SCOOP: drawmyface sketches a win in Event #9, $215 2-7 TD

April 07, 2009


A field of 439 players showed up ready to draw their way to the top of SCOOP’s medium tier Event #9, 2-7 Triple Draw. That was short of the 500 needed to surpass the guarantee, so the event had a $100,000 prize pool with $19,000 going to first place.

Several Team PokerStars Pro players showed up to play, including Marcin Horecki, Chad Brown, Ivan Demidov, Greg Raymer, and Victor Ramdin, but only Alex Kravchenko would make the money by finishing in 66th place. Several other notable players also cashed, including Boosted J (47th), BodogAri (40th), SCOOP Event #2 $1,080 PLO/8 champion finsfan7 (26th), and SamENole (9th).

When the final table began, stakes were at 10K/20K and the average stack was 365,833. The players were:

Seat 1: 1cnote (170,511)
Seat 2: Kaila (266,994)
Seat 3: drawmyface (441,927)
Seat 4: Boykee (364,071)
Seat 5: arjun13 (727,024)
Seat 6: Jon9ball (224,473)

SCOOP-09-M final table.jpg

From the very beginning the game moved very quickly, true to its reputation as an action junkie’s dream. arjun13 came in with the biggest stack at 36 big bets and looked determined to get as many of those chips in play as possible. He quickly dropped two pots, one worth 115K at showdown against drawmyface’s 9-6-4-3-2, and another worth 135K where he bet out after the third draw and folded to a raise from Jon9ball. But then he took a 200K pot won against 1cnote at showdown with 8-7-6-3-2 to get nearly back to where he’d started.

1cnote managed to get back most of his losses to arjun13 a few orbits later when the two players got in four bets each before the first draw. The last two draws saw each player draw one card and the action go bet-call, and it was the all-in 1cnote’s 7-6-5-4-2 taking the pot from arjun13 and his 8-7-6-4-2 to stay alive in the tournament.

Despite all the action, the chip counts remained mostly unchanged for the first five orbits while the players exchanged chips, with the exception of drawmyface pulling even with arjun13. Then drawmyface dropped 50K to Jon9ball before the break began.

A few orbits back from the break, with stakes at 12K/24K, drawmyface and arjun13 would tangle again. arjun13 wouldmuck his cards when drawmyface showed 7-6-5-4-2 and took down the biggest pot of the table so far (228K). drawmyface then followed it with two more pots worth a total of 288K against Boykee, giving him the chip lead with 818,927.

That was the beginning of the end for Boykee, who would soon drop another 60K before folding to a check-raise from arjun13 after the second draw. Two hands later Boykee got his last 56K in the middle against arjun13 and drew a single card on all three draws. But he couldn’t beat 7-6-4-3-2, making him the first casualty of the final table in sixth place with $3,200.

A few orbits later, with stakes now up to 16K/32K, 1cnote would take the lead with pots worth 264K, 258K, and 168K. arjun13 found himself down to just 165K after that stretch, with Jon9ball even shorter at 117K. Then Jon9ball ran his 9-8-4-3-2 into drawmyface’s 9-7-6-5-2 and was left with just 21K in his stack. Two hands later he would get all-in and make a 9-7-6-4-3, but he exited in fifth place when Kaila showed 8-7-6-5-2 for the pot. Jon9ball took home $5,000 for his effort.

With only three other opponents left between him and the title, it was time for 1cnote to ramp up the aggression. He moved over the 1,000,000 chip mark and crippled Kaila when he stood pat after the second draw with 8-7-5-3-2. Kaila would double up once before drawmyface’s T-7-6-4-3 was good enough to send her home in fourth place with $7,000.

1cnote held the chip lead as three-handed played started, but two pots would change that situation. arjun13 took two pots from him worth a combined total of 248K, and then drawmyface would win three consecutive pots – 160K, 192K, and 168K – to jump over 1,000,000 himself and assume the role of chip leader. Those two would continue to butt heads for about a dozen hands while arjun13 mostly sat back on the short stack and looked for a big hand. But the first one that arjun13 played, a multiway pot with both big stacks involved, ended with him folding after the third draw and holding just 189K in his stack.

