SCOOP 2017: u1ker wins 5-Card Draw (Event #45-H $1,050); denies Chance ‘ChanceCU’ Kornuth back-to-back SCOOPs

May 19, 2017

Here’s a little story, I’ve got to tell
About Chance Kornuth, you know so well
ChanceCU won SCOOP KO, only yesterday
He’s running good, whole month of May

Five-Card Draw, isn’t that lame?
The rage is PLO, not your grandpa’s game
Your friends think, draw poker is kinda wack
Wasn’t Wild Bill Hickok shot in the back?


Almost back-to-back wins for Chance Kornuth

SCOOP Event #45-H $1,050 5-Card Draw
Attracted 53 runners, plus 35 more
That’s a grand total of, 88 entries
Only the top 12, got a cut of the monies

At the final table, ChanceCU had to outlast
A pair of Russians, somewhat scary and fast
Plus two generous hearts, from frigid Scandinavia
And our pal PSMozak, from the middle of Bulgaria

Fierce final table, with 5 total COOP winners
And 3 SCOOP champs, feasting on sushi dinners
The exile from Colorado, seeking back-to-back
Kid knows how to party, just ask Layne Flack

The angels blessed ChanceCU, with a win yesterday
Dunzo in second, ChanceCU didn’t win today
That’s $24K richer, for the next SCOOP winner
Congrats u1ker, winner winner chicken Kiev dinner!

Second SCOOP for u1ker, head floating somewhere in heaven
The Russian won in 2013, crushing NL Deuce to Seven


Event #45-H – Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: ChanceCU (202,145)
Seat 2: PSMozak (130,593)
Seat 3: Chillolini (85,661)
Seat 4: Lena900 (147,273)
Seat 5: u1ker (128,629)
Seat 6: Mongano (185,699)

Final table commenced, at the end of Level 18
Blinds at 1.2K/2.4K, the dealer blasting Springsteen

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PAUL REVERE: Chillolini eliminated in 6th place

Chillolini and PSMozak stepped into the ring
Chillolini drew two cards, holding three surly Kings
Chillonlini whiffed, and met his inevitable fate
Because PSMozak stood pat, with a seven-high straight

SHE’S CRAFTY: PSMozak eliminated in 5th place

Boat over boat? Mate, that’s rough
Sometimes you can’t make up this stuff
With two pair, PSMozak drew one mighty mouse
Pulled a lovely Queen, improved to a full house
u1ker drew three, and nailed a bigger boat
Aces full wins, no time to gloat

PSMozak: Q♣Q♥Q♦6♠6♥
u1ker: A♠A♥A♣10♠10♥

FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT: Lena800 eliminated in 4th place

Short-stacked Lena800, the sole rep from Sweden
Lost it all to Mongano, murked in the Garden of Eden
Both discarded two, in a tense high-anxiety mood
Trip sixes vs. trip nines, Lena800’s sixes no good

Mongano: 9♦9♠9♥A♥K♥
Lena900: 6♦6♣6♥Q♦J♥

NO SLEEP TILL BROOKLYN: Mongano eliminated in 3rd place

Short stacks threw down, they went to rumble
Both held a pair, yet drew three from the jungle
ChanceCU struck gold, with three Kings so wise
Sad tens for Mongano, say your goodbyes

ChanceCU: K♣K♦K♥A♠2♠
Mongano: 10♠10♦A♣9♣3♠


BRASS MONKEY: ChanceCU eliminated in 2nd place; u1ker wins Event #45-H!

u1ker from Russia versus a Yank in the Bahamas
Final two jockeying, for all of Kanye’s dollas
ChanceCU needed a miracle, severely outchipped
u1ker said “NYET!” And quickly shipped it

This steezy heads-up battle, only lasted two hands
u1ker won with Aces and Kings, versus ChanceCU’s two tens
And let’s not forget ChanceCU, the consolation prize
Autographed by Lee Jones, a set of steak knives

ChanceCU: 10♥10♦A♠8♦4♣
u1ker: A♥A♦K♣K♠J♠

That’s $23K to u1ker, for a first-place pay out
That buys a lot of vodka brah, we better hang out


SCOOP-45-H ($1,050 NL 5-Card Draw) results
Total entries: 88 (53 entries; 35 re-entries)
Prize pool: $88,000
Places paid: 12

1. u1ker (Russia) $23,980.00
2. Chance ‘ChanceCU Kornuth (Bahamas) $16,060.00
3. Mongano (Russia) $12,320.00
4. Niklas ‘Lena900’ Åstedt $8,360.00
5. PSMozak (Bulgaria) $6,160.00
6. Alm ‘Chillolini’ Wilson (Norway) $4,620.00

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Pauly McGuire is a freelance contributor to PokerStars. Final table recap album of the day: “Licensed to Ill” by Beastie Boys.


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