finland’s Lrslzk took home $54,285.00.

HEADS-UP: IAmSoSo (Sweden) vs. ross_654 (Mexico)
Seat 4: IAmSoSo (578,506)
Seat 6: ross_654 (2,126,494)

With two to go, ross_654 passed 2.1M in chips. The finish line was almost in sight with a stack of cash worth $99K awaiting them.

HEROES: IAmSoSo eliminated in 2nd place; ross_654 wins Event #46-H

Just when it appeared as though IAmSoSo had seized momentum, ross_654 delivered a punishing blow. They were about to discuss a money chop, but a hand had started.

Going into the final hand, ross_654 led 15.3M to 11.6M. ross_654 opened, IAmSoSo re-raised to 140,000, and ross_654 called. IAmSoSo bet the flop and turn… and ross_654 called both times. With 930K in the pot, IAmSoSo only had 699K behind. On the river, the board read 9♠6♥6♣4♦A♥. IAmSoSo shoved for 699,905 and ross_654 called.

IAmSoSo: A♦K♦
ross_654: 4♣4♥

ross_654 turned a full house. IAmSoSo’s Big Slick didn’t imrpove until the river. Two pair were no good for the Swede. For a runner-up finish, IAmSoSo earned $71,610.00.

Congrats to ross_654 for winning Event #46-H! First place paid out $99,330.00.


SCOOP-46-H ($1,050+R NLHE) results
Total entries: 189 (115 re-buys; 158 add-ons)
Prize pool: $462,000.00
Places paid: 27

1. ross_654 (Mexico) $99,330.00
2. IAmSoSo (Sweden) $71,610.00
3. Sam ‘Lrslzk’ Kelopuro (Finland) $54,285.00
4. MkMyWishFish (United Kingdom) $40,425.00
5. hazeman1991 (New Zealand) $27,720.00
6. Dmitry ‘yurasov1990’ Yurasov $23,100.00
7. Hector ‘TUTI88’ Alvarez (United Kingdom) $18,480.00
8. myzikant (United Kingdom) $13,860.00
9. Rocco ‘Sephirot88’ Palumbo (Switzerland) $9,240.00

Visit the SCOOP home page for a schedule of remaining events. Plus, find out who was in contention Player of the Series.

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Pauly McGuire is a freelance contributor to PokerStars. Martin Harris also contributed to the reporting of this final table. Recap album of the day: “Heroes” by David Bowie.


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