SCOOP: He rules them all, kingcoles80 wins Event #4 $16.50 buy-in

April 04, 2009


There are the long drawn out tournament battles as seen at the Sunday Million here at PokerStars every week. You could have viewed one of those battle in the nearly 18 hour epic SCOOP Event #1’s NLHE rebuy tourneys last night (read the reviews of the high, medium, and low buy-ins here, here, and here). Tonight however players without a sense of urgency quickly found themselves getting blinded out as SCOOP Event #4’s Low Buy-in tournament reached its final table in under five hours with the pedal-to-the-metal blind structures. Near the final table bubble players were forced to preflop decisions and no post flop play as the average stack held under ten big blinds.

14,496 players lined up to pay a mere $16.50 for the lightning quick turbo fun and a shot at the first prize of $33,558.01. If the math isn’t working out while figuring out that big prize it’s because this was a second chance NLHE tournament and 7,876 people took advantage of that second chance and re-bought into the tourney pushing the total prize pool to $335,580.00 destroying the $100,000.00 guaranteed by PokerStars.

Watching the bustouts got a little blinding as bodies of the departed were still being carted off by the time another player would lose all of their chips. Places 15th, 14th, 13th, 12th, 11th came quickly and it was cadoro as the unfortunate bubble boy in tenth place. While playing five-handed he pushed from the button with 9♣ Q♦ to grab the 2.1 million chips in the middle but his 3.9 million chip bet wasn’t enough to deter kingcoles80 from pushing over the top with 6.8 million chips in the small blind with pocket jacks J♠ J♥. cadoro caught a couple of nines on the board but the flopped set of jacks for kingcoles80 left him looking for the last nine in the deck on the board of 7♣ 9♠ J♣ 9♥ and the 6♥ set up our final table below:

SCOOP 4 Final Table.jpg
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Seat 1: MuppetKing (4831412 in chips)
Seat 2: Battmeister (22420198 in chips)
Seat 3: blingATL (8662428 in chips)
Seat 4: kingcoles80 (19734171 in chips)
Seat 5: chuck2003 (23466874 in chips)
Seat 6: ACB KGB (5999228 in chips)
Seat 7: pattherat101 (7972313 in chips)
Seat 8: DeCampo (13202904 in chips)
Seat 9: telley80 (5570472 in chips)

Team PokerStars Pro Greg Raymer took some time to drop by the final table and provide some little hearted humor for our final nine as they kicked off the race for the $33K first place prize:

FossilMan: Who’s going to buy me a new car if they win?
FossilMan: I love these turbos I can sweat the entire final table in 30 hands
FossilMan: like watching the wsop on TV

The blinds would start at 600,000/1,200,000 ante 120,000 and in the longest stretch without a bustout for the past hour telley80 would bow out first. He took a hit for most of his chips after receiving the wrong end of a runner-runner the prior hand, when MuppetKing caught running queens after telley80 flopped top pair of aces on the 9♠ A♦ 4♠ Q♥ Q♣ board and was down to 1.8 million chips.
He would push those 1.8 million chips into the middle and find a caller in blingATL, kingcoles80 in the small blind had other ideas and shoved his 18 million chip stack over the top. blingATL got the message and folded as kingcoles80 turned over A♦ J♦ to telley80’s 7♠ A♠. A huge flush draw for telley80 would hit the J♠ 9♠ 5♥ flop but also gave kingcoles80 top pair. Needing running sevens or a spade, telley80 could only manage a single seven on the 4♦ turn and 7♥ river and finished in ninth place ($2,013.49).

Five hands later kingcoles80 would rule again as he sent blingATL home five hands later. Another dominating hand would hold up as kingcoles80 would turn over Q♠ A♥ to blingATL’s ten carat looking 4♠ A♠. The ace-queen of kingcoles80 proved to be platinum on the 2♣ Q♣ 9♣ 4♣ 7♠ board and blingATL would have to settle for eighth place and $3,020.23 to add to his jewelry collection.

