SCOOP 2021: Glaser makes it six and first for Mathis, as series entries pass 1 million

April 21, 2021inPoker

Another 16 titles were awarded in the 2021 Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) on PokerStars, with one star name winning a career sixth. All the latest news and results coming right up…


• The RunGodlike run-good continues
• Mathis still grinding success from Mexico
• Milly heads to Belarus
• jedimaster82 still PLO boss


Glaser smiles in number six

Six and counting for Glaser: Benny “RunGodlike” Glaser has been sharing some of his immense knowledge with viewers of the PokerStars Twitch channel this year, offering expert mixed-games commentary on a Friday night. If ever you needed convincing that he is a man worth listening to, Glaser last night won his sixth SCOOP title, mastering the $215 buy-in PLO Six-Max. There were 1,085 entries, none of whom really stood a chance as soon as Glaser had also entered. The brilliant Brit closed it out in a late-night heads-up duel against “HugoBozz888” of the Netherlands, and took $29,549, including close to $15K in bounties. Glaser has won at least one title every year in SCOOP since 2018 (as well as one from 2016) and last night’s success continues that amazing streak. One suspects he is far from done yet.

Glaser’s six SCOOP titles:
2021 – 73-M: $215 PLO 6-Max, PKO – $29,549
2020 – 06-H: $2,100 8-Game – $54,853.75
2019 – 13-M: $215 2-7 Triple Draw – $14,667.30
2019 – 41-H: $1,050 8-Game – $45,840
2018 – 17L: $22 FLHE – $6,201.94
2016 – 33H: $2,100 Stud Hi/Lo – $54,390

Check out the full list of SCOOP’s multiple champions

More funds for ‘TheLipoFund’

Mexico’s Mathis claims first SCOOP: We’ve been writing about Marty “TheLipoFund” Mathis for more than a decade, back since he made a deep run at the 2011 PCA and was still licking his wounds a year later. We also caught up at an LAPT event in Peru, and then after he won the Super Tuesday in 2014. The American has always been a happy globetrotter, picking up significant cashes across the continents, but has been settled in Mexico for a few years — and it was from there that he won his first SCOOP title last night. This was a big one too. Mathis was the last man standing in the SCOOP-68-H, a $530 NLHE tournament, with a $750K prize pool. There were 1,497 entries and Mathis ended up beating Brazil’s Diego Emperador De Las Navas Falcone Moldes — aka “TheGrinderØ” — heads up for the title. De Las Navas Falcone Moldes has previously won during Stadium Series and Bounty Builder Series, and has more than $1 million in online earnings. But Mathis has been doing this a long, long time and came out on top for a $114,574 score.


Milly goes to Belarus: The enormous Sunday Million Special Edition, which took the form of a $55 buy-in PKO event this time around, played to its conclusion on Tuesday night, three days after it started. With the action streaming live on the PokerStars Twitch channel, “burningwind” of Belarus blasted through the last of the field, emerging as the winner when 28,643 other dreams had died. burningwind won $76,306, including $14,532 in bounties, which is a remarkable return on investment on their single entry to the event. Second place “margenov”, of Bulgaria, took took nearly $73K, only marginally less than burningwind, because of a better bounty haul through the earlier stages. It was a frantic finale that got done in a little over three hours. Watch it all again, with expert analysis, right here:

Lebo denies four-max double: The player known online as “Remi Lebo_10” has featured regularly in reports from major PokerStars series. The Ukrainian won a big one in SCOOP in 2018 and has a WCOOP title from 2019 too. Remi Lebo_10 was back at it last night too, taking down the $530 buy-in four-max event (SCOOP-70-H) for $51,375, including bounties. The final knockout denied Brazil’s “Pseudo Fruto” a second title of this series — and it would have been a second four-max title too. Pseudo Fruto previously won SCOOP-60-H: $1,050 NLHE 4-Max PKO, but was held in second place in this one. That’s seven places better than Ben “Spraggy” Spragg, whose Day 2 challenge ended in a ninth-place finish.

