SCOOP: jakehekejnr jukes way to Event #20-M NLHE win

May 11, 2010

SCOOP logo.gifThe second day of Event #20-Medium (no-limit hold’em, $215 buy-in) was a high-paced affair, with a quick rush to the final table, then plenty of fireworks there as well. After the long day of play yesterday to whittle the starting field of 8,266 down to 65, it would take just five-and-a-half hours to settle matters on Monday evening.

From 65 to 18

When play resumed, HighNetWorth had the chip lead (read a full recap of Day 1 here). On the very first hand of Day 2, a short-stacked stennn would push all in with pocket tens only to lose a race against PedroWaite’s A♦Q♦ to go out in 65th. Thus was the tone set for an action-filled evening of all-ins and eliminations.

Jennifer “jennicide” Leigh, winner of SCOOP Event #18-L, began the day with more than 760,000 chips, good enough for 37th place overnight. She’d have an up-and-down first hour today, losing a big chunk of her stack to leclash after her pocket eights failed to outrace leclash’s K-Q. She’d bounce back, but would lose another big hand — again with pocket eights — versus defatzack’s pocket nines. That one knocked Leigh down around 250,000, and soon after she was eliminated in 46th place.

They reached the first hourly break of Day 2 with HighNetWorth still out in front with 45 players remaining. After two hours, joaobarb had moved into first with nearly 8 million, followed by savvides2 (7.75 million) and Tehp (5.68 million).

HighNetWorth’s stock had fallen somewhat during that second hour, as he had tumbled to 14th place with 23 left. About a half-hour later he was all in with A♠K♦ versus joabarb’s 8♦8♣. Those eights worked out better for joabarb then they had for jennicide earlier, as the board ran out jack-high, eliminating HighNetWorth in 19th place.

From 18 to 9

Three more eliminations soon followed, and with 15 remaining, Tehp had pulled out ahead of the pack with more than 17 million chips, followed by gutshtallin with 14.2 million and no one else having yet crossed the 10 million mark. The average stack was around 5.5 million, but with the blinds at 100,000/200,000, many of those remaining were going to have to make a move soon.

Suddenly a rash of eliminations followed, with four players going down in the space of just five minutes — savvides2 (15th), genebo (14th), kompas02 (13th), and jammbock (12th). Less than ten minutes after that, Saapasmono was all in with pocket fives against VOZNI’s pocket nines. A nine flopped, and soon they were down to ten.

Just two hands later, VOZNI was calling another all in from thegiant, and again had his opponent dominated with 6♦6♥ to thegiant’s 2♣2♥. The sixes held, and after three-and-a-half hours of play on Day 2, the final nine were set:


Seat 1: pokerjones66 — 3,528,662
Seat 2: m4ttyd — 4,910,778
Seat 3: Tehp — 15,675,897
Seat 4: VOZNI — 13,520,649
Seat 5: jakehekejnr — 4,498,926
Seat 6: brianm15 — 10,631,398
Seat 7: gutshtallin — 16,737,444
Seat 8: joaobarb — 7,307,710
Seat 9: roypappie — 5,848,536

From 9 to 2

On the 15th hand of the final table, the blinds were 125,000/250,000 (31,250 ante) when a hand arose in which pokerjones66 limped from middle position, then Tehp raised to 588,666 from the cutoff. It folded around to gutshtallin in the big blind who reraised to 1,655,555. pokerjones66 got out of the way, and Tehp made the call.

The flop came 10♥8♠3♠. gushtallin bet 1,758,855, and Tehp paused a beat before making the call. Both players then checked the 3♥ on the turn. The river brought the 7♣. gutshtallin bet 4,988,885, then Tehp raised all in for 10,880,237. gutshtallin wasted little time calling, showing 10♠10♣ for the full house. Tehp showed 8♦8♥ — a lesser full house — and hit the rail in ninth.

Soon after, joaobarb min-raised to 500,000 from middle position, and m4ttyd reraised all in from the cutoff for 5,605,778. It folded back around and joaobarb made the call, tabling 9♠9♥. m4ttyd held A♥Q♠. The board came 4♣K♠4♥J♠6♠, and m4ttyd was out in eighth.

jakehekejnr next opened for 550,000 from UTG, and it folded to pokerjones66 who pushed all in with his last 1,940,947 from the small blind. The BB folded, and jakehekejnr called. pokerjones66 looked to be in decent shape with A♥Q♣ versus jakehekejnr’s A♣8♠. Until the flop came, that is — 10♥8♥A♦ — giving jakehekejnr the lead. pokerjones66 didn’t even get to see two cards with hope of coming back, as the 8♣ on the turn sealed it, knocking pokerjones66 out in seventh.

At the four-hour break, gutshtallin had pushed way out in front with almost 36 million — about 43.5% of the chips in play with six to go, and nearly three times second-place jakehekejnr’s 12.6 million.

