SCOOP: HighNetWorth rates best of 65 after Day 1, Event #20-M

May 10, 2010

SCOOP logo.gifThe “medium” version Event #20, sporting a $215 buy-in, in a sense replaced the Sunday Million this week, although would run as a two-day event and would carry a $2 million guarantee.

A total of 8,266 entered, meaning that unlike most of the events of this year’s SCOOP there was actually a decent overlay — of about $350,000 — for this one. The top 1,260 finishers would get paid, and whichever among them would outlast the rest stood to earn $294,000 for first prize.

It would take about seven-and-a-half hours for the cash bubble to burst, at which point deterydollers was atop the leaderboard, followed by Jonas_Bjerre, HighNetWorth, kostelo, and berkey11. With 1,000 players left, Jonas_Bjerre had moved into the lead, with Team PokerStars pro Hevad “RaiNKhaN” Khan having bulldozed his was into 10th place.

Joining Khan were ten other of his Team PokerStars colleagues, including Andres “lobojiji” Alisievicz who made the cash with a 981st finish. Also there with Khan was 2009 World Series of Poker champion Joe Cada, although he’d subsequently busted in 934th place.

With the blinds 800/1,600, Cada had open-raised to 3,900 from the button, then Bostero10 reraised all in for 75,021 from the small blind. The BB got out, and Cada called with his remaining 29,792 chips, showing A♠Q♥ to Bostero10’s K♦K♠. The flop came J♣K♣3♣, giving Bostero10 top set but Cada outs to Broadway. The turn was the Q♣, meaning a possible chop could happen if another non-pairing club fell. But the river was the 5♥, and Cada was done, having made a small cash.

Following Cada to the rail with cashes today were more PokerStars players, including Victor Ramdin (758th), Grzegorz “DaWarsaw” Mikielewicz (662nd), Marcin “Goral” Horecki (558th), and Anh Van Nguyen (532nd).

With 500 players remaining, Braisss had pulled out in front with 576,617, followed by im2tight (560,813), jakehekejnr (542,435), cocofrite (539,211), and kostelo (521,559). Hevad Khan had slipped back down to the counts to 184th, Henrique Pinho was in 269th, Randy “nanonoko” Lew was in 360th, and Mattian “mattidm” De Meulder was in 468th.

Pinho would perservere, continuing to maintain an average stack as more players hit the rail, including Hevad Khan in 359th, De Meulder in 341st, and Lew in 285th. At Pinho’s table was Event #18-L winner Jennifer “jennicide” Leigh, who after a long stretch as a short stack manage to built back up to average.

Soon after she’d win a big pot versus SWE_NIXON in which Leigh flopped a set of jacks, then check-raised all-in, getting SWE_NIXON to play her off with pocket aces. Take a look:

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That hand would put Leigh up to 24th with 180 players remaining. At that point — about 11 hours into play — captaincube led the way with 1.83 million, followed by powerhockey (1.65 million), pkrbt (1.48 million), brianm15 (1.37 million), and kostelo (1.27 million).

Soon one player — HighNetWorth — would begin pushing out ahead of the field, building a stack of 2 million, then 3 million, then 4 million as he firmly established himself at the top of the counts. To share a couple of hands from his journey…

In one, with the blinds 12,500/25,000, HighNetWorth raised to 55,420 from middle position, and all folded to Henrique “Henrique.P” Pinho of Team PokerStars in the big blind.


Team PokerStars pro Henrique Pinho

Pinho reraised all in to 458,719, and HighNetWorth made the call. HighNetWorth showed A♣J♠, while Pinho would need help with his K♠10♠. The flop came 4♦J♥10♦, keeping HighNetWorth in front. The J♣ on the turn made his hand even stronger, and the 3♣ sealed it, knocking Pinho — the last PokerStars pro alive in the event — out in 83rd.

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Just a few minutes later, HighNetWorth again opened with a raise to 55,420, this time from the cutoff, and bustardo reraised to 135,000 from the button. The blinds got out, then HighNetWorth repopped it to 289,000. bustardo responded by reraising all in, and HighNetWorth called.

HighNetWorth: K♦K♣
bustardo: 10♥10♦

The community cards came 7♥A♦Q♥9♥Q♠, and bustardo was busto in 79th. Now HighNetWorth was up over 4.5 million, well out ahead of the rest of the field.

HighNetWorth would settle back a little bit, though would end the night still on top with more than 4 million. Jennifer “jennicide” Leigh will be one of the 65 players coming back tomorrow with chips as well, sitting right in the middle of the pack with 763,816 for 37th place.

Other notables returning tomorrow include LePlein (31st), nikolay76 (28th), and m4ttyd (21st). Here are the leaders heading into Day 2:

SCOOP Event# 20-M Day 1 Chip Leaders:
1. HighNetWorth — 4,028,554
2. gutshtallin — 3,864,772
3. [Esmone_PT] — 3,157,606
4. puppy1369 — 3,149,900
5. ender555 — 2,731,352
6. Tehp — 2,643,253
7. brianm15 — 2,599,590
8. jmm7258 — 2,500,497
9. roypappie — 2,360,367
10. pokerjones66 — 2,227,997

Players get to rest for about 11 hours before reconvening at 17:00 ET to complete this two-day event. Come back to the PokerStars blog tomorrow to see how this one plays out.


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