Another PLO masterclass from jedimaster82: There was a Sweden 1-2 in last night’s big PLO tournament, where “jedimaster82” beat countryman “anonymstruts” heads up at the end of this 198-entry tournament. jedimaster82 describes himself as a pro PLO player on Twitter and has the results to back it up, including victory in the $10K PLO Main Event in WCOOP last year. That title was worth more than $280K, and while last night’s “only” came with an $82,701 pay-cheque, it was still worth a thumbs up from the enigmatic Swede.

lol indeed as ‘XD89lol<3' wins second: There were relatively small fields in the NL 2-7 Single Draw tournaments, which played all the way through last night, but they each provided fascinating conclusions. It was particularly so in the $530 buy-in event, where Finland’s “XD89lol<3” went one better than their runner-up finish in the FL 2-7 Triple Draw earlier in the series. Back then, XD89lol<3 was second to Norway's "_sennj_", but this time there was no mistake and XD89lol<3 won a second career SCOOP, after taking down a Sunday Million Special Edition in 2018. (XD89lol<3 also has one WCOOP title and lifetime cashes of close to $1.8 million”.) The win was worth $13,447, including bounties. It was particularly hard-earned because the final table was a shark tank. “ibotown”, who won the medium edition of this event on the same night, finished sixth, Matt “MUSTAFABET” Ashton was fifth, Rinat “Zapahzamazki” Lyapin was fourth, Ari “BodogAri” Engel was third and Pedro “LgwZ” Grochocki, already a SCOOP champion this year, was second.


†inc. bounties
*after deal


With the conclusion of the enormous $55 Sunday Million Special Edition, the number of entries to SCOOP in total this year broke past 1 million. Every single year this series delivers incredible numbers, and here we are again. Winners have taken more than $12 million — and we still have a week left.

Latest standings:

Entries: 1,093,438 (inc. 225,103 re-entries)
Prize pools: $82,887,399
First place payouts: $12,131,168 (inc. $2,218,972 in bounties)
Tournaments completed: 216
Tournaments ongoing: 6
Tournaments starting today: 12

(Note: Stats from completed tournaments only)


It’s from two months ago, granted, but if Benny Glaser isn’t going to tweet about his SCOOP win, then let’s look at what he is prepared to tweet about:


We’ve been catching up with some of the stars of SCOOP to talk about their latest triumphs, including:

Marcos “masaldanha94″ Saldanha: Luck at the right moments
“Marcelinhobf” puts the pieces togerher for $34K win
Dejan “dejanlc357” Kaladjurdjevic: First ever from Montenegro — and he’s won three!
Daniel Almeida: Study brings success
Francesco “dottorsydUK” La Cognata makes the most of his free time
Elias “SinKarma” Gutierrez on winning title with 15,000 watching
Fagner “FagnerCR7” Brito one step closer to ambition of turning pro


Here’s another perfect example of why Spraggy connects to the everyday poker player so well. He reads his opponent perfectly, but simply cannot find the fold. We have all been there…


There were no huge moves in the leader board overnight, with Brazil’s two titles enough to keep the South Americas well ahead, even after the UK picked up another three. Meanwhile Mexico doubled its tally.

Latest standings:

38 – Brazil
24 – Russia
23 – UK
13 – Sweden
11 – Netherlands
10 – Finland
9 – Canada
8 – Germany
7 – Poland, Romania
6 – Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary
5 – Norway
4 – Denmark, Greece, Mexico, Ukraine
3 – Belarus, Bulgaria, Montenegro
2 – Argentina, Croatia, Latvia, Malta
1 – Belgium, Bolivia, Chile, Estonia, Ireland, Japan, Lithuania, Moldova, New Zealand, Uruguay, Uzbekistan.


SCOOP really explores poker’s furthest reaches today with a HORSE event starting things off and a fixed-limit Badugi event also on the schedule. Come on mixed game sickos, this is for you. There’s also a $1 million guarantee on the $5K High Roller, which is the high tier of SCOOP-77.

