SCOOP: “Dumping”KGB wins cold war in Event #16-H $2,100 2x Shootout

May 09, 2010

scoop2009_thn.gifThe Double Shootout. 100 enter. Only one survives.

Simply put, if you win back to back 10-handed SNGS, then you win a SCOOP title and $60,000 in cash. The price of admission? A mere $2,100.

With only 100 seats available, popular event was filled 24 hours before the schedule start time. Only the final table of ten get paid prize money.

Team PokerStars Pros in the shootout field included Victor Ramdin, Pat Pezzin, Jason Mercier, Noah Boeken, Sebastian Ruthenberg and Jorj95.

The toughest starting table in the field might have been table #9, which also included Event #5 winner Joe “floes” Serock….

Seat 1: elitelive
Seat 2: S.Ruthenberg
Seat 3: “Dumping”KGB
Seat 4: Opperstoof69
Seat 5: KipsterDK
Seat 6: JasonMercier
Seat 7: j.thaddeus
Seat 8: floes
Seat 9: Jorj95
Seat 10: bdubs3737

The first player to bust in the 2x shootout? Grey Poopon lasted only twenty minutes before embarking on the walk of shame after busting out in 100th place.

From 100 to 10

– It took only 2.5 hours before the first player advanced to the final table, when Kleath’s Kings held up against sebldom’s A♠9♣, which guaranteed himself a cut of the prize money. Kleath been running good on PokerStars this year with victories in two $109 Rebuys.

– The second player to advance to the final round was e1mdopp after four-flushing SHIPP ITT with pocket eights.

– Fil Gordon won his table, becoming the third player to move on to the finals. He crippled Allnwithda.. with J♥J♣, and Allnwithda.. busted out shortly after.

– Team PokerStars online pro Jorj95 drew three other PokerStars Team Pros at his table. And, he busted two of them: Jason Mercier and Sebastian Ruthenberg. He found himself heads up against “Dumping”KGB to determine which one of them was going to advance. When the dust settled, only “Dumping”KGB was left standing.

– The fifth spot was secured by slammedfire, who flopped a straight against philbort to send him home.

– Aaron Been defeated a short-stacked TMay420 to lock up his spot at the final table.

– French-Canadian pro Phil ‘Takechip’ D’Auteuil took out xxjondxx when his A♠K♣ outflopped pocket tens. Takechip advanced to another final table at this year’s SCOOP.

– Leave the gun. Take the cannolis. Godfatti rubbedout GripDsNutz to advance to the final table. GripDsNutz had shoved with Q♥J♦ only to run into Godfatti’s pocket aces.

– The next-to-last spot was secured by inissint in a prolonged slugfest with Steve “gboro780” Gross. On the final hand, inissint’s A♦K♦ held up against A♥J♣. gboro780 busted in 12th place and inissint moved on to the final table.

– Four hours into the event, nine out of the ten final table seats were filled. One single table was still running in the shootout, a heads-up match between Noah “Exclusive” Boeken and yurabond. The loser in the match would become a Double Bubble Boy — bubbling out of the money and bubbling off the final table.

Boeken held a lead for the early part of heads-up until the two got in all-in on a flop of 9♦8♠3♠. Yurabond checked, Boeken bet 1,000, and Yurabond check-raised to 3,000. Boeken shoved for 27,856. Yurabond called all-in for this last 17,474. Boeken was ahead with 10♦10♣ but he had to fade a flush draw (and an over) against yurabond’s A♠5♠. The turn was the 7♦, but the 2♠ flushed out Boeken. He slipped to under 8,000.

Over the next forty or so minutes, Boeken mounted a mini-comeback and grinded his way back to a respectable 18K in chips. However, yurabond was finally able to thwart Boeken’s attack and knock him out. Boeken got it all in preflop with K♥Q♠ against yurabond’s A♥J♣. Boeken could not improve his hand and the Dutch pro bubbled out in 11th place.

The Final Table


SCOOP Event #16-H $2,100 NL 2x Shootout – Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: kleath (5,000)
Seat 2: yurabond (5,000)
Seat 3: Godfatti (5,000)
Seat 4: AaronBeen (5,000)
Seat 5: slammedfire (5,000)
Seat 6: takechip (5,000)
Seat 7: inissint (5,000)
Seat 8: e1mdopp (5,000)
Seat 9: “Dumping”KGB (5,000)
Seat 10: Fil Gordon (5,000)

It took five hours for a final table to be set and it almost took five hours to finish. Kleath had won his table in 2.5 hours, so he had the longest downtime, while yurabond didn’t have any time to celebrate because he was instantly moved to the final table the moment after he busted Noah Boeken in 11th.

The final table players started with 5,000 chips each and playing thirty minute levels.

The first half hour included passive play and an even more passive discussion of a “payout adjustment.” Aaron Been jumped out as the early leader, but soon overtaken by takechip.

The first three levels did not feature much significant action, aside from takechip doubling his starting stack to 10,000, and Inissint cracking AaronBeen’s Aces with a set of Kings.

E1mdopp Whiffs in 10th

After three slow-plodding methodical levels, the pace picked up with the first elimination at the final table. E1mdopp pushed his luck when he check-raised all-in with a flush draw on the flop of A♦9♠5♦ and holding K♦10♦. AaronBeen called with A♠Q♠, and running fives gave him a full house. AaronBeen won the hand, and e1mdopp was eliminated in 10th place, collecting $5,5000.