It would take 45 minutes for the next elimination, during which period gutshtallin had built up even further to 45 million. brianm15 opened a hand with a raise to 880,000 from UTG+1, gutshtallin reraised to 2,878,555 behind him, then it folded to roypappie who pushed his last 1,639,462 in from the small blind to call. brianm15 also called the raise, but when the flop came K♠2♠4♥, brianm15 check-folded to gutshtallin’s 2 million-chip c-bet. roypappie showed A♦7♦ and was looking for help against gutshtallin’s A♥K♦. The turn was the 4♣ and the river the 6♥, and they were down to five.

roypappie’s knockout opened the floodgates, as three more eliminations quickly followed in the next four hands, with jakehekejnr taking over the steamroller role from gutshtallin, claiming all three victims.

In the first hand, jakehekejnr open-raised to 1.1 million from the small blind (nearly 3x), and brianm15 called from the BB. The flop came 9♣K♥A♥. jakehekejnr led for 1,725,555, brianm15 raised to 3.6 million, jakehekejnr pushed all in over the top, and brianm15 called with his last 4,991,593. jakehekejnr showed A♠K♣ for top two, while brianm15 held Q♥9♥ for the nut flush draw. The turn was the 3♠ and the river the 6♣, and brianm15 was out in fifth.

On the very next hand, jakehekejnr raised to 950,000 from UTG, and joaobarb reraised all in for 4,749,898 from the small blind. VOZNI folded, and jakehekejnr called with A♣Q♠ to joaobarb’s A♠J♥. The board came nine-high — 5♦2♦2♣4♣9♦ — and jaobarb was gone in fourth.

Two hands later, it was VOZNI’s turn to push all in for 4,573,670 from the button, and jakehekejnr called from the SB. jakehekejnr had A♠J♣ this time, and VOZNI A♣5♠. The five community cards slid onto the table — 4♠10♠7♣3♥7♥ — and suddenly just two players remained.


At the start of heads-up play, gutshtallin was still in front with 50,364,861 to jakehekejnr’s 32,295,139. The pair played a few hands, during which the gap between them narrowed somewhat, then asked for host Team PokerStars Pro Barry Greenstein to pause the tourney so they could talk about a deal.

Greenstein informed them of what a “chip chop” would yield — $238,884 for gutshtallin, $230,315 for jakehekejnr, and $40,000 to play for — then there was a lengthy delay while jakehekejnr apparently consulted with some friends what he should do. The Bear took the opportunity to perform a little chatbox standup:

barryg1 (TeamPro): i’m visualizing this board meeting
barryg1 (TeamPro): six kids with calculators
jakehekejnr: i’m 32 mate, lol
barryg1 (TeamPro): still a kid to me

jakehekejnr: Barry can you raise my stars transfer limits please? 😉
barryg1 (TeamPro): you have to write into support
barryg1 (TeamPro): but if the transfers are coming my way, i’ll expedite the process

barryg1 (TeamPro): anyone know the record for the longest pause for a head up deal?
barryg1 (TeamPro): i think he’s waiting for gutsht to disconnect

At last both players agreed to the terms. “i can make my morning appointment,” quipped Greenstein in response. After five hours of play on Day 2, play continued.

After a couple dozen hands, gutshtallin had nearly 50 million to jakehekejnr’s 33.1 million when he raised 2x to 1,000,000 from the small blind/button. jakehekejnr paused a few moments, then made it 3 million to go. gutshtallin quickly pushed all in, and jakehekehjnr just as quickly called, showing A♠Q♣ to gutshtallin’s A♥9♦.

The flop came 10♣9♥8♥, putting gutshtallin ahead. The turn was the K♣, but the Q♦ landed on the river to save jakehekehjnr and give him the 66-plus million pot.

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About 20 hands later, jakehekejnr was up close to 70 million to gutshtallin’s 12.5 million when jakehekejnr opened with a 2x raise to 1.2 million, gutshtallin reraise-shoved, and jakehekejnr called with K♠Q♠ to gutshtallin’s K♦7♣. The board went 9♦A♥3♦5♣5♠, and we had a champion.

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SCOOP Event #20-Medium No-Limit Hold’em (2-day) results (*reflects two-way deal):
1st place: jakehekejnr ($270,315)*
2nd place: gutshtallin ($238,884)*
3rd place: VOZNI ($150,000)
4th place: joaobarb ($100,000)
5th place: brianm15 ($80,000)
6th place: roypappie ($80,000)
7th place: pokerjones66 ($40,000)
8th place: m4ttyd ($22,000)
9th place: Tehp ($15,500)

Congratulations to jakehekejnr for outlasting 8,265 competitors to take the Event #20-M title and the coveted SCOOP watch!

There are still more than two dozen events — each with “low,” “medium,” and “high” buy-ins — left to go in the 2010 Spring Championship of Online Poker. Check out the SCOOP site for all of the details.


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