SCOOP 2017: Talibaf triumphs over Wong and Mandavia to take title ($530 PLO, 6-max)

May 22, 2017

As we approach the end of SCOOP, I can honestly say I’ve fallen in love with PLO. 

As I explained in the write-up of SCOOP Event #11-H ($530+R) last week, as a NLHE only kind of guy, I’ve been well and truly won over by the game. It’s up’s and downs, it’s suspense, the swings, the guts and glory of it all. It is, as Joey Ingram quite rightly points out, truly a great game – and it’s been a specticle to watch during this year’s Spring Championship.

So with popcorn at the ready, I settled in for the evening to watch another PLO battle on the final table of SCOOP Event #53 – $530 PLO [6-Max]. At the end of 15 hours of play, the winner of the day’s marathon battle was Talibaf from Cyprus who won beat former SCOOP champ Ankush “pistons87” Mandavia heads-up to claim the title and pocket a cool $65,363.48. 

Sunday Million 4-23-17 chips.jpg

By the close of registration, way back at the start of the day, a total of 462 players signed up to take a stab at winning a SCOOP title. And as the first two hours passed, 339 players re-entered to build a prizepool of $400,500. It took just under 13 hours of play before we hit the final table.

SCOOP-11-H – Final table seats
Seat 1: SHiiPTHATisH (Costa Rica)

Seat 2: rompsa (Finland) 

Seat 3: Jerry “hummylun” Wong (Canada) 

Seat 4: Talibif (Cyprus)

Seat 5: Ankush “pistons87” Mandavia (Canada)

Seat 6: Niklas “Lena900” Åsted (Sweden) 

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 02.33.25.png

Blinds: 4000/8000

It wasn’t long into play before we saw our first two eliminations. First to go were the final table’s short-stacked Baltic constituents. It was rompsa from Finland who was first to hit the rail in (6th), followed shortly thereafter by Swiss online crusher and 2016 number one ranked online player Niklas “Lena900” Åsted (5th) with the pair picking up $12,015 and $20,025 respectively.


Åsted out in 5th

Action progressed quickly, with SHiiPTHATiSH (4th) next to hit the rail. His bust-out came after potting an open from Talibaf before all the chips were in the middle on the flop of 3♥4♥A♠. Both players held an ace, and it was only an ace that was needed to take it down – but Talibaf’s Queen kicker was enough to secure the pot and eliminate SHiiPTHATiSH in 4th.

Just twenty minutes later Jerry “hummylun” Wong was next to go. It came when Talibaf opened up the action under-the-gun. Wong called quickly id c]3♦ for an open-ended straight draw. But the 7♥ ended the action on the turn to give Talibif quads and send Wong out in 3rd.


Wong wiped out in 3rd

Heads up and action was passed to discuss a deal. After 15 hours of play it was quickly agreed on as play continued with pistons87 sitting on 2,888,630 chips and Talibaf on 5,121,370 chips. With some back and forth between the pair which saw pistons87 (2nd) get back up to even before being short-stacked again, it was Talibaf (1st) who ebbed away at his opponent to claim the title.

SCOOP-53-H ($530 PLO, 6-Max) results
Entrants: 801 (including 462 unique, 339 re-entries)
Total prize pool: $400,500
Places paid: 102

1. Talibaf (Cyprus) $65,363.48*

2. Ankush “pistons87” Mandavia (Canada) $57,309.67*

3. Jerry “hummylun” Wong (Canada) $40,050.00

4. SHiiPTHATiSH (XYZ) $28,035.00

5. Niklas “Lena900” Åsted (Sweden) $20,025.00

6. rompsa (Finland) $12,015.00

 *Denotes a deal, with $4000 set aside for the eventual winner.


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