DeCampo got back into the mix after this huge three way hand that sent one person home. Check out the video below:

RSS readers click through to see replay

And with the 18 million chip win, pattherat101 was shipped $5,033.71 in seventh place and ACB KGB was knocked down to the short stack…

… but not for long as ACB KGB would double up on the very next hand off MuppetKing when his J♠ Q♠ would out race MuppetKing’s 10♣ A♣ on the 6♠ 4♦ J♦ 7♠ 6♦ board for a decent-sized 19.1 million chip pot that left MuppetKing limping for life with just 1.4 million chips left and blinds at 800,000/1,600,000 ante 160,000.

Three hands after losing most of his stack, MuppetKing would play his last show against DeCampo. DeCampo would start the betting from UTG, shoving for his 17.6 million chip stack and getting a call by MuppetKing. The rest of the table sat back for the five cards to come out as DeCampo’s suited big slick K♥ A♠ was well ahead of MuppetKing’s 10♠ K♣. The board 6♦ K♠ 8♠ 8♣ 6♥ changed nothing as the Jim Henson fan was given $8,389.51 for his sixth place effort.

The very next hand the biggest pot of the tournament to this point would be awarded to ACB KGB. chuck2003 tried to snare the 3.4 million the middle with a button push with J♦ 8♣ for his 13.2 million chip stack. But ACB KGB woke up in the small blind with pocket jacks J♣ J♠ and the case jack on the 7♣ 6♣ J♥ flop all but ended things for chuck2003. The K♥ on the turn left no more doubt as the 28.6 million chip pot was sent to ACB KGB and $11,745.31 in real money was sent to chuck2003 for his fifth place effort.

The players would take a hit off the oxygen mask for the first time in the final table as there were no bustouts for ten whole hands! kingcoles80 decided to break the silence as he was facing a button push by DeCampo for 12.8 million. With 23 million in his stack kingcoles80 would make the call with pocket nines 9♠ 9♥. DeCampo turned over J♣ Q♥ and the race was on for the 27.3 million chip pot. Unfortunately for DeCampo the A♣ 5♠ 7♥ 5♦ 3♥ board could find no queens or jacks to appear and he was left to console himself with the $15,101.11 fourth place money he got for just five hours of play off a $16.50 buy-in.

Getting down to three handed Battmeister came up for air and attempted some chop talks but the other players kept mum as the blinds reached a staggering 1,000,000/2,000,000 ante 200,000.

Three-handed play lasted an epic novel-sized fourteen hands as kingcoles80 and Battmeister would turn up similar ace-jack hands for a 57 million chip pot and the chance to take the chip lead. Watch the dirty, dirty river play out below:

RSS readers click through to see replay

Flush on the river for kingcoles80 as his A♦ J♦ would catch after flopping a royal flush draw and right after Battmeister took leave in third place ($20,134.81) after that costly diamond on the river, the players had a lengthy chop discussion:

ACB KGB: split right down the middle?
kingcoles80: cool

Right along the lines of the turbo structure, the turbo two-way chop gave the heads-up players these amounts:

ACB KGB: $29,178.72
kingcoles80: $29,178.72

With $2,000 left aside for the epic heads up battle…

… that was over barely before the PokerStars host could type out the final chop numbers.

After the host divvied up the money, kingcoles80 went right to work by throwing out a eight million chip bet on the button. ACB KGB responded with a push for his 54.1 million chip stack and someone was either going to win or left with scraps as kingcoles80 made the call.

kingcoles80: K♦ 10♠

ACB KGB had the preflop advantage with the suited ace-queen and looked good on the 5♠ J♠ 7♥ flop. Having three million less chips meant his tournament life was on the line, and that life took a blow when the K♣ rained down on the turn leaving ACB KGB searching for a ten or an ace on the river to continue on. It was not to be as the 6♥ river sent all of the 108.7 million tournament chips into kingcoles80’s stack and ACB KGB would take home the chopped $29,178.72 as the runner-up.

The final table took twenty more hands then Mr. Raymer predicted, but it was good to be kingcoles80 as he walked away from the final table $31,178.72 richer in winning the SCOOP Event #4 low buy-in tournament!

Event #4 SCOOP NLHE Second Chance (Low Buy-In) 04-03-09

1. kingcoles80 $31,178.72
2. ACB KGB $29,178.72
3. Battmeister $20,134.81
4. DeCampo $15,101.11
5. chuck2003 $11,745.31
6. MuppetKing $8,389.51
7. pattherat101 $5,033.71
8. blingATL $3,020.23
9. telley80 $2,013.49


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