SCOOP 2018 Day 10: Hummylun makes it 2, fr0zZy gets handy with a (golden) scythe, and we Risk it

May 16, 2018

Today in SCOOP…

• Golden Scythe update
• The biggest results from the day
• Who won what?
• Today’s SCOOP 2018 winners map
• The Unofficial SCOOP STAT Tracker
• Coming up on Wednesday

1. Golden Scythe: A new leader

There’s a new leader in the Overall Standings.

Fr0zZy takes over with 63 KOs. That’s an increase from sixth place thanks to 18 KOs yesterday. That’s two full tables.

That wasn’t the biggest number though. Lehout, tigran66613, and RaJohnny each knocked out 19 players since yesterday.

Check out all the latest standings, including your own, at our Golden Scythe Dispatch HQ

2. The headlines

Before we get to the main feature of the day a hat tip to the latest two-time SCOOP 2018 winner hummylun, who took down SCOOP 35-L last night. That complements his win in SCOOP 27-H a few days ago, which you can read about here.

Reverdy365 was the big winner of the day in SCOOP 34-H, a 6-Max Bounty event. As Martin Harris reported, first place was worth $90,640 but added to that was $64,676 in bounties. You can read that report here.

3. Who won what?

There were 12 events won overnight. The full list is below.

SCOOP-33-L – $11 Stud8, $20K Gtd Leon_Javur Estonia $4,196.92 2518 $24,676.40 368
SCOOP-33-M – $109 Stud8, $50K Gtd TheHamHunter Finland $11,754.28 688 $68,800.00 88
SCOOP-33-H – $1,050 Stud8, $150K Gtd ImluckNuts Russia $31,490.00 167 $167,000.00 24
SCOOP-34-L – $5.50 NLHE [6-Max, Progressive KO], $75K Gtd Rick7BR Brazil $6,663.58 27479 $134,647.10 4523
SCOOP-34-M – $55 NLHE [6-Max, Progressive KO], $250K Gtd roaden Denmark $37,999.22 11634 $581,700.00 1595
SCOOP-34-H – $530 NLHE [6-Max, Progressive KO], $1M Gtd reverdy365 Malta $90,640.72 2464 $1,232,000.00 299
SCOOP-35-L – $11 5-Card NLO8 [6-Max], $40K Gtd hummylun Canada $5,761.37 3152 $40,000.00 527
SCOOP-35-M – $109 5-Card NLO8 [6-Max], $100K Gtd torsilov Russia $14,897.49 897 $100,000.00 131
SCOOP-35-H – $1,050 5-Card NLO8 [6-Max], $200K Gtd Zombob0 Bulgaria $45,022.18 233 $233,000.00 29
SCOOP-38-L – $5.50 PLO [4-Max, Progressive KO], $50K Gtd jokkee_apart Norway $3,380.73 9126 $50,000.00 1511
SCOOP-38-M – $55 PLO [4-Max, Progressive KO], $100K Gtd DAEHBONK Ireland $12,290.45 3426 $171,300.00 491
SCOOP-38-H – $530 PLO [4-Max, Progressive KO], $200K Gtd Kraskata85 Bulgaria $30,476.87 816 $408,000.00 103

For all the latest results from SCOOP go to the SCOOP 2018 homepage.

4. The SCOOP winner map. Includes battle for Global Domination

Here’s the map of all SCOOP winners, with SCOOP-H winners marked in red.

And here, for the curious, is how you might line up the winners when playing RISK.

European SCOOP winners, shown poised for a push on Irkutsk, while defending themselves from possible attacks from Greenland

5. STAT tracker

The official SCOOP Stat Tracker (occasionally reliant on the “Throw enough numbers on the page on one of them is bound to be correct” Data System).

Events played: 105
Total entries: 466,161
Total prize money: $45,041,264.10
Total player paid: 73,673

And the overall leader board standings:

Place Name Country Points
1 cal42688 Mexico 730
2 calvin7v Finland 600
3 hummylun Canada 565
4 blanconegro Mexico 500
4 sandman201 Canada 500
6 Naza114 Netherlands 495
6 villepn Finland 495
8 nilsef Germany 480
9 vovtroy Russia 475
10 Lena900 Sweden 460

Full leader board standings, for Low, Medium, High and Overall, are on the SCOOP 2018 homepage.

6. Coming up on SCOOP on Wednesday

There are 15 new events starting today, three at each level of buy-in. Buy ins start at $11 and go all the way up to $5,200.
The events highlighted in bold feature guarantees of $1 million. Read reports of these final tables on the blog.

SCOOP-39-L – $11 NLO8 [6-Max], $25K Gtd Wed 16-May 11:00
SCOOP-39-M – $109 NLO8 [6-Max], $75K Gtd Wed 16-May 11:00
SCOOP-39-H – $1,050 NLO8 [6-Max], $175K Gtd Wed 16-May 11:00
SCOOP-40-L – $55 NLHE [8-Max, High Roller], $200K Gtd Wed 16-May 13:00
SCOOP-40-M – $530 NLHE [8-Max, High Roller], $500K Gtd Wed 16-May 13:00
SCOOP-40-H – $5,200 NLHE [8-Max, High Roller], $1M Gtd Wed 16-May 13:00
SCOOP-41-L – $22 HORSE, $30K Gtd Wed 16-May 14:30
SCOOP-41-M – $215 HORSE, $75K Gtd Wed 16-May 14:30
SCOOP-41-H – $2,100 HORSE, $200K Gtd Wed 16-May 14:30
SCOOP-42-L – $22 NLHE [Heads-Up], $40,960 Gtd Wed 16-May 16:00
SCOOP-42-M – $215 NLHE [Heads-Up], $102,400 Gtd Wed 16-May 16:00
SCOOP-42-H – $2,100 NLHE [Heads-Up], $256K Gtd Wed 16-May 16:00
SCOOP-43-L – $11 NLHE, $50K Gtd Wed 16-May 19:00
SCOOP-43-M – $109 NLHE, $150K Gtd Wed 16-May 19:00
SCOOP-43-H – $1,050 NLHE, $300K Gtd Wed 16-May 19:00

Find all the details of this year’s series, including the schedule and leader board information, on the SCOOP 2018 homepage.

Bonus features

If you’re familiar with his videos you’ll know that Jaime Staples has had quite the year, winning a remarkable weight loss prop bet with his brother Matt (who had the reverse job of putting on weight). They succeeded by using discipline and determination (and that financial incentive) but also with the help of a personal trainer Matt Vacanti.

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It’s well worth reading, even if you already have abs and less than ten per cent body fat. You can do that by clicking here.

Talking of Jaime, he’s back with his latest SCOOP Video Diary. Watch that below before reading on for details of the exclusive SCOOP Diaries freeroll that’s coming up.

PokerStars Blog has teamed up with Jaime Staples for a freeroll featuring some amazing value.

We’re giving away 25 x $109 tournament tickets for the SCOOP Main Event [Low] which has a guaranteed prize pool of $1,500,000.

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