Kleath Cleaned Out in 9th

Multi-way pot. On a flop of Q♦10♣2♠, Godfatti and slammedfire checked to kleath who bet 500. Godfatti check-raised to 1,170, slammedfired folded, and kleath called. The turn was the 7♣. Godfatti shoved for his last 2,500. Kleath had him covered by 6 chips and called with K♣Q♠, only to discover that he was trailing Godfatti’s A♣A♥. The river was the 9♣ and kleath was crippled. He couldn’t do much with 6 chips and busted on the next hand. For a 9th place finish, kleath collected $6,400.

Slammedfire Extinguished in 8th

“Dumping”KGB opened and slammedfire shoved for 2.2K. “Dumping”KGB called with A♦K♦. Slammedfire’s J♦J♠ were still ahead after the flop, but an A♠ gave “Dumping”KGB the lead and his aces held up. Slammedfire’s run had come to an end with a 7th place finish and a $7,500 paycheck.

A-Q Foiled by A-K; Inissint Busto in 7th

AaronBeen opened, Inissint three-bet shoved, and AaronBeen called. Inissint’s A♦Q♠ was way behind AaronBeen’s A♠K♦. Inissint failed to deliver a proper suckout and faded out in 7th place, which paid out $8,800.

With six to go, takechip retained the lead with 10K, but that would soon change. Fil Gordon took command of the lead and pushed his stack to over 13K after winning pots from AaronBeen, “Dumping”KGB and Godfatti. Meanwhile, yurabond slowly chipped up to 10K and takechip sunk to under 5K.

AaronBeen Missed Big Draw and Busts in 6th

What might have been for AaronBeen? He got it all in with a monster draw against two big pairs. If he had won the hand, then he would have seized the chip lead. Here’s how the hand transpired… “Dumping”KGB opened to 475. Fil Gordon called and AaronBeen called from his big blind. The flop was J♠8♦4♠. AaronBeen checked. “Dumping”KGB bet 735. Fil Gordon called. AaronBeen check-raised all-in for 6,615. “Dumping”KGB called all-in for 4,401. Fil Gordon had both players covered and called.

“Dumping”KGB: A♥A♦
Fil Gordon: K♥K♠
AaronBeen: Q♠7♠

AaronBeen had a flush draw and picked up a gutshot when the 10♥ fell on the turn. The river was the 10♦ and AaronBeen’s hand did not improve. He was eliminated in 6th place and won $11,000. “Dumping”KGB won the pot when his aces held up, and he increased his lead to over 17K.

You can also check out the hand on the replayer…

RSS readers must click through to see the replay

Takechip Taken Out in 5th

Godfatti min-raised from under the gun. Takechip shoved all-in for 3,829. Godfatti called with A♦Q♦, and Takechip was in trouble with K♠Q♥. The board ran out 8♣7♣4♥7♠J♠ and takechip busted in 5th place, winning $14,000. Godfatti improved his stack to over 10K.

Godfatti Whacked

Fil Gordon opened for 600 and Godfatti shoved all-in for 5,495. Fil Gordon called with A♣7♥ and was ahead of Godfatti’s A♥4♦. The flop was 6♦2♦2♥, and Godfattipicked up a gutshot when the 5♣ fell on the turn. However, the 10♣ did not help him and he was eliminated in 4th place. Godfatti collected $19,800.

Fil Gordon’s stack moved up to 22.3K, good enough for the overall lead.

Threes Even

Yurabond won a crucial hand to snag the chip lead as all three remaining players were very close to one another in chips. A deal was discussed momentarily, but was quickly dismissed by yurabond.

“Dumping”KGB went to work and pulled away with a small pot. He opened and yurabond called. The flop was Q♦10♠3♥. Yurabond checked. “Dumping”KGB bet 855 and yurabond called. The turn was the J♠. Yurabond bet out 2,250 and “Dumping”KGB called. The A♠ fell on the river and both players checked. At showdown, “Dumping”KGB’s A♦Q♣ took the pot over yurabond’s 10♥9♠.

Yurabond Junked in 3rd

Fil Gordon opened for 600. Yurabond raised to 1,900. Fil Gordon four-bet shoved for 10,705. Yurabond called for his last 8,805.

yurabond: Q♠Q♦
Fil Gordon: 9♣5♣

Yurabond was way ahead, but Fil Gordon flopped a flush draw. Fil Gordon promptly got there on the turn, but yurabond still had outs for boat… and… missed. Yurabond slipped to a paltry 2K, while Fil Gordon jumped up to 21K in chips (yet still behind Dumping”KGB with 26.3K.) Yurabond demise would come six hands later. His consolation prize was $27,000 for third place.

Heads Up Chip Counts:
Seat 9: “Dumping”KGB (36,625)
Seat 10: Fil Gordon (13,375)

“Dumping”KGB dominated heads-up play, winning 13 out of the 16 hands played. On the final hand…

Fil Gordon min-raised. “Dumping”KGB re-raised. Fil Gordon four-bet shoved four 12,861. “Dumping”KGB called with 9♥9♦and was ahead of Fil Gordon’s 8♣7♣. The board ran out K♥10♥5♦2♥8♥ and “Dumping”KGB finished up with a heart-flush. He won the pot and knocked Fil Gordon out in second place. Fil Gordon collected $40,000 while “Dumping”KGB took home $60,000 for the victory.

You can view the final hand with the hand replayer…

RSS readers must click through to see the replay

SCOOP Event #16-H $2,100 2x Shootout – Final Table Results:
1. “Dumping”KGB – $60,000
2. Fil Gordon – $40,000
3. yurabond – $27,000
4. Godfatti – $19,800
5. takechip – $14,000
6. AaronBeen – $11,000
7. inissint – $8,800
8. slammedfire – $7,500
9. kleath – $6,400
10. e1mdopp – $5,500

There’s still plenty of time to get in on all the SCOOP action. Check out our SCOOP page for more information and a full schedule of events.


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