SCOOP 2018 Day 9: Introducing the Golden Scythe Awards

May 15, 2018

Today in SCOOP…

• Introducing the Golden Scythe Award
• The biggest results from the day
• Who won what?
• Today’s SCOOP 2018 winners map
• The Unofficial SCOOP STAT Tracker
• Coming up on Tuesday

1. Who is the deadliest of them all?

Have you ever wondered who is the most lethal player in online poker?

Which players are particularly good at dispatching the opposition?

And exactly how good?

We plan to find out by keeping score of all SCOOP eliminations.

Golden Scythe Dispatch HQ: Find out who has the most KOs, as well as how many you have so far in SCOOP 2018

Each day we’ll post the latest standings showing which players are the most dangerous in the business.

It may offer some consolation to anyone beaten by someone who turns out to be the most dangerous player in the tournament.

Which must be better than finding you’ve been eliminated by some new guy claiming his first scalp.

Actually, we’ll be keeping track of that too.

It’s a new way to compare your own performance against others. Whether that’s SCOOP winners, Team Pros, or just your friends.

Check back each day to see which position you occupy.

And if you top one of our leader boards, you’ll win what is the newest, most original, and possibly the most ridiculous title in poker right now:

The PokerStars Blog Golden Scythe Award

Official rankings start today, and you can find them on what will be our dedicated Golden Scythe Dispatch HQ. (LINK)
Welcome to a new way to obsess about the game.

Click here to start obsessing.

2. The headlines

Three names headline the day’s SCOOP results: wizowizo, Andre_Hansen and RuiNF.

You can put those in any order you like.

The most obvious is the first one. Ole “wizowizo” Schemion won SCOOP 32-H, a little more than a week after finishing eighth in the EPT Monte Carlo Main Event, and fourth in the Super High Roller.

As Pauly McGuire wrote for the blog, “Once Ole Schemion secured the chip lead at the $10K PLO High Roller final table, no one else had a fighting chance.”

It proved the case, with a win for Schemion worth $283,260. Read the full story here.

Then there was Andre-Hansen of Ukraine, who took down SCOOP 31-H for $229,784, also known as the Sunday Million Special Edition. Jason Kirk had the full report, which you can read here.

Finally, RuiNF finally got his second SCOOP 2018 title following his win in SCOOP 17-H last week. This one came in SCOOP 30-H.

The Dutchman won $196,407 this time around, up against some of the toughest opponents in the game. Al Rash had the full story, which you can read here.

Elsewhere there were other significant wins, including a second for Tr!pleeeee in SCOOP 28-M. Calvin7v got on this year’s winners list in SCOOP 28-L.

2. Who won what?

There were 12 events won overnight. The full list is below.

SCOOP-28-L – $5.50 NLHE, $30K Gtd calvin7v Finland $4,431.61 6358 $31,154.20 1043
SCOOP-28-M – $55 NLHE, $100K Gtd Tr!pleeeee Poland $15,406.49 2059 $102,950.00 287
SCOOP-28-H – $530 NLHE, $200K Gtd sincinaty118 Ireland $33,881.86 400 $200,000.00 47
SCOOP-29-L – $11 NLHE [8-Max, Progressive KO, Mini Sunday Kickoff SE], $75K Gtd GhRibeiro Brazil $7,204.98 11504 $112,739.20 1903
SCOOP-29-M – $109 NLHE [8-Max, Progressive KO, Sunday Kickoff SE], $250K Gtd ZIIGMUND FIN Finland $30,304.95 4244 $424,400.00 591
SCOOP-29-H – $1,050 NLHE [8-Max, Progressive KO], $500K Gtd IIIini213 Costa Rica $63,500.05 746 $746,000.00 87
SCOOP-30-L – $22 NLHE [6-Max], $150K Gtd amsterAKov13 Ukraine $26,896.87 9928 $198,560.00 1631
SCOOP-30-M – $215 NLHE [6-Max, Sunday Warm-Up SE], $500K Gtd digopapel Brazil $92,834.09 3222 $644,400.00 443
SCOOP-30-H – $2,100 NLHE [6-Max], $1M Gtd RuiNF Netherlands $196,407.42 556 $1,112,000.00 71
SCOOP-31-L – $5.50 NLHE, $50K Gtd n1ckoftime Thailand $9,088.58 17348 $85,005.20 2861
SCOOP-31-M – $55 NLHE [Mini Sunday Million SE], $250K Gtd Slaassh Sweden $73,676.61 11273 $563,650.00 1601
SCOOP-31-H – $530 NLHE [Sunday Million SE], $1M Gtd Andre_Hansen Ukraine $229,784.45 3191 $1,595,500.00 395
SCOOP-32-L – $109 PLO [6-Max, High Roller], $200K Gtd NikolayBibov Belarus $38,283.14 2970 $297,000.00 479
SCOOP-32-M – $1,050 PLO [6-Max, High Roller], $500K Gtd ROFLshove Mexico $121,773.21 710 $710,000.00 95
SCOOP-32-H – $10,300 PLO [6-Max, High Roller], $1M Gtd wizowizo Austria $283,260.92 126 $1,260,000.00 14