76-L: $11 HORSE, $25K Gtd
76-M: $109 HORSE, $50K Gtd
76-H: $1,050 HORSE, $85K Gtd

77-L: $55 NLHE, $350K Gtd
77-M: $530 NLHE, $800K Gtd
77-H: $5,200 NLHE High Roller, $1M Gtd

78-L: $11 FL Badugi 6-Max, $10K Gtd
78-M: $109 FL Badugi 6-Max, $25K Gtd
78-H: $1,050 FL Badugi 6-Max, $50K Gtd

79-L: $11 NLHE PKO, $50K Gtd
79-M: $109 NLHE PKO, $200K Gtd
79-H: $1,050 NLHE PKO, $300K Gtd


There is nothing so fragile as a Player of the Series leader board lead. No sooner had Patrick Leonard taken over at the top of the Overall standings than the relentless “aleksandrs10” of Russia overtook him. Not much is known about aleksandrs10, except for the fact that he is a ‘COOP machine, playing almost every event and cashing plenty. In tournaments concluding last night, for instance, he cashed eight times:

1,481 in 64-L
2,198 in 68-L
984th in 70-L
75th in 70-H
295th in 71-L
25th in 73-M
2,417 in 75-L
180th in 75-M

That’s how you win a leader board.

Here’s the latest standings:

Overall Player of the Series
1 – aleksandrs10, Russia – 1,235 points
2 – Patrick “pads1161” Leonard, UK – 1,195
3 – Jussi “calvin7v” Nevanlinna, Finland – 1,190
4 – Ilari “Fabahaba” Tahkokallio, Finland – 1,100
5 – Rinat “Zapahzamazki” Lyapin, Russia – 1,090

Winner: $25,000 + Trophy

1 – Patrick “pads1161” Leonard, UK – 715 points
=2 – Simon “C. Darwin2” Mattsson, Sweden – 610
=2 – Niklas “Lena900” Astedt, Sweden – 610
4 – Jonah “RaiseUpBlind” Silverstein, Canada – 570
5 – Jussi “calvin7v” Nevanlinna, Finland – 535

Prizes: 1st – $15,000 + Trophy; 2nd – $10,000; 3rd – $5,000

1 – aleksandrs10, Russia – 575 points
2 – Ilari “Fabahaba” Tahkokallio, Finland – 485
3 – römpsä, Finland – 405
4 – Scarmak3r, Slovenia – 365
5 – Rinat “Zapahzamazki” Lyapin – 360

Prizes: 1st – $10,000 + Trophy; 2nd – $7,500; 3rd – $5,000 (10 players rewarded)

1 – FONBET_RULIT, Russia – 545 points
2 – phil_a-QQ, Germany – 485
3 – KaiHix, Netherlands – 450
4 – rawsignature, Norway – 445
5 – andreyayo9, Canada – 440

Prizes: 1st – $5,000 + Trophy; 2nd – $2,500; 3rd – $1,500 (20 players rewarded)

See official SCOOP page for more details


PokerStars’ streaming army will be out in force during this SCOOP, with all of Lex Velduis, Spraggy, Fintan “easywithaces” Hand, Arlie “Prince Pablo” Shaban, Mason “Pyefacepoker” Pye and Georgina “GJReggie” James certain to be playing most, if not all, days.

The PokerStars central Twitch and YouTube account will also be streaming cards-up final table action five nights a week. Here’s the schedule.

SCOOP 2021 broadcast schedule


Day 1: Opening night salvos
Day 2: Bujitas and Brazil win big
Day 3: Shakerchi reigns as superstars dominate
Day 4: Double for Montenegro, plus Mateos and Malinowski
Day 5: Two in a night for Nevanlinna; three for Montenegro
Day 6: Lex denied by Padilha
Day 7: Two $1m+ prize pools, and more Lex
Day 8: Astedt and Mulder take customary titles
Day 9: Two in a night for Mattsson
Day 10: Viera crushes again as Moorman wins first
Day 11: Mateos does it again, huge night for Brazil
Day 12: Benitez and Badziakouski take headlines
Day 13: More titles for Leonard, Theologis, Track and WhatIfGod
Day 14: Back-to-back for Leonard as Pye claims one for Red Spade


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