SCOOP 2020: High stakes cash pro “Lackoo87gcb” on $55 #7-M victory: “I wasn’t a big fan of PKOs, now I’m starting to like them!”

May 18, 2020inPoker

Every poker player’s journey is different. For many, a large five-figure score in a Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) event would be a gamechanger, literally and figuratively. For others, it merely recoups their losses.

“The $55 Progressive Knock-Out was at the bottom end of my buy-in range,” says László “Lackoo87gcb” Molnár, winner of the SCOOP #7-M. “SCOOP is normally a very expensive series for me, but this year it has been funded by an early victory.”

That victory was worth $56,713 ($37,896 plus $18,816 in bounties), as Molnár managed to navigate his way through a 15,879 field to lock up his first SCOOP title.

“Winning a SCOOP feels amazing and I feel extremely lucky, especially with the huge field size,” he says. “Now I’ll have to keep grinding and win some more tourneys.”

It’s certainly not bad for someone who claims to have not liked PKOs prior to his prosperity. “I wasn’t a big fan of PKOs as they’re quite complicated,” he admits. “It’s a very popular format now, though, and after this, I think I’m starting to like it!”

Molnár can afford such an expensive SCOOP series through his work at the high stakes cash game tables. The 32-year-old pro from Budapest, Hungary started playing poker at university with friends before switching to online, grinding up a $50 bankroll to become a regular in games with buy-ins ranging from $5/$10 up to $50/$100.

“I enjoy MTTs as I like to study the format, but it’s a very hard game,” he says. “Tournaments can be so swingy and so frustrating. I can’t imagine myself only playing MTTs as it’s just too hard emotionally. If you are winning at your stakes playing cash games, you can enjoy a far steadier income.”

The allure of becoming a SCOOP champion entices him to tournaments at the same time each year, though.

“I’ve been trying to win a SCOOP for a very long time,” he says. “I try every year!”

Perseverance pays off. Congratulations László.



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