For all the latest results from SCOOP go to the SCOOP 2018 homepage.

3. The SCOOP winner map, with a join-the-dots game free inside

Here’s the map of all SCOOP winners around the world, with SCOOP-H winners marked in red.

Remarkably, SCOOP winners, by total coincidence, have created a join the dots game to enjoy.

Can you tell what it is yet?

4. STAT tracker

The official SCOOP Stat Tracker (occasionally reliant on the “Smile and wave boys, smile and wave” Data System).

Events played: 93
Total entries: 403,561
Total prize money: $41,380,140.60
Total player paid: 63,984

And the overall leader board standings:

Place Name Country Points Previous
1 cal42688 Mexico 670 1
2 hummylun Canada 550 6
3 calvin7v Finland 540 2
4 villepn Finland 490 3
5 nilsef Germany 460 4
5 Naza114 Netherlands 460 10
5 sandman201 Canada 460 5
8 Lena900 Sweden 450 6
9 blanconegro Mexico 445 9
10 goleafsgoeh Canada 425 10
10 vovtroy Russia 425 8

Full leader board standings, for Low, Medium, High and Overall, are on the SCOOP 2018 homepage.

5. Coming up on SCOOP on Tuesday

There are nine new events starting today, three at each level of buy-in. Buy ins start at $5.50 and go up to $2,100.

The events highlighted in bold feature guarantees of $1 million. Read reports of these final tables on the blog.

10:00 SCOOP-36-L – $5.50 NLHE [Deep Stacks], $50K Gtd
10:00 SCOOP-36-M – $55 NLHE [Deep Stacks], $200K Gtd
10:00 SCOOP-36-H – $530 NLHE [Deep Stacks], $400K Gtd
13:00 SCOOP-37-L – $22 NLHE [8-Max], $150K Gtd
13:00 SCOOP-37-M – $215 NLHE [8-Max, Mini Super Tuesday SE], $400K Gtd
13:00 SCOOP-37-H – $2,100 NLHE [8-Max, Super Tuesday SE], $1M Gtd
15:00 SCOOP-38-L – $5.50 PLO [4-Max, Progressive KO], $50K Gtd
15:00 SCOOP-38-M – $55 PLO [4-Max, Progressive KO], $100K Gtd
15:00 SCOOP-38-H – $530 PLO [4-Max, Progressive KO], $200K Gtd

Find all the details of this year’s series, including the schedule and leader board information, on the SCOOP 2018 homepage.

Bonus features

A reminder that the PokerStars Blog has teamed up with Jaime Staples for a freeroll featuring some amazing value.

We’re giving away 25 x $109 tournament tickets for the SCOOP Main Event [Low] which has a guaranteed prize pool of $1,500,000.

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