The stakes rose on the next hand to 20K/40K, leaving arjun13 a choice: get his chips in action or find himself eliminated. “it’s 9:40 am here so im gonna try and win this fast,” he typed into the chat box, and he held true to his word. He managed to make up a little ground but mostly held his position. Then 1cnote jumped ahead thanks to a string of pots against drawmyface that pushed him upwards of 1.2 million while drawmyface dropped to 553K.

The lure of another multiway pot would be the undoing of arjun13, dropping him to just 79K when drawmyface’s 8-7-5-4-3 held up to grab the 320K in the middle. He would find himself all-in after against 1cnote, drawing two cards after the second draw, but he ended with Q-Q-9-6-3 against his opponent’s T-8-7-5-2 to finish in third place with $10,250.

Now there were just two players and the chip counts looked like this:

Seat 1: 1cnote (1,451,606)
Seat 3: drawmyface (743,394)

The action was even faster heads-up as it had been through the entire final table, averaging between six and eight hands per minute. Most of the early pots failed to go past the first draw. 1cnote stayed aggressive and picked up some ground, only to fall back to where he started on the 13th hand heads-up when drawmyface’s 9-7-6-3-2 was good for a 240K pot. Then he quickly fired back, taking 400K when his 8-7-6-4-3 was good against drawmyface’s mucked cards. When the five-minute break rolled around, 1cnote held the lead with 1,541,606.

When the players returned stakes went up again, this time to 25K/50K, and the pressure on drawmyface as the shorter stack went up as well. Both players realized this and the game stayed an aggressive affair with three bets often going in before and after the first draw, and they each took turns making the other back down without showing their cards.

After about 40 hands heads-up, drawmyface won 10 of 11 pots to run up to even things up at around 1.1 million. Then the two settled into a back-and-forth rhythm claiming pots without showdown. While 1cnote claimed fewer pots, the ones he did take down were generally bigger, including one worth 500K that put him back with the lead he had at the start of the heads-up match.

With stakes now at 30K/60K, the next 65 hands would see 1cnote apply consistent and effective pressure, whittling drawmyface down to nearly nothing. But one of the hallmarks of an action game is that just a few pots can turn things around completely. That’s exactly what happened for drawmyface, who narrowed his deficit to less than 600K when his 8-6-5-3-2 held up for a pot worth 660K.

The next 40 hands would be mostly back and forth again, but three key pots (worth 720K, 560K, and 400K) would vault drawmyface into the lead with over 1.5 million just as the stakes went up again, this time to 40K/80K. He would maintain his lead for the next 76 hands before another five-minute break came around with the chip stacks looking like this:

Seat 1: 1cnote (856,606)
Seat 3: drawmyface (1,338,394)

With stakes now at 50K/100K and each big bet representing 20 players’ buy-ins, the match was reaching truly epic proportions. After 30 hands of tennis-like back and forth pots, drawmyface would finally pull away for good by winning four pots in a row for a total of 1.9 million chips. That left 1cnote down to less than one big blind, and three hands later drawmyface would finally close out another chapter of SCOOP history when his 9-8-7-6-3 just squeezed past 1cnote’s T-9-5-4-3.

For the win, drawmyface takes home $19,000 and a SCOOP champion’s watch, while 1cnote gets $14,000 for his runner-up finish. In the end the two competitors played a total of 259 hands over the course of their marathon duel. Both of them deserve full congratulations for their show of determination and endurance in pursuit of SCOOP glory.

Final table results

1. drawmyface – $19,000
2. 1cnote – $14,000
3. arjun13 – $10,250
4. Kaila – $7,000
5. Jon9ball – $5,000
6. Boykee – $